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Dallas Cowboys DT Trysten Hill Turning Heads in Training Camp

Cowboys’ DT Trysten Hill could be a breakout candidate in 2020.

The Dallas Cowboys 2019 second-round draft pick, Defensive Tackle Trysten Hill, was a pretty big disappointment as a rookie, but things seem to be looking up for him entering Year 2. It’s still way too early to get very excited, but the second-year DT is starting to turn some heads in training camp. In fact, he’s even caught the attention of the Cowboys new Head Coach Mike McCarthy.

“I really like what he’s done, since really the virtual meetings,” said Mike McCarthy. “He was always looking for extra work, ask a lot of questions, I’ve been very impressed. Only in pants one day, but I think he’s off to a good start in training camp.”

After a pretty dreadful rookie season, it’s encouraging to hear Trysten Hill receiving some positive feedback for a change. Those are the kind of things we would’ve heard when his name was mentioned last year or at any point up to now on the offseason. Instead it’s usually “Cut him!”… “Trade him!”… “Release him!” Hopefully that’s a thing of the past.

Sadly, Hill’s lack of professionalism and maturity likely played a large part in his lack of production last year. It even got him sent home by Jason Garrett after he showed up late to a team meeting. The good news is that could all be behind him, at least that’s what Tyrone Crawford seems to think.

“Trigger Trey, man. That guy is an animal. A lot of last year was just him growing up and growing into a pro. Now, with this offseason work and his mindset and mentality coming into this thing, I’ve seen him become a pro right before my eyes. We’ve had a lot of good conversation so far over some meals, and I can see it in him. He’s focused, he’s hungry and he wants it. He’s got some good opportunities ahead of him, and I just hope he takes advantage of them. I love my young guys and I want to see them do the best they can.”

According to Tyrone Crawford, it certainly sounds as if Trysten Hill is approaching his second year with the Dallas Cowboys with much more focus and professionalism. If that is indeed the case, I wouldn’t be surprised if he had a breakout season in 2020.

I’ll not deny I was behind the Cowboys selection of Hill in the second round of the 2019 NFL Draft. Yes there were some red flags, mostly maturity concerns, but his talent and athleticism outweighed any of those risks in my opinion. You don’t find many  DTs his size that can move the way he does.

I don’t know where you stand, but I still have pretty high expectations Trysten Hill will become a starting caliber DT with the Dallas Cowboys. It’s up to him to seize his opportunity and put it all together, however, it certainly looks as if it’s up to him to sink or swim with Gerald McCoy no longer inked as the starter.

What do you think? Will DT Trysten Hill sink or swim in 2020?

What do you think?

Brian Martin

Written by Brian Martin

Level C2/C3 quadriplegic. College graduate with a bachelors degree in sports and health sciences-concentration sports management. Sports enthusiast. Dallas Cowboys fanatic. Lover of life with a glass half-full point of view.


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  1. This is one of the main reasons why the team values Crawford so much. Absolutely essential a team has vets like him that can show the young guys how to be a pro. On the plane, on the bus, in the locker room, on the prac field, during the games these young guys watch his example and hear his voice. That’s why they didn’t ask him to take a pay cut (which he was willing to do). I Hope Hill rewards the cowboys belief in him. Cowboys have always been a team that will take a flyer on questionable characters, and have often times been burned. Charles Haley being one exception.

    • Bingo! An highly paid, established, bonafide NFL tackle who is actually in a fight for that starting position is taking time (multiple times!) to have lunch with his young counterpart and mentoring him. I’m sure they generally try eat lunch as a position group (likely?) but I wouldn’t be surprised at all to hear Crawford is actually spend quality one-on-one time with Hill (and others).

      Wonder if NextGenStats shows how many times a veteran has had lunch with a young player, and how that has failed to increase his sack totals on day games played on the road …

  2. thank god for the good news with this kid, really I think it seems to be getting rid of marinilli and his old school tactics , and old school defensive schemes he was teaching, the game has changed and the offenses were reading our defenses because we were so vanilla, this year i see a big change coming for our defense and the word that comes to mind is GET Aggressive and take down that SOB QB!!!! and offense, don’t even get me going with that carrot top garrett and his conservative callings….thank god big mac mike is in the building!!!!

