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Dallas Cowboys 2022 Schedule: Way-too-Early Win/Loss Predictions

As the NFL continues to be completely bonkers, I decided amidst the chaos, I wanted to join the craziness and drop a way-too-early win-loss prediction for the Cowboys in 2022.

Now you may be thinking, “Well, how is it crazy?” And my response to you is– it just is.

All jokes aside, it's likely the lean towards the team making more changes to their personnel in free agency and the NFL Draft, so it could be difficult gauging each matchup. However, with that in mind, my predictions account for any rumors linked to the team and factor in any players who aren't returning.

To ease your curiosity, here are my predictions below:

Dallas Cowboys Home Opponents

Starting with the home games, the Cowboys face five opponents who finished with below .500 records, two playoff teams, and one who made an appearance in the this season.

According to The Football Database, the Boys were 5-3 at home last season, but I have them improving and going 7-2. The seven wins may surprise some, but they face teams who have glaring questions in their personnel and others who don't put fear into the Cowboys' hearts.

I mean c'mon, you're telling me the Lions or Texans have a chance?

Jumping to the two losses, I chose the Bengals and Colts because they are two teams who not only are more talented than the Cowboys in key positions but can cause them problems on either side of the ball if the team doesn't make any moves.

Furthermore, Bengals Quarterback who is coming off a Super Bowl loss comes into Jerry World likely on a revenge tour and the Boys will probably be victims of his tear.

Also, despite the Colts now being faced with a question at their QB position as they traded Quarterback Carson Wentz to Washington, they still bring in an elite and All-Pro . It's likely moves will still be made towards Indy addressing their QB room and whoever is at the helm should get set up for immediate success.

Now, let's shift to their away games.

Dallas Cowboys Away Opponents

If we dive into their away games, The Boys face four opponents who had below .500 records, two playoff teams, and the reigning Super Bowl Champion Los Angeles Rams.

These road games should serve as a huge test for the team since they are faced with overall better teams than at home, but I have them finishing with a subpar 3-5 record.

The three wins I expect them to grab are against beatable teams and it could be argued their other two division losses I included in their five losses could flip to wins since it's always a toss-up against division rivals.

Shifting to their losses, I expect them to also drop games against the Titans, Packers, and Rams who all are overwhelmingly more talented than the Boys.

With rumors the Cowboys might lose and and have other pending free agents, those teams are three teams that can expose their weaknesses.

You have Titans Running Back who could be running with holes bigger than when Moses parted the Red Sea, Packers Quarterback Aaron Rodgers capable of abusing the Cowboys cornerbacks, and and Defensive End Aaron Donald that are likely to cause havoc to the wide receivers and offensive line.

If we add both records together, you get a 10-7 season for the Cowboys which likely crowns them as division winners, or puts them in the Wild-Card.

This would have them finish two games worse than this season's 12-5 record, but if they make some moves to solve their huge expected losses, there is a chance they won't suffer a huge drop-off.

What's your win-loss prediction record? 

Rocky Garza Jr
Rocky Garza Jr
Rolling with the Boyz since 96'. Chop up sports with me on Twitter @rockssjr.

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