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Cowboys WR Need for 2022 has Been Slightly Overrated

The Cowboys' position has gotten a lot ink over the last three months of the 2022 . Though Dallas has made some big moves here, the hype around “need” at WR has always felt more like hysteria than reality.

We went into the offseason knowing that and would be and that was a strong candidate for a move. But no reasonable person imagined that the Cowboys would just waltz into next season with and as their starting wideouts. We knew the team would get down to business.

True, only Gallup will be back in Dallas in 2022. Cooper was traded to Cleveland for their 5th-round pick, recently used to draft OT , while Wilson signed with Miami.

So far the Cowboys have dealt with those losses by , an experienced backup and occasional starter for the last four years in Pittsburgh, and selecting 's in the 3rd round on the 2022 . They also re-signed veteran for additional depth.

Lamb, Gallup, Washington, Tolbert, Brown, Fehoko; that's your likely WR for next season. Is it as amazing as the lineup we've enjoyed the last two years? No, but if that's been your standard then you were never going to be satisfied.

That top three of Cooper, Gallup, and Lamb was an embarrassment of riches. Wilson's modest breakout as WR4 was the icing on top of an already rich, decadent cake. It was never going to be permanent; the salary cap doesn't allow for that.

Michael Gallup Finishes Year 2 Strong, Ready for No. 1 WR Role in 2020? 1
WRs Amari Cooper & Michael Gallup (Matthew Emmons- Sports)

When Lamb was drafted in 2020 we assumed that was the kiss of death for Gallup's future in Dallas, knowing he'd become a this year. That it resulted in Cooper's departure and a re-signing for Gallup was the only real surprise, if any.

Not only were these big changes in 2022 predictable but the notion that the Cowboys have been greatly weakened at WR is a bit overblown. True, the position is not as grand or deep as it was. But it's still arguably as strong, if not stronger, than in 's early years.

The top three around here used to be a declining , , and . I'd propose that CeeDee Lamb in his third year and a heathy Michael Gallup are a better starting duo than we had at any point from 2016-2017.

Gallup's health, and the notion he might not be ready for Week One, are rightfully concerning. But Bryant, Williams, and Beasley all missed some games at times. It's part of the business.

Sure, it's scarier going into a season with unknowns like James Washington and Jalen Tolbert as the next men up. But do you realize that Washington was once taken 21 spots ahead of Gallup in the 2018 Draft, or that he was the Steelers' leading receiver in 2019?

Nobody is suggesting that losing Amari Cooper and Cedrick Wilson doesn't sting. But the point here is that we were never going to preserve that surplus of talent at WR for long. This offseason and these changes were almost inevitable.

The other point is that the cupboard is still far from bare. In fact, the Cowboys is arguably still deeper and more talented at WR now than it was before adding Cooper and Gallup in 2018, and perhaps even before drafting Lamb in 2020.

Jess Haynie
Jess Haynie
Cowboys fan since 1992, blogger since 2011. Bringing you the objectivity of an outside perspective with the passion of a die-hard fan. I love to talk to my readers, so please comment on any article and I'll be sure to respond!

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I agree with your sentiments 100%!! Sometimes it’s better to have players that aren’t superstars but are more TEAM oriented.


This entire WR room looks fine, even before Gallup’s return. Then will be MORE than enough fire power when he returns. And when you add in security banket DS, well, should be no excuses.

Lawrence C. Baker

Amari Cooper was making a lot of money for some spotty production at times. He never seemed to care enough about what he was doing in my opinion. I like a Michael Irvin, Emmitt Smith, Troy Aikman, Charles Haley, Micah Parsons type of football player. If you don’t care, you ought to be doing something else fir a living. Not sorry he’s gone! I think James Washington will surprise some of us with a very good year. Cee Dee is going to see his share of double teams. That leaves James Washington one on one and he’s still got the talent to exploit man coverage, providing the QB can get it to him. I think we’ll be just fine until Gallup returns.

Reggie brown

I think you guys are underestimating the impact of how Coopers route running opened up things for other receivers. CD benefitted from how teams played Cooper. So did Gallop. That’s gone. Give NFL coaches an off season to take away a strength and they will. Now you have Washington, a number 3 receiver going against the opposition’s number 2 CB. Not good.
Gallop may be on the field this year but he won’t be effective until next year. It takes time to truly trust the knee to be completely healed. In your mind you tell yourself all the right things but in your subconscious mind there’s doubt. And where there’s doubt there will be hesitation. Just and outsiders perspective…


Well, this I certainly a blindly optimistic take.
I hope your right. I really do. The thing for me is that Gallup is wildly overrated in what everyone is writing him in as. He is a solid Wr3, WR2 if he needs to be with good, but not excellent skill and subpar hands. Very replaceable and benefits off favorable matchups.
I know the in vogue thing is the poop on Amari and somehow convince ourselves He poisoned an otherwise healthy culture and super bowl bound team but the truth is, he’s the next scapegoat up to reinstall hope in a fan base that has seen the same story play out over and over. (The team is worse without him. Period.) This is an even more optimal storyline when faced the truth. This team wasn’t good enough to win it all, it made zero tangible moves to improve, is scrambling to almost recreate a ‘21 roster that was not good enough, and they are not doing everything to win a title. So, all that being said…this idea that “being tougher” or “we like our guys and our formula” will be enough to overtake improving contenders THAT WE WERE NOT GOOD ENOuGH to beat last year as we remain in stagnant (if not slightly receding) water is irrational…but, so is being a cowboys fan.
In Stephen we trust, right? See you next year, same result, same b.s narrative, the definition of insanity.

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