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Dallas Cowboys Good, Bad, and Ugly From Week 11 Against Minnesota Vikings

Week 11 good, bad, and ugly for the Dallas Cowboys.

The 31-28 victory over the Vikings in Week 11 brings the Dallas Cowboys number of wins in 2020 to a grand total of three. It's not very encouraging to think of them as one of the bottom dwellers in the league this year, but we can take comfort in the fact they've played much better as of late. This is finally starting to look like a team worth watching.

The Dallas Cowboys without a doubt played some of the best football I've seen from them at any point this year. In back-to-back games they've battled it out with two of the hottest teams in the league (Steelers and Vikings) and surprisingly looked pretty good doing it. Who knows what's in store for them here on out?

Regardless of what the future holds the Dallas Cowboys look much more like the team we expected to see from the get-go. Instead of looking too far into the future though let's dial things back and get to this week's edition of The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly. And I was always, please feel free to take advantage of the comment section to share your own thoughts and opinions.

The Good

Without any second-guessing or hesitation I'm going to go with as the good for the Dallas Cowboys in Week 11. The Cowboys have been searching all season for someone to step up and make plays from the position and No. 37 no doubt did that yesterday afternoon against the Minnesota Vikings. Not only did he have a strip sack of , but also caused to fumble because of a bone jarring hit he delivered. Hopefully it's a sign of things to come.

The Bad

being on the wrong end of not one, but two receiving touchdowns is the bad for me against the Minnesota Vikings. Sadly, both Adam Thielen and got the better of No. 30 in Week 11. It's not the only time these two WRs have gotten the better of an opposing CB, unfortunately this time it was just Brown's turn. I'm just going to chalk this up as an off game for the Cowboys CB, because I think he's better than the way he played yesterday afternoon.

The Ugly

's play in Week 11 was much better than at any other point to date with the Dallas Cowboys, but it was far from perfect. The start line will read he completed 22 of 32 passes for 203 yards and three touchdowns, but a couple of blemishes nearly turned this into a losing performance. Eric Kendricks got the better of Dalton once on an interception and it was very nearly twice. The second one could've been a came sealer for the Vikings. Luckily for No. 14, it wasn't.

What is your good, bad, and ugly for the Dallas Cowboys in Week 11?

What do you think?


Written by Brian Martin

Level C2/C3 quadriplegic. College graduate with a bachelors degree in sports and health sciences-concentration sports management. Sports enthusiast. Dallas Cowboys fanatic. Lover of life with a glass half-full point of view.

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  1. Hard to get too excited over one win, but the cowboys have strung together back to back strong efforts . I think the bye wk really helped the team regroup and get healthier.

    All things considered we’re healthier than we have been all season. We seemed to have hit on a good OL combination and having LVE/Gregory back has really helped . Throw in the secondary being at full strength (besides Diggs) and we may see a cowboys team closer to what we expected at the beginning of the year. The coaching staff has also had 10 games to implement and instill their strategy/culture. Obviously not having Dak hurts. Even his detractors have to admit we are a much better team with him at the helm.

    We’re not gonna win the SB this year and if we’re lucky enuf to make the playoffs, it’s likely we get bounced out early. But that doesn’t mean we can’t keep fighting. I look at these last 6 games as a building block to the future. Need to continue instilling a winning culture and good habits that will carry over to next season. Have a good draft and evaluate players/coaches on what we see for the rest of the season.

    VAM- Yea I’m a Jimmy Johnson guy no doubt. Too bad we don’t have one like him to help rebuild this team. He was a great evaluator of talent as far as drafting and FA acquisitions. Plus he could coach a little bit.

  2. Gary b, likewise about your fandom. That’s a good one about your proposal to your wife. I know you are a Jimmy Johnson fan. I read a good quote of his in an article on SBNATION, entitled “Why the Cowboys finishing 6-10 and winning the NFC East is better than a top three draft pick”. Johnson is quoted as saying, “The key is not getting draft picks. The key is picking the right players…” This was in reference, in part, to the Herschel Walker trade.

    I just hope we pick the right players wherever we get to draft. BTW, I’m a draft geek also

    Funny how one win can put a different tone on the season. Well at least we seem to be trending in the right direction. Lets see what happens on Thanksgiving Day.

  3. VAM- Wow u really did ur homework. I appreciate ur passion and fandom. Personally not many things make me happier than a cowboys win, and my wife knows to stay away from me for a while after a loss. Incidentally she is as big fan a fan as I am, which may or may not have influenced my proposal to her.

    As the team has improved over the last few games, I find my stance shifting somewhat away from the draft and just enjoying whatever victories come our way. Things appear less hopeless now and maybe the players/coaches can use these next 6 games (or more) as a springboard towards the future no matter what that future entails.

    I know the draft is a crapshoot, especially with QBs (sorry had to get that in there). But I was/am excited to see what we could do with some high picks. It’s been a while since we were in that position. Plus I’m a draft geek to begin with.

