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Dallas Cowboys Projected to Have 10 Picks in the 2021 NFL Draft

The book can be officially closed on the . Their 6-10 record and strength the schedule helped earn them the 10th overall pick in the , but that's just one of many picks they should have at their disposal to help upgrade their roster.

As things stand right now the Dallas Cowboys have a total of six draft picks to work with in the 2021 . That however will change once are awarded. If my calculations are correct the Cowboys should receive the max number of four, which would bring their total to 10.

Understanding the NFL compensatory pick formula is a slippery slope, but as near as I can figure it , , , and leaving via last year earned the Dallas Cowboys a compensatory pick each. All of the other signings and leavings cancel themselves out.

If my calculations are correct Byron Jones will net the Dallas Cowboys a third-round compensatory pick, Robert Quinn a fourth, Randall Cobb a fifth, and Jeff Heath a seventh-rounder. Not bad for a couple of one-year rentals and a player many fans tried to chase out of town for years (Jeff Heath).

Dallas Cowboys 2021 Draft Picks by Round:

Round 1
Round 2
Round 3
Round 3 (Byron Jones compensatory pick)
Round 4
Round 4 (Robert Quinn compensatory pick)
Round 5 (Randall Cobb compensatory pick)
Round 6 (Everson Griffin to )
Round 7
Round 7 (Jeff Heath compensatory pick)

Now, this is purely a projection on my part. I in no way think I understand the NFL's compensatory pick formula better or worse than anyone else. With that in mind, you can take my calculations with a grain of salt. However, I wouldn't be surprised if this is exactly how things turn out.

All of this of course can change. Trades can be made before and during the 2021 NFL Draft that would increase or decrease the amount of picks the Dallas Cowboys have to work with. For now though, this is an accurate prediction as any in my .

Brian Martin
Brian Martin
Level C2/C3 quadriplegic. College graduate with a bachelors degree in sports and health sciences-concentration sports management. Sports enthusiast. Dallas Cowboys fanatic. Lover of life with a glass half-full point of view.

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Kenny Durham

I think all picks should be for the Defense


Gonna need all of them to fill spots with a lower salary cap. Esp if they resign dak.


Blow it up… Dak and Zeke to Jags plus swap first round picks… we take Trevor and rest D. In less than 3 years NFC loses Brady, Drew and Rodgers and Boys and Trevor dominate the next 10


LOL DC i’d LOVE TO DO THAT DEAL but that won’t happen in a MILLION YEARS

if they did the Jags would be stupid , Trevor Lawrence will be a top 5 or at least top 10 QB for the next 8-10 years, with a rookie deal for the next 4 years , there’s nothing anyone can give to the Jags that would ever be enough , but i will say they do need to blow up the Dak and Zeke deals , trade Zeke just to get rid of the contract like the Rams did and don’t pay Dak if he’s wanting top 5 QB money , i said this on another article , is Dak a top 5 QB ? HECK NO !!! If Dak had stayed healthy how much better of a record would the cowboys have been at ? Well if it wasn’t for the Falcons botching the onside kick we would be 0-4 with Dak ,is he worth that much more to pay Dak rather than to go with Dalton and draft a QB with the 10th pick ? No it isn’t , YOU CAN’T OVERPAY AT QB , you can overpay at RB , WR , or DE but still have enough Cap space to get free agents , but when you overpay at QB along with those guys who are over payed then you’re screwed , you’re in the same situation as the Texans are , Watson is a top 10 QB but they have the 3rd overall pick , wait , no they don’t , they traded it to the dolphins, what’s happened to the texans along with several other teams who overpayed at QB is the reason why cowboys should consider letting Dak go than to fold to his demands

Samuel Cavazos

That is a really nice fantasy and would be great if they could pull it off.


So as far as picks go i think go with QB with 10th pick , Trey Lance should be there , maybe Zach Wilson , then with the rest of your picks go with defense

Chuck Wright

With 10 picks, Da Boys can fill a great many holes. #1 fix they need is a DC with a clue. Someone who notices that we need 2 big run stuffers up front. 1 draft, 1 FA.


