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Dallas Cowboys Defense Suddenly a Turnover Making Machine

Don't look now, but the are playing some of their best football of the year heading into the finale against the . Teams always want to be at their best at the end of the season and the Cowboys are surprisingly doing just that.

Riding a three-game win streak the Dallas Cowboys are playing some inspired football right now. and the Cowboys is clicking, averaging 30 points a game, and things are much improved on the defensive side of the ball as well. I know, it's a little surprising.

What the Cowboys are doing offensively isn't as surprising as what is happening on the defensive side of the ball the past three weeks. We knew the offense had it in them to score with anybody in the league and they're doing that now. What Dallas is doing defensively here recently though is completely out of character for them this year.

Believe it or not, but the has suddenly turned into a turnover making machine. In the last three games they've created 10 total turnovers, three just last week against the . That gives them 21 on the season, which currently ranks fifth in the NFL.

Shocked!? I know I am.

The only thing that has been consistent about the Dallas Cowboys for the most part of the 2020 season is how bad they played week in and week out. That seems to have changed though the last three weeks, which is probably why they're on a three-game winning streak.

The main job of Dallas' defense is to get the ball back in the hands of their offense. Whether it's getting off the field on third down more often or creating more turnovers, they are definitely doing their job the last three weeks. Believe it or not, but it actually looks as if they've found their rhythm.

Defensively the Cowboys are playing with a renewed energy and toughness we haven't seen much from them this year. That's correlating into multiple turnovers a game, which in turn is giving the offense more opportunities to put points on the board.

I may be going out on a limb here, but I believe the Dallas Cowboys wouldn't be riding a three-game win streak if not for the turnovers they've created. As much crap as has received this year, he deserves a lot of credit for the way Dallas' defense is playing right now. Maybe he knows what he's doing after all.

Brian Martin
Brian Martin
Level C2/C3 quadriplegic. College graduate with a bachelors degree in sports and health sciences-concentration sports management. Sports enthusiast. Dallas Cowboys fanatic. Lover of life with a glass half-full point of view.

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Cowboy Fan Ed

I just believe it’s too little and too late for MN to keep his job! He has had basically the same talent all year and in my Opinion A great DC recognizes What’s been going wrong and can tweak and adjust his defense to limit their mistakes! For anyone who has ever coached during a game you have to know how to do these things on the offensive side of the ball as well on the defensive side also! But I will say the defense has seemed to show up in these last few games but as for me we need a new DC UNLESS the Cowboys go deep in the playoffs and the defense continues to stop people then I might have a change of heart! I’m still mad the way we let Washington beat us this year!


Obviously the TOs have played a good part in our success recently. However, TOs don’t just magically happen, PLAYERS have to MAKE them happen. So discounting the TOs as a separate entity that makes the difference between wins and loses should not necessarily be valid. Example of this, on the late INT by Hurts was a product of pressure put on him by our D-linemen. In other words TOs are a TEAM accomplishment. TOs are a byproduct of our defense playing BETTER.

Its all coming down to if Philly can beat Washington. I feel good about our chances of beating the Giants. We are playing BETTER, BY FAR, NOW than at any other part of the season. But will Eagles have the incentive to play hard?

Even if we do not win division, finishing at 7-9 was something most people DID NOT THINK WAS POSSIBLE considering we were 2-7 on Nov 8.



I think we should be CAUTIOUSLY optimistic of the defense as of late , you said the cowboys D has gotten 10 TOs in the last 3 games , uhhhhhh the last 3 opponents were the 49ers ( who can’t figure out there QB problem ) the Joe Burrow-less Bengals and Philly who i will say was on a roll with Hurts at QB but that maybe cuz they changed the way they run their offense to a more Hurts friendly offense which is different than a Wentz led Eagles offense. And to add on to that I still don’t like what I see the cowboys defending against the run of both Hurts and Sanders , if you want to get anywhere ultimately you have to be able to stop the run and run the football , and idk if we can do either one consistently.

But it looks like we’ll see as the WFT is a mess rn and we got the momentum to beat the Giants this week.

gary b

Agree VAM good defense has a trickle down affect including turnovers. Healthier defensive players and a little more time for Nolan to figure things out. But the turnovers sure have made a difference. Had we been healthier and had a few of those turnovers earlier in the season we might be a shoo in for the playoffs right now.

But i see improvement and fight in these guys. I’m particularly pleased with our young OL. The experience they are getting right now, will reap benefits going forward and into next season.

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