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Cowboys’ WR Devin Smith Could Provide Sneaky Value in 2020

Devin Smith’s unique skill set could prove invaluable in 2020.

The Dallas Cowboys have gone from an excellent duo in Amari Cooper and Michael Gallup to an even scarier trio after drafting CeeDee Lamb in the 2020 NFL Draft. These three are expected to put up some astronomical numbers this season and beyond, quite possibly becoming the next “Greatest Show on Turf”. But what about the current depth behind them? Where do the Cowboys stand there?

Despite having arguably the best WR trio in the NFL, the Cowboys have to make sure they’re doing their due diligence to fill out the receiving corps with the best players possible. After all, both Amari Cooper and Michael Gallup struggled with injuries last year, making WR depth all the more important. Having someone capable of stepping in and picking up the slack is a must, even with CeeDee Lamb in the mix.

That’s where I believe veteran WR Devin Smith comes into play.

Devin Smith
Dallas Cowboys WR Devin Smith

Devin Smith is a former second-round pick (37th overall) by the New York Jets, the seventh WR drafted in 2015. He’s an intriguing candidate who provides a unique skill set Cooper, Gallup, and Lamb don’t possess. His uncanny ability to threaten a defense vertically would add an entirely different dimension to the Cowboys already potent passing game. If he makes the team that is.

In no way is Devin Smith a roster lock right now. He’s going to have to battle it out with some younger and arguably just as talented WRs in order to stick around in 2020. Sadly, his age (28) and past injury history (two ACL tears to his right knee) could work against him. However, Mike McCarthy and his coaching staff could overlook those blemishes due to the value he could provide as a deep threat.

It may shock you to learn, but Smith averaged 22.6 yards per reception with the Dallas Cowboys last season in 2019. For his career, he’s averaged 18.5, which is better than both Amari Cooper (14.3) and Michael Gallup (16.1) career averages. That’s pretty impressive if you ask me, but it’s on a small sample size due to the fact he only has 15 receptions for 248 yards and two touchdowns in his career.

Devin Smith
Dallas Cowboys WR Devin Smith

Now, as intriguing as Devin Smith’s deep threat ability is, his chances of making the roster depends on what the Cowboys are looking for in their WR depth. I could be wrong, but I think they’re looking for WRs who can do two of these three things: play special teams, provide a unique skill set, and play multiple WR positions. Does Smith fit the criteria?

You may disagree, but I think he does. I believe the Cowboys could play him on the outside or out of the slot. He also provides a unique skill set due to his speed and deep threat ability. Ideally they’d like him to contribute on special teams as well, but two out of the three isn’t bad.

All he has to do now is go out and prove himself to the Cowboys new coaching staff and set himself apart from other WRs currently on the roster. Sounds easy enough, right!? Probably easier said than done, but I know I for one am not going to bet against him. What about you?

What do you think of Devin Smith as a depth WR for the Dallas Cowboys?

What do you think?

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Brian Martin

Written by Brian Martin

Level C2/C3 quadriplegic. College graduate with a bachelors degree in sports and health sciences-concentration sports management. Sports enthusiast. Dallas Cowboys fanatic. Lover of life with a glass half-full point of view.


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  1. I agree about Smith. Either him or cedrick Wilson. Then throw in Noah brown. I’d be thrilled if they kept all 3 on the roster for 6 total. Esp with injuries like you stated. But might not with pollard and zeke having such good hands but I could be wrong. I think pollard can be a slot weapon also.
    If the cowboys can’t score 30 a game this year with the amount of fire power on that offense something is wrong.
    I think its not out of the realm of possibility to do 30 a game with even Dalton behind center if push come to shove. He’s never had this amt of firepower while at cincy.

    • I don’t think there’s too much doubt that this team is capable of averaging 30-points a game, even had they not drafted Lamb. However, if they are averaging 30-points, I’d be concerned that it means the defense is failing and they haven’t been able to pound the ball. As sexy as this passing attack can be, my hope is that Elliott is among the league leaders in carriers and rushing yards. But I feel ya …

  2. As a Buckeye fan and Cowboy fan it’s easy for me to agree with this and pull for Devin. I hope he’s healthy and can contribute regularly. We’ve got some younger guys like Jonvea Johnson and Cedric Wildon who look good as well.

  3. A fan of Smith. Its a good redemption story, I agree he brings a little different dimension, and he’s a nice veteran presence for an otherwise youthful WR room. He has a fight on his hands but I’m kind of rooting for him. Though I “wouldn’t be against him” … I don’t think I’d bet on him either … far too many variables in play in this year. All that said, I’d prefer him as my No.4 guy who can step in a cover for a 3-week period in the event of an injury to Cooper, Gallup, or Lamb.

  4. I was all in to bring Dez back and give him another chance to see what he has left in the tank! BUT after reading this morning where he called out JJ, SJ, and Jason Whitten my eyes have been opened to the type of distraction he would bring to the Cowboys locker room! I know that Jerry has many faults but I believe that he truly cares for his players! Does Dez not realize that The Cowboys took a chance on him coming out of college knowing that he had some issues? They even put someone with him to 24/7 to help him be accountable until he matured enough to stand on his own!! I guess for now I’m for staying with who we have on the roster!! At least maybe these younger guys will appreciate the opportunity they have to be A Dallas Cowboy!

  5. Sorry. Again dez is a zero even at vet minimum.
    Lead league in drops his last two years. Late or no show and no call. Sleeps in meetings. Sideline distraction if he’s not getting enuff throws. Since ‘62 never saw or heard of a player coming back faster than he was before bad Achilles injury. Too slow for outside receiver and can’t/won’t run full route tree so can’t move inside. No vertical jumping abilities to fite for passes.

    • No vertical jumping abilities to fight for passes?? Really?? That’s what he’s known for!! He wasn’t good at running routes, so he had to go up for the 50/50 balls all the time!! He was one of the best at going up and catching the ball!! I think you read about the wrong player!! Most of what your comment said wasn’t anything like Dez Bryant!!

  6. 2nd year back after ACL is when it usually get back to 100 percent.. This is his 2nd year back playing after those injuries and I think the talent is there to be way better than people expect.

  7. I’m a Dez fan, but that ship has sailed. Other than just liking him, there’s really no prudent reason for acquiring him. At best, he’d be a good plug-in 3rd receiver if Cooper, Gallup, or Lamb miss any extended time to injury. The rest of the time he’d be a un-desireable media sound bite and attention hog (whether of his own doing or the media’s).

    I am even inclined to believe that he may have become the kind of player/person that won’t cry for more passes (unless we start losing games), but he’ll always be “Dez” to the media and I just don’t think a team this young with developing leaders needs that … not for what he will ultimately bring to this team. He’d be fun to watch (assuming he still has his hops), but he’s not going to change the fortunes of this team, so IMO he’s not worth all the other stuff. Do you really believe that if he served as the No.4 receiver, he would go quietly like Wilson, Smith, etc when he doesn’t get playing time?

    I do wonder what he could bring as a punt returned though. Always felt he could have been among the greats in that regard.

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