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Dallas Cowboys Are “Not Worried” About Dak Prescott’s Contract Situation

The number one story of the Cowboys’ offseason has been Dak Prescott and his contract. Prescott recently signed his franchise tag tender, but that doesn’t mean he isn’t looking for a long term big-money deal before the July 15th deadline.

Well, today is July 12th and the deadline is quickly approaching. But, at least as of now, it’s pretty quiet on the contract talk front. And the latest reports indicate the Cowboys aren’t making some last minute push to get it done.

ESPN’s Jeremy Fowler was on SportsCenter this week, and said that he’s hearing the Cowboys organization is not worried about Prescott’s contract situation.

“I’m told the Cowboys are not worried right now. They’re going to play this all the way up to the deadline and they’re hopeful that Dak Prescott will take their latest, best offer. Whether that’s a new offer at the deadline or their old offer because they didn’t hash anything out a few months ago.”

Regardless of Wednesday’s deadline, Prescott will play the 2020 season under the tag worth $31.4 million. But if a deal isn’t made by Wednesday we will have to go through this same song and dance next season, and the organization will risk alienating their franchise quarterback.

That franchise tag is obviously a nice sum of cash, but Prescott has been clear in his wishes for a four year deal worth more than the tag in average annual value. The front office has been clear in their demands as well, looking to ink Prescott for that extra fifth year rather than four.

And so, here we are. July 12th and the starting quarterback is still in a bit of contract limbo.

Maybe this will go the Kirk Cousins route in Washington and Dak Prescott will play two seasons under the tag. We all remember how that saga ended for Washington, though, with Cousins walking in free agency after that second season.

At this point – the Cowboys can’t afford to lose Dak Prescott.

What do you think?

Kevin Brady

Written by Kevin Brady

Die-hard Cowboys fan from the Northeast, so you know I am here to defend the 'boys whenever necessary. Began writing for a WordPress Cowboys Blog, and have been with ITS since 2016.


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  1. What happened to playing the game for the love of the game all I hear about is they ain’t going to play if they have no money that’s bull crap y’all should play cause u love the game not how much money you can get out of them Dak Prescott

    • You can’t love your job and want all the money the market has for you? C’mon, why does somebody have to enjoy what they do and not desire to get paid? Athletes are in the unique position to set their families up, in many case for a couple of generations if they play their cards right. Don’t you think they literally owe it to their families to do so. They only get one shot at this, and it could all disappear on any given play (and that’s not just a cliche’, its a reality!).

      The love of the game is the reason they play, the reason the train, the reason they get out of bed. The money is the duty for which they play, the duty for which they train, and the duty for which they get out of bed. They can be mutually exclusive.

      • This generation of players is all about the money!! Back in the 90s and before it was rare to see a player hold out cause they didn’t get offered enough money!! These days almost every player is holding out until they get the money they’re looking for!! Dak has earned his next big contract, but he doesn’t need to take up all the cap space to set him and his family up for life!! The contract he turned down could’ve set him and his family up for life, but that still wasn’t good enough for him!! Hell, he’s already set up for life with all of his endorsements he’s got!! He doesn’t need a huge contract, but he’s still trying to get all he can get!! When your already rich and still go through what Dak is going through to get more, that’s called greed…. He turned down a 5 year contract worth up to $35 million a year just because he wants a 4 year deal so he can have a chance to get another big contract before the end of his career…. That’s greed!! And that shows that he’s only in it for the money!! Don’t get me wrong, I like Dak, I want him to be our QB for the future, but this contract situation is making him look bad and has a lot of fans turning against him!! I mean a contract hasn’t been signed yet because he wants a 4 year contract and not 5….. 1 year difference…. Really!! At his age, that 1 year shouldn’t stop somebody from signing a $35 million dollar a year contract!! If that was offered to me, that contract would’ve been signed a long time ago!! I would’ve signed that contract as soon as it was offered to me!! But then again, I’m not greedy, and I wouldn’t be playing for the money…. As long as I knew I was making enough money to live and take care of my family…. I’m starting to ramble now so I’m gonna stop writing…. I just get so aggravated when I keep hearing about Daks contract situation!! Sign the freaking thing already and get it over with!!

  2. I agree Dak has been offered a more then generous offer that is in line with what he is actually worth. However I would be more inclined to overpay for my QB then any other position, because of the importance of having a good one. And I’m comfortable that moving forward Dak won’t do anything to embarrass the organization and will come into every season supremely prepared to be the best player and best teammate possible.

  3. The cowboys offered him north of 30 million dollars a year last year and he turned it down. When you think of it, he’ll never recoup that money that I lost by not signing it last year and no matter what they offer in this year

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