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Dallas Cowboys 2019 Draft Needs: Updated for Recent Offseason Moves

Over the last few weeks the Dallas Cowboys have made some big moves at positions which have been discussed as draft priorities. How much has recent activity changed their 2019 ?

About three weeks ago I released my rankings for the Cowboys draft needs. Here is that list again for quick reference:

  1. Defensive
  2. Tight End
  3. Running Back
  4. Cornerback
  5. Kicker
  6. Guard
  7. Punter

Since that time, Dallas has reached a long-term contract with DE DeMarcus Lawrence and traded for veteran . They also signed veteran safety George Iloka, so talent has been added at both of my top-two needs from a few weeks back.

The effect of the Lawrence and Quinn moves is twofold. At defensive end, the depth chat is seemingly filled now with , , and . Dallas is also confident that will be able to play in 2019, which would be icing on the cake.

With so many DEs to work with now, that means can be fully dedicated to defensive tackle. That move, in addition with the signing, gives Dallas a solid rotation along with Maliek Collins, , and Daniel Ross.

At safety, Iloka may not be but he does bring a lot of starting experience. The Cowboys will likely be content with whoever emerges between he, Jeff Heath, and for the two starting roles.

So, given these roster changes, what do the new draft need rankings look like? The only change is to the top five.

Jason Witten
Dallas Cowboys TE
  1. Tight End
  2. Running Back
  3. Defensive Tackle
  4. Safety
  5. Defensive End

Even with Jason Witten coming out of , tight end still has some immediate concern for 2019. flashed potential but is hardly confirmed as the TE of the future, and still has a lot to prove as well.

With 2019 offering a deep TE class, Dallas could land a guy who might have first-round talent in other years with their 58th-overall pick. It's chance to solidify the position for many years to come, adding a player who can learn from Witten this year and then take over in 2020.

Safety was our top need a few weeks ago but the Iloka signing helps mitigate that. Dallas seems to already have a long-time starter at safety in Xavier Woods. They could still draft a running mate for him, but if Iloka works out then he turns just 29 in June and might give you a couple more years.

Defensive tackle is also a more immediate concern than safety. Collins and Covington will be next year and Tyrone Crawford is probably a casualty in 2020. Dallas could draft someone now to add to the rotation and then pair with Antwaun Woods as the starters for the future.

That shoots running back up the list. Right now Dallas has just Darius Jackson and Jordan Chunn backing up . They need to draft someone for better depth now and potential leverage in their upcoming contract talks with Zeke.

I give RB a slight over DT based on immediate need, but they are very nearly tied. Dallas could go with either on Day 2 of the draft and I would be happy.

But yes, the recent additions of Lawrence, Quinn, and Iloka to the defense have shifted my perceived needs for the Cowboys 2019 draft. Tight end is where I see not only the biggest need but also perhaps the best opportunity top land a significant talent, making it the ideal second-round pick.

Jess Haynie
Jess Haynie
Cowboys fan since 1992, blogger since 2011. Bringing you the objectivity of an outside perspective with the passion of a die-hard fan. I love to talk to my readers, so please comment on any article and I'll be sure to respond!

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The only place I agree with you is on DE. I think we’re ok there right now, at least for this season. I still think S should be our #1 target in the draft (of course all of this is contingent on the talent available at our given spots). We have disregarded drafting a S with a high pick since S Roy Williams. That’s way too long. The odds of hitting on a guy like Woods so late in the draft again are astronomical. We need a ball hawking S and although Iloka is serviceable, he’s not a stud and we have needed one for years. Of course Dallas has done the same thing at DT and it would be nice to get a stud at that position also but I have read that this isn’t a deep class for DT. Since TE is deep, then maybe we can pick up a possible starter in the 3rd (where we picked Witten) or 4th round since the kid wouldn’t have to start this year and can learn from one of the best. We do need a RB behind Zeke who can spell him and make an impact while doing so. One thing you didn’t address was a WR for the slot position. While Cobb will fit this role nicely, his injury history doesn’t bode well for us, even though we have a logjam at WR behind him, Coop & Gallup. Austin really should be used as a returner, basically. And we really need an upgrade at K. It’s great that our current K can hit a 62 yarder but we need someone who is automatic from 35-40 yds and in, also. Missed extra points just shouldn’t happen and Dak has shown time and again the ability to take the team down the field with the clock running out to get us in FG range. We need another Bailey so we don’t have to worry when the game comes down to that kick.

Ahad, Holy Dabir of Aleppo

Couldn’t agree more with the new top 5 needs. The only change I’d make is flipping RB and DT. TE is clearly our top remaining need, and I’d slap my own mother to ensure Irv Smith falls to 58

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