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Dane Brugler’s Mock Draft 2.0: The Dallas Cowboys Select…

Rashawn Slater and Trevon Moehrig to the Dallas Cowboys?

On Tuesday, The Athletic’s Dane Brugler released his NFL Mock Draft 2.0 and made some questionable selections for the Dallas Cowboys with their first two picks in the 2021 NFL Draft. It’s not so much the players he selected, but the ones he decided to pass over.

Since you may or may not have a subscription to The Athletic, I thought I would share with you Brugler’s selections for the Dallas Cowboys and let you decide for yourself if you like his picks or not. Let’s take a look, shall we!?

Round 1, Pick 10 – OT Rashawn Slater, Northwestern

Rashawn Slater
Northwestern OT Rashawn Slater

“Many fans will disapprove of any pick that isn’t a defensive player, but the Cowboys’ offensive line woes were a consistent theme all season. Not only does Slater have NFL-ready talent, he offers the versatility to play tackle or guard, giving the Cowboys much-needed flexibility.” – Dane Brugler

I personally don’t have a problem with Dane’s rationale of drafting Rashawn Slater with the 10th overall pick for the Dallas Cowboys. Dallas’ offensive line was a mess last year and it can be laid directly at the feet of Tyron Smith and La’el Collins missing the majority of the season. Smith particularly is a bigger concern considering his inability to stay healthy. The Cowboys need to find his replacement sooner rather than later and Slater could definitely be that player.

The only problem I have with this pick is the fact Dane passed up on CB Patrick Surtain, EDGE Gregory Rousseau, LB Jeremiah Owusu-Koramoah, and CB Jaycee Horn. I have no doubts any one of these players would immediately upgrade the Cowboys defense. Would Slater do the same? Would he replace Tyron Smith or La’el Collins? These are the kind of questions Dallas would have to know the answers to before considering drafting another first-round offensive lineman.

Round 2, Pick 44 – S Trevon Moehrig, TCU

Trevon Moehrig
TCU S Trevon Moehrig

“The last time the Cowboys drafted a safety in the first two rounds was when they took Roy Williams in 2002, so Moehrig would go counter to the organization’s drafting history. But he would give Dallas a much-needed upgrade over free safety Xavier Woods.” – Dane Brugler

In the second round with the 44th overall pick Dane Brugler chose to go with Trevon Moehrig for the Dallas Cowboys. Safety is definitely a need and Moehrig was the first one off the board in Dane’s mock draft. He is exactly the kind of versatile/interchangeable safety Dan Quinn needs in his defensive scheme and would pair nicely opposite Donovan Wilson at free safety.

Of the players still left on the board I believe Trevon Moehrig was the right pick for the Cowboys in the second-round. It was either Moehrig – the top-ranked safety by many – or the third or fourth rated player at any other position, including CB and DT. It’s a simple way of looking at things, but that falls in line with the “best player available” approach while also filling a position in need.

Depending on what the Cowboys do in free agency I wouldn’t have any problem whatsoever if Rashawn Slater or Trevon Moehrig were Dallas’ first and second round picks in the 2021 NFL Draft. Slater would ease any concerns about Tyron Smith’s availability in the future and Moehrig would without a doubt upgrade the secondary. The only thing left to do would be to find another starting caliber CB and DT, which could be done later in the draft or through free agency.

What do you think of Dane Brugler’s picks for the Dallas Cowboys?

What do you think?

Brian Martin

Written by Brian Martin

Level C2/C3 quadriplegic. College graduate with a bachelors degree in sports and health sciences-concentration sports management. Sports enthusiast. Dallas Cowboys fanatic. Lover of life with a glass half-full point of view.


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  1. I agree that it is imperative we draft a OT 1st. round. It all startsnwoth a good foundation (offensive and defensive line). Smith has been regressing in performance and play for the last 3 years. If you look at history, you will see the Cowboys got better when they drafted linemen, starting with Smith, Do you really want to risk Dak and around $38 million on a “maybe” line? Maybe they will recover. Maybe they will be good. Maybe they won’t miss significant time. We have ZERO depth at Tackle. Take the guy from NW, then draft a DB

  2. IMO if Surtain is there i’m taking him over Rashawn Slater because Surtain is the Guy that PERFECTLY fits Dan Quinn’s system and what he wants in the secondary , athletic , long and rangy with a nose for the football , i agree 100% we need to get O-Line help in draft but not at the 10th pick , i’d probably wait and go in the 2nd round and get an O-Lineman if there’s a good one to take there , if not then i agree with going defensive back there at the 2nd pick and i’d go get an O-lineman at 3rd round

  3. Too much money already invested in offense, the defensive side of the ball needs an influx of talent at every level. Prefer top 2 corners or trade down for DT.

  4. It’s crazy not to take the best Te the Boys had since the 90’s but we have a legit chance to get him. It will be by far the best player available and for the second pick is best available Center in the draft. Our problems is because we have to help out the Center and it affects the run game. After these two go defense all you want but trust me finish the offense before you move on defense. Free agency will fix the defense and both lines.

