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Dallas Cowboys Super Bowl Odds Drop After 2021 NFL Draft

The moves the needle for the league and fans of the game nearly as much as a regular-season contest does. It's highly anticipated every single year and this year was no different. That anticipation also can lead to a lot of reactions after the draft has commenced. Such as power , , and betting NFL Futures like the .

Well, apparently the betting word didn't care for the Dallas haul. In the span of a couple of months, they've seen their odds dip from +3000 back on February 10th to +3300 today via Bet Online.

As of March 28th, they had risen as high as +2800 per Bet Online, but have come back to earth a little.

Dallas still remains the favorite to win the East and are far and away the team from the division with the best odds to win the Super Bowl.

Odds to Win the

  • +120
  • Washington Football Team +225
  • New York Giants +425
  • Philadelphia Eagles +550

A defensive heavy draft isn't likely to move the needle much in the eyes of the bettors, but it's surprising considering how much help the Dallas Cowboys needed on the defensive side of the football. Still, the team has a chance to win the NFC East and reach the for the first time since 2018.

Hopefully, this is the year they break through the glass ceiling and make their way to the Super Bowl. It's been 25 long years and counting.


John Williams
John Williams
Dallas Cowboys optimist bringing factual, reasonable takes to Cowboys Nation and the NFL Community. I wasn't always a Cowboys fan, but I got here as quick as I could. Make sure you check out the Inside The Cowboys Podcast featuring John Williams and other analysts following America's Team.

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This is just reality…
The Boys draft made it clear that the team sees the 2020 defense collapse was not a fluke. A team is a long shot to go far in the playoffs when it likely will have 6 or 7 rookies as major players on defense.
The defense rebuild will need at least one more draft.
The Boys will have a top 5 offense and at best a #15 defense so winning the East , perhaps one playoff game, would be the expected outcome this year.
. McCarthy has to stop his ridiculous play calls of 2020 and Quinn has to really coach up the rookies to get that result.

Danny ritchey

I disagree, I think this will be a much improved defense, and the offense will have more opportunities because of a better defense, I believe they will win the NFC east but probably 1 year away from the superbowlbut that doesn’t mean they won’t make it this year, I just think rebuilding the defense maybe next year they will have a more probable shot at the superbowl but not impossible this year

Jay Novawitten

They were middle of the road in 2019. After losing their star CB, 2020 brought a Virtual off season, combined with a new (overrated) Defensive coordinator trying to convert to a complex scheme that didn’t fit the player, and then add on a backup QB playing behind a 3rd string line. I think defense will be better this year but still will struggle because they drafted for physical traits over actual skill… trying to recreate a defensive scheme (Legion of Boom) that other teams have already cracked the code against. Tall players with long arms might struggle against quick\shifty “smaller” players like other teams have drafted.
I also don’t assume they will have a “top 5” offense given the state of the offensive line. There is no way Tyron Smith and Collins play all 17 games. We’ve seen several times what happens when they don’t play AND saw how it effected KC in the Super Bowl as well. I think Wash FT has better odds to win the division. I predict maybe 9-8 record… 10-7 if lucky.


The draft is like rolling dice, if you keep rolling them , you’ll eventually hit

Going all on D gives the max of dice rolls we can get on D , which doing so gives us more chances for players to hit, Panthers did this last year, they went from being one of the worst defenses in the NFL the year before , to being decent, I believe they were like 15th 16th in total D last year rankings wise, but they got 2 studs from that draft.

If our d goes from one of the worst defenses ( btw we were playing a lot better in the latter half of season) to just a middle of the road D , with hopefully this dynamic offense I keep hearing about , we’ll easily be in contention

The idea you need this spectacular D to win is stupid, you do need guys on that side that can make a play now and then , but they don’t have to be shutdown ,especially if you got a dynamic Offense , look at Chiefs, went to the SB this year and lost only to Bucs and they won a SB the year before , how many of you would be ok with that outcome for our cowboys ? Uh yeah everyone would be good with that

So all in all , I think are chances got better


Cowboys clearly don’t value safety as important position as they let Raiders steel Moehrig, the best safety in the draft, from right under their nose. In this pass happy NFL safety is a very important position.


I wonder if they’ll add anymore FA Safeties or are they gonna just roll with Mukuamu and Kazee ?

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