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Welcome to Cowboys Weekly by . Cowboys Weekly is a weekly hosted by ITS Founder and Managing Editor Bryson Treece and ITS Senior Writer Jess Haynie that releases new episodes Thursdays at 9 a.m. throughout the year. The topic of the show is the Dallas Cowboys NFL franchise, which includes all relevant subjects like the division.

About Cowboys Weekly

I am Bryson and Cowboys Weekly actually began a little over two years ago in 2017, just ahead of the , as Podcast. That name was just some quick and dirty branding for a new effort to try getting a podcast together, but things fell by the wayside after just a handful of episodes. I myself relocated outside of the Dallas/Ft Worth metroplex for a better home, and since I handle all the programming and production for the show, my time was too scarce to continue. But it's remained a goal of ours to get a podcast going.

Now, the name of the show has changed but the content and people remain the same. The Star Podcast is Cowboys Weekly. The reason for the name change is simply that Cowboys Weekly is a more appealing name for this site's podcast.

Cowboys Weekly is hosted primarily on (use for quickest access) for a number of reasons, but chief among them is the platform's distribution to other podcast and services, putting our show on Apple Podcasts, Stitcher, Breaker, Spotify, and others automatically. We want you all to listen however it's most convenient for you and made that really easy to do.

Cowboys Weekly Podcast

Just go to (branded URL for and you'll see links to the other services — perhaps one you already use for other things — in the top half of the page.

Listener Feedback

Another cool thing that allows is for listeners to leave us voice messages right on their site that can then be included seamlessly into the show, which resembles something like a live call-in show. Be sure to check that out some time at

In addition, you can check us out on Facebook the official ITS podcast page for Cowboys Weekly. You can give us a like and/or follow there and leave comments when we post new episodes as another way to reach us. [Note: If it still says the name of that page is The Star Podcast, give it some time. Facebook is being difficult about the name change because they aren't applying logic — as usual — to the change.]

Jess Haynie is also on Twitter @CowboysAddicts and always happy to field questions and comments about the podcast.

But the absolute best form of listener feedback you can provide is simply to share the show with your friends and family. Word of mouth is how I've built this entire site since launching it in 2009. Good products get talked about plenty and putting out a good product is our primary focus.

Last but not least, provides a secure way for fans of the show to show your support through monetary donations. I can't say that it's entirely needed since we have the equipment and software we need already, but then again, nothing says “Good job!” like a few bucks, so support away (you can find that at