  5. Should go with best corner available first round then best safety available second round and then best linebacker third and for all other rounds best offensive and defensive lineman available.
    Unless Sewell is miraculously available to Cowboys at 10 this is the scenario that should be used

  6. free agency will fix the D ? uhhhh did you see the free agents we got last year in Dontari Poe , McCoy and Clinton-Dix ? i thought the same way jaime till i saw that garbage last year , unless the cowboys are gonna pay TOP dollar for the BEST free agents ( and that’s a big if if Dak is signed to 35-40 mil contract) i’m gonna go defense with the first pick , we can’t keep going into draft’s like it’s Madden football and go for only offense with our first pick , if the Boys want to do anything you’ve got to have a defense PERIOD.

  7. I think the real wild card here is how long Tyron Smith is going to play. La’el Collins really blossomed last year at the RT position and looks to be a fixture for years to come. Smith is only 30 and theoretically could play 5 or more years if health doesn’t continue to be a factor. Since 2016 he has played 13 games each season with the exception of this year when he played only 2. So, if he puts his health issues in the rear view, Ias much as I love Slater, I’d be hard pressed to spend a 1st rounder on OL. Would they move Collins back to guard? Start Slater at guard? Smith’s back has been an issue for a while and while his injury and surgery this year was for his neck, a back problem is always there and something he just has lived with. I’d be completely on board with Moehrig at the 2nd pick. This long neglected position needs immediate attention.


    That way ppl can stop with this nonsense of drafting him at 10

  9. I suppose not totally out of the realm of possibilities. We do need an OT and a SAF, just not sure it would be done with the first two rounds. Considering how Dalton had to run for life most of the time, getting sacked 6 times in one game, I guess a case could be made for an OT. Personally I would not make the case for the 6’3′ Slater. He projects more as a Guard at next level. While I understand his position flexibility is a plus, we are more in need of a OT. Moehrig is a fine SAF, and may be worth a 2nd rd pick.

  10. You can make a case for several positions being worthy of a our 1st and 2nd rd pick. But with our defensive holes, I would be shocked if we go OL 1st round. I would be less surprised if we went Safety with our 2nd round. I still think it’s likely we go CB with the #10 pick unless Parsons falls to us. The 2nd rd just depends on how the draft board falls. It could be really be any position on Defense or maybe OL if the right player falls to them.

    I like Barmore or M Wilson at DT. Parsons/Collins/Bolton at LB. Surtain/Farley/Horn at CB. I believe there are three safeties that are possibilities and a couple of edge rushers (Paye) maybe the best. OL Slater and maybe Leatherwood.

    If we get one of the top corners and Parsons or Barmore with the first two picks that would be a good start. Then BPA at the other positions of need.

  11. Gary b, agree, if we are able to get a top CB AND Parsons or Barmore, that would be a great start. It may be tough to get Parsons and one of the top three CBs, as they all may be gone in first rd. But Barmore may be available in second.

    Would you opt for Parsons in first and a second tier CB in 2nd rd, or a top tier CB in 1st and Barmore in 2nd?

  12. Unless Sewell somehow freefalls to us I can’t see using the tenth pick on anything but defense. You don’t use that high a pick for depth. The blessing in the curse of this season is that the Boys have developed a lot of talent along the O line that they can call on in the future when needed. I as well hope Pitts is gone before we draft because he is the kind of offensive talent that would make Jerry override the decision makers in the room. Depth for the line can be secured later in the draft or through free agency. They need to give Quinn the tools he needs to bolster the defense.

  13. VAM- That’s a great question, but unfortunately I don’t think Parsons will be available at #10 and don’t think Barmore will be available at #44.

    But given the option I would probably lean towards opting for the top tier CB and Barmore, which would more readily address two of our weakest areas which is back side help and a stud DT to wreck havoc at and behind the line of scrimmage. But I would be happy with either scenario and I think we could get a pretty good CB at #44 as the draft is fairly deep at that position this year

    I also like DT Marvin Wilson who is less explosive than Barmore but might be more of a classic 1-tech. Maybe he falls to the 3rd round. Would also consider LBs N Bolton or Z Collins in the 2nd round

    Most likely scenario CB 1st round. Might double up on CB and OL cuz u can never have enuf at that position.

  14. If Surtain is available, I’d take him. Dallas is drafting early in each round, and could possibly move up a bit considering the extra picks we should have. Quality is needed a bit more than quantity for where Dallas lies right now. If they draft well, they could potentially land impact players from round 1-3, and possibly 4.

  15. If they don’t sign Dak long term before the draft then I think they should draft a QB because Dak will be gone next year anyway. If nobody would trade Watson for Dak straight up then why should Dak get Watson money?

  16. If your defense (specifically RUN DEFENSE) is HISTORICALLY TRASH, then it’s only imperative that you go D Line with ALL the picks because the last time the boys had a top d line, we won multiple SB’s.

  17. Picking a OL in the first round will be a disaster especially when we have huge glaring needs @CB and DT.
    We have invested HEAVIDLY on OL, now it is time to do the same with the defense.
    We have proven that their is versatility and depth so we don’t need to revisit it again early.
    We need to draft DT that can stop the run and CB who can cover that will help us win 3rd and longs that the defense will create more of.

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