  3. The problem with expecting people of bad character to improve in 2020 is that social media reinforces bad character.
    Being late, doing work halfway, wallowing in victimhood, are all championed on social media and in TV/movies.
    It is a rare person that learns to reject bad character traits after they already have them.
    Garrett would clap and smile over lazy play and thoughtless play. In NY, the new Giants coach is getting huge pushback over trying to actively reject lazy, poor character football. It is funny that the new head coach made Garrett run punishment laps over the offense making lazy errors. Garrett’s attitude lingers on the Boys.
    I am not optimistic that Hill has completely changed his character.

    • Maybe not character completely but hes so young. He jsut turned 21 and wont bee 22 until next years training canp. Hes a year younger than rookie Gallimore

  4. Ha clever take on the NextGenStat ! As far as u siempre44 the next time ur optimistic about anything will be ur first. Not sure about all those social issue references or what thats all all about? U sure do present a dark picture of everything. The thing is it’s obvious ur knowledgeable about football and the cowboys… but ur negativity/hard edge, unfortunately negates alot of what you say. Beginning to think u actually aren’t a cowboys fan.

    • I agree…. I said something about him being negative about everything that has to do with the Cowboys a while back!! He’s always got something negative to say and never anything positive!! It’s getting really old and at times I wish there’s a way to block him from commenting on here so I don’t have to see all of his negativity!! It’s getting really old and annoying!!

  5. Marinelli told Hill to juat enter draft and spend senior season redshirting with Dallas. Which is why he only got 32 snaps last season. This season he just turned 21!!!! Which IS A YEAR YOUNGER THAN ROOKIE GALLIMORE! I REPEAT HILL IS A YEAR YOUNGER THAN GALLIMORE. So itll take 1 or 2 years for him to get to the kevel we need him but even if he just is rotation guy this year, hell be 21 this season and 22 next season. We could potentially keep him until 2030 cuz hes so young. The future of Dallas DLine is DLaw, Gallimore, Hill & ???? I WISH DALLAS WOULD TRADE AWUZIE TO BENGALS FOR DE CARL LAWSON BUT THATS ONLY IF GREGORY IS NOT REINSTATED. IF GREGOEY DOES RETURN THEN WE ARE SET BUT COME THIS OFFSEASON. BRING BACK GREGORY AND EITHER GRIFFEM OR SMITH THEN GO SIGN LAWSON!!!

    • Why would you wanna trade the best corner we have for a DE that’s on the last year of his rookie contract!? And right now our secondary is bad enough and you wanna trade away the best outside corner we have!! That’s crazy!! And if we get Gregory back and then sign either Smith or Griffen to another contract then why get Lawson too when we’ll already have Gregory and Smith or Griffen!! That’s a good way to waste all your cap space!! We’ll be good with Gregory, and even better if we bring back Smith or Griffen, so we won’t need Lawson!!

  6. Agree Hill is young but going into yr two, cowboys will expect more maturity/production or we won’t see him yr three. Boy u really want C Lawson don’t u J Knox lol. But have to agree it’s unlikely we make any trades right now, especially involving the secondary. Although the last yr of a rookie contract is the time to trade any player if u don’t intend to resign them. Regarding our two FA to be DEs (Griffen/Smith if they have a good/great yr no guarantee we can afford to resign either, as we will be bidding against many other teams for a position considered a commodity. Teams usually end up way overspending for FAs for that reason. Gregory is still a wild card, and first he has to get reinstated. Then he is already missing the valuable (limited) training camp time we have. What kind of shape is he in? Then we have to see what he has left in the tank.

  7. I agree he is very negative cowboyfan but I just wish he would change his delivery and dial back the negativity. I like hearing posts from people that are actually knowledgeable about football and the cowboys (which he seems to be) Guess some people just can’t help themselves.

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