  4. The good; Dalton (and coming out of Covid), Wilson (late round pick), Zeke.
    The Bad; Agree with Brown, but two really good WRs, hard for any CB to control totally.
    The Ugly; Nothing, Beating a streaking Viking team (that just beat Packers week before), in their house, as underdog, with backup QB. This team shows fight and resilience, despite their record.

    I don’t think we should try to over analyze this draft position deal. I get the point that a high draft pick will give us a better chance of hitting on an “elite” prospect. But let us remember, these are all prospects in the final analysis. There have been many BUSTS taken very early.

    I, for one, will NEVER, EVER ROOT FOR MY COWBOYS TO LOSE A FOOTBALL GAME. I know Dalton is not as good as Prescott, but is he capable of leading our team to VICTORIES? YES. That was proven to be the case yesterday. THAT IS ALL THAT MATTERS. The thought of our team to just lay down like a bunch of dogs is repulsive and counter productive. That being said, I can understand the “TANK” mentality, but just don’t agree with it. If we draft well with the picks we have, I believe we can improve our team to a higher level.

    Just some first round BUSTS;

    Matt Leinart, QB, USC, 10th pick overall
    Mike Williams, WR, USC, 10th overall
    Dee Milliner, CB, AL, 9th overall
    Justin Gilbert, CB, Ok St, 8th overall
    Jake Locker, QB, WA, 8th overall
    Kevin White, WR, WV, 7th overall
    Vernon Gholston, DE, Ohio St, 6th overall
    Aaron Curry, LB, Texas, 4th overall
    Trent Richardson, RB, AL, 3rd overall
    Vince Young, QB, Texas, 3rd overall
    Robert Griffin, QB, Baylor, 2nd overall
    JaMarcus Russell, QB, LSU, 1st overall

    Just some latter round WINNERS;

    Elvis Dumervil, DE, Louisville, 126 overall, Five time Pro Bowler, Sack Master
    Julian Edelman, WR, Kent St, 232 overall, Multiple Super Bowl winner
    Richard Sherman, CB, Stanford, 154 overall, 24 CBs selected before him
    Antonio Brown, WR, Cen MI, 195 overall, All -Pro
    Jared Allen, DE, Id St, 126 overall, 136 sacks
    Steve Largent, WR, Tulsa, 117 overall, eight times All Pro.
    Terrell Davis, RB, GA, 196 overall, two time Super Bowl winner
    Mike Webster, C, WI, 125 overall, Multiple Super Bowl winner, HOF
    Shannon Sharpe, WR, Sav St, 192 overall, three time Super Bowl winner, 815 rec, 10k yards, 62 TDs
    Roger Staubach, QB, Navy, 129 overall, 5 Super Bowls, HOF
    Tom Brady, QB, MI, 199 overall, THE GOAT

  5. The Good- We won The Bad- We won OK OK I’m kidding (sorta) listen it always feels good when the cowboys win. I thought this was a great team win. The defense is finally playing at a respectable (albeit still bad) level and creating a few turnovers while giving our offense short fields, which never happened early in the season. At the beginning of the season my hope was that our defense could at least be avg and I thought with our offensive firepower that would be enough to keep us in every game. But that was with Dak generating that firepower.

    But I’m still not under the illusion that any QB besides Dak can win with this current team. Beating an avg Vikings team hardly makes us a contender or even means we have turned a corner necessarily. We are 3-7 while playing in one of the worst divisions in recent memory.

    It’s obvious we won’t be in a position to draft Lawrence or Fields. So if we don’t resign Dak I’m still not sure who our QB is moving forward? Despite a respectable performance yesterday I think we know Dalton isn’t the answer. I’ve always been open to options that would improve the team, but they need to be reasonable. I know free up the Dak money for FA signings. Who is confident in Jerry ability to do that?

    The worst thing that could happen to this team is we win enuf games to really hurt our draft status but fail to win the division. Keep in mind if we win the division we pick in the 20s. Have to disagree that draft status isn’t absolutely important to rebuild this team. Can you hit on impact players picking much lower in the draft? Sure you can, but ur chances really go down. Now in no way am I saying that I ever root for the boys to lose. It’s ALWAYS a great feeling when we get a victory. I’m just trying to look at it from all sides and looking to the future. These are just my opinions and I certainly respect and acknowledge those that may differ from mine. There are no easy answers for what this team needs to do to right the ship.

  6. How about the ugly going to the defense for collapsing in the second half and almost losing the game? Give Dalton a break, he helped win the game. The offense was able to move up and down the field with him and with the exception of the one interception, he played rather well. No pleasing you guys.

  7. Totally agree that donovan Wilson has finally unleashed what he’s capable of this year. Seems like most of us thought he had that potential it was just getting the coaches to get him in there to show it. What I didn’t know was the wood that he can lay on those hits. Cook is a HARD runner and Wilson absolutely freight trained him. That got me outta my seat when I seen that hit. Even when LVE stood cook up at the goal line I thought for sure he hurt his collarbone again. You could hear both hits very clearly through the Tv. Cook prob pretty sore today.

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