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Cowboys vs Packers: A trip down memory lane

Welcome to week ten. The 6-2 get to travel to to take on and the struggling 3-6 Packers.

The Cowboys are coming off a and getting healthy for the second half of the season.

The is one of the best in football, and we saw some life from the in week eight against the Bears, pouring out nearly 50 points.

The Packers are banged up everywhere, and they could be without two starters, and , and for an offense that is struggling, that may not be ideal, but let's remember who the Cowboys are about to play.

I don't care how much Aaron Rodgers is struggling this season, and this might be the worst start of his career, but he is 7-3 all-time against the Cowboys, which includes two wins in the .

Over the years, this matchup has been one that has kept me on my toes; the two teams haven't met since the , but whenever I think about a matchup with the Packers, I am sure you can guess what two years come to mind.

The 2014 and 2016 seasons were two of my favorite Dallas Cowboys teams over the years, the two I thought had a chance to do something special.

I remember both of them well, and of course, Aaron Rodgers ended the season in the both times.

caught that ball in the 2014 playoffs.

Dallas lost 26-21 after having a two-score lead; put Dallas up 21-13 late in the third quarter, and that was the last time the Cowboys would score.

It would have been nice if the catch rule was what it is now in 2022 because the Cowboys would have finished that drive with a touchdown and could have won it all that year.

The other is from the , and 's rookie year.

The Cowboys beat the Packers in week six of that year, 30-16, but in the playoffs, Aaron Rodgers found a way to beat them again.

After falling behind 28-13, the Cowboys rallied to tie the game 31-31 before somehow Rodgers, on third and 20 made an impossible throw to with 3 seconds left to set up the game-winning FG for Green bay. Another game the Cowboys should have won.

Over the years, Rodgers has found a way to beat the Cowboys some way, somehow. You all will get a game from me at some point later this week, so I want to stay on track.

Outside of the Eagles, and this may just be me, there is no other team I want to beat more on the schedule than the Packers.

The Cowboys have something brewing this year; say whatever you wish, but this is the best Cowboys defense in a long time.

The offense clicked in week eight, and give everyone credit, from to Prescott to ; they can build on dropping 40 points.

Please, Cowboys, all I ask is not to overlook the team that has dominated this since Aaron Rodgers took over.

Regardless of how awful he looks, I want this to be added to the history books where returned and took care of business. I am tired of losing to the Packers.

I am ready for Sunday.

Shane Taylor
Shane Taylor
Cowboys fan from the Midwest. Writing is fun, Staff writer for Inside The Star. Follow me on twitter @ShaneTaylor43

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