2 CBs
1 S
1-2 LB
RB (they can let Zeke go after 2021 without too big a hit)


Pay Dak whatever it takes to get him locked up – not only does he deserve it, we need him. Draft Surtain at CB and maybe a DT, then fill in the rest of the blanks on D. Safety needs a big upgrade.


You guys are clueless. Jags? Trevor Lawrence?? At least try to make sense when you comment.


I agree Kenny reason being is that we won’t be able to pick no 1 up on free agency cause Wak Dak gonna take up all the salary cap for a mediocre qb

Michael Martini

I would like to see an 8-2 or 7-3 split going heavily on defense in the draft. I think we can strengthen our offensive line and be in position to draft the BPA.if we are wise in free agency.


need better safety’s and corners dline middle stuffers and most definitely upgrade oline backups cause the guys that finished season did not even cut it. smith having more injuries and collins and martin too


Do some of yall just not get that you save money on the salary cap by signing Dak? Why would you intentionally get worse at QB? The first 5 or so of those picks (Maybe one for OL) should be for defense.


Pay Dalton to keep as your starter, if Andy gets more time to stay in the pocket he’ll make the passes, having a qb passing the ball in under 2 second there no way of being Able to pass a football when you have the defense all over you send Dak to the bears for Mac. Beef up the defense with CB & get the offensive line beefed up as well as defense. Zeke needs to go. 800 rushing yards cmon man. Open your eyes Mr Jones.

Doug Richardson

Ive heard too many people say trade dak let dak go. No!! Dak is our franchise QB period! Before dak went down he was putting up crazy numbers and offense was scoring over 30 points a game. The problem was Elliott was turning the ball over and the defense was giving up close to 40 points a game.


Anyone….Please tell me one team that will take Dak at $40M. Jags will have Trevor, Jets will have Darnold/Fields, that leaves Patriots and the Bears?? Neither would pay Dak that kind of money even if he didn’t get hurt this season.
I get it that Dak wants to get his $$$, but it has to make sense for the team. $25M is more than fair for four or five years. That’s even more than I’d like to pay a QB. I would say to Dak…….Go out there and see what team will give you the big money you are looking for. There isn’t anyone. Give Dalton $12M on a 3 year deal. Now draft a QB if he’s there and get our D handled through the draft and another Free Agent.

Rick Vredenburg

Okay,so here’s an idea! Sign Mitch Tribiski to play QB. He actually improved during this 4th year of playing QB for the Bears. He’s kind of like Dak only maybe a slightly better passer? He definitely has a great arm. Anyway, sign him for a lot less than Dak wants – maybe 3 yr 25 mil a year?

Gary b

Agree with Chuck- It’s likely we come out of this draft with 2 CBs/ 1-2 DT/ 1-2 Safeties/ 1 DE/ 1 LB/ 1-2 OL

Which order obviously depends on how the draft falls and who is available. Would love for the stud LB Parsons to fall to us. If not then Farley/Surtain/Horn at CB is likely with the 1st rd pick. 2nd rd pick probably either an edge rusher or safety, maybe even DT Barmore.

Fill in the other position needs with the remaining picks (we’re projected to have ten picks) including two in the 3rd and two in the 4th. We have needs at enuf positions where we could adopt the BPA approach.

Gary b

Trubisky is interesting but he was benched for several games earlier in the season for being ineffective. Going into his 5th year u would think the light would have come on for him by now. But with that said, he’s played better as of late, so the Bears might try to retain him. Plus it’s likely you have to outbid other teams for his services. Something to consider though.


Y’all stupid sign Dak draft defense and Dak is definitely a top ten QB they don’t grow on trees


YOU NEED AS WELL AS EVERYONE INCLUDING ME NEED TO BE CAREFUL WHO YOU SAY IS TOP 10 QB with Lawrence and Fields coming to NFL and Trey Lance who has potential, there is a lot of QBs they seem to be growing on trees rn , I don’t see a market for dak for 35 or 40 mil and the market says how much you are worth and dak is not worth that PERIOD


Look at the last draft , Burrow and Herbert look like they could be potentially top 10 in the near future , Tua and Hurts are decent QBs , and we ain’t seen Jordan love , this year draft will be no different so to say a QB is top 10 is even higher than ever before


Sign dak.. draft 8 def players n 2 ol tackles

Gary b

U really can’t project QBs that haven’t even played a down in the NFL, regardless of how good they were in college. It’s an extremely difficult position to play at the NFL level, not to mention they have a high bust rate- even for the highly touted one’s.

As it currently stands even Dak’s biggest detractors would have to say he is top ten in the league, maybe even a little higher. The contract demands and how that impacts the team are obviously a concern, but that doesn’t make him lesser of a QB IMHO.

I have more concerns about the contract situation than I do about whether he is the right QB for us. Throw the record out the window this year. The team was horrific and we had an unprecedented amount of injuries. Look at his production and ability to generate offense as more of an indicator. Next year hopefully we can stay healthy and the rest of the team can come along for the ride.

Christopher Jacaman

That’s the dumbest thing I have ever heard!! I say keep dak even if Dallas has to franchise tag him again, use the 10th pick on a corner or safety because I believe that’s the biggest need for the defense, then they can use other picks on defensive line, linebackers & offensive line, but as far as trading dak that is just dumb, zeke maybe but knowing Jerry Jones he won’t do that, so us cowboy fans can dream.

Steven Greenwood

Dak is the heart of the team. The team basically quit once Dak was lost for the season. The defense needs play makers. The team went 3-0 when the defense forced 10 turnovers. Dallas can win with Dak and a ball hawking defense.

Lionell H.

Reading these comments I wonder if some of ya’ll are real cowboy fans or do you really understand basic football. Lot of comments about keep Dak or let Dak go. Common sense if you have a qb that your whole team seems to support and believe in, why would you want to tear up ur team chemistry. Before Dak’ injury he was not only putting up great numbers that had him rated as one of the best in the game but the whole team offense and defense seem to support him. The problem came on defense. The scheme did not fit the players or the players didn’t fit the scheme. You chose. The qb rookies that have been mention that is coming out in the 2021 draft are talented but are not considered a franchise qb at this point in their career. In a lot of people minds Dak is there a franchise qb. He is still a top 5 or at least top 10 qb after getting hurt. His stats say so. Cowboys defense sucked this year and you want to blame Dak for not making the tackles too. Why put down Dak when the blame is strictly on the Defense for not stopping anybody by run or by air. Hey maybe Dak ought to play a little safety and corner also. Before the injury to Dak how many qb’s in the league was putting up the better numbers than Dak Prescott maybe 3 or 4 maybe. Pay Dak you got your franchise qb. Look at his intangibles he brings to the team. Cowboys need a defense that can keep up with the offense bottom line.


Look it ….here is the bottom line… Dak is a great guy, he is a leader of men, he has had personal tragedy and a person you really want to route for. He is everything you want in a franchise QB except the WINS. He is 7 wins 13 losses in last 20 games. He was 1 and 3 1/2 (losing when he got hurt) and if not for a miracle 0 and 4 1/2. Dak racks up stats after we get down big and he faces prevent D. Stop looking at your fantasy points and honestly critique his game. Every crossing route is behind the receiver ( no chance at YAC) He misses wide open deep balls and still questions his reads and holds ball too long. Great guy I want him to succeed but we need to get off this desire that we found this gem in the 4th round, he is not. Ton of teams needing QB next year, wonder how many are going to offer $35+ million for Dak. I hope we find out.

Ruben Trevino

If no Cornerback or Safety!!! Need to draft DE or DT!! LINEBACKER TO replace Sean Lee!! Trade to Middle 1st round!! Select Offensive Lineman!


I say we draft a QB. Dak’s ceiling was reached during his rookie year on a prime Tony Romo led team. His passing ability is subpar as is his ability to read defenses. Compared to the top QBs in the league, Dak doesn’t measure up.


Great QB’s have winning intangibles, not just stats. Staubach had it, White didn’t, Aikman had it Romo didn’t, Dak like White & Romo has the stats but not the intangibles. Dak wants intangible money based on stats. Bad investment long term.

Robert Testa

Dallas needs to sure up it’s defense. The only offensive player they should take is an Offensive Tackle. That should be a high pick to replace T. Smith next year. Otherwise they need a corner, safety, end rusher, defensive tackle, linebacker.

Fewssiw Jackson

it nothing like having a shut down corner back

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