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Defending the Cowboys against Stephen A. Smith’s insults

When the lose, fans can always dreadfully look forward to having Stephen A. Smith insult their team. The villain of Cowboy media is back after a Sunday loss to the . With this, Stephen is once again in his strongest power form.

As his cursed smile strikes anger in fans, it's important to realize that he isn't right about a lot of things he says. While he fuels off of the Cowboys' losses, he has been very wrong this year about the Cowboys team. Earlier in the year when was injured, Stephen made tons of comments about how the Cowboys are over this season.

He made multiple statements revolving around how the new projected record for the Cowboys was gonna be 8-9. Yet, in the next 5 games without Dak, the team went 4-1. Two of those wins were against the previous teams as well.

Even with this success, Stephen made a very bold statement that many fans have forgotten. On one of his morning shows he said and I quote “The Dallas Cowboys will not make the Play-offs”. This would age very poorly as the Cowboys have already clinched a playoff spot three weeks before the end of the season.

I get so frustrated when Stephan comes out and says his famous line “I told ya so”, he always seems to say it after the Cowboys lose as if he knows when it's gonna happen. Here's the truth. If for every Cowboy game I were to say “We are gonna block a field goal this game” and it only happens 1/17 of games played, then that wouldn't be right. I would have only been right one of those seventeen games.

That's something that Stephen gets away with a lot. Stephen says A LOT that the Cowboys will lose and a lot of time they don't. However, the week that they face a loss, Stephen acts as if he predicted the recession.

Another statement he says a lot of the time is how the Cowboys will always choke in the . Stephen loves this topic and won't ever shut up about it. While the Cowboys have had a lot more trouble in the playoffs during the past 20 years, it doesn't mean it'll keep happening. Eventually, things will come to an end and the Cowboys will get past this slump.

Finally, the main reason why so many fans can't stand his opinions is that he thinks he knows all. Stephen is a man who must always think he's right or everyone else is wrong. That trait makes it difficult to agree with him and support his opinions. It also makes it hard to even be a fan of his.

No throughout all this trash talk by me, I do understand that it's Stephen's job to rip on the Cowboys team. I mean, he would be completely irrelevant as a sports reporter. It's always fun to go back and forth with him. When the Cowboys win, fans get the pleasure of knowing that Stephen will have a restless night. However, when the Cowboys lose, Stephen gets to show his one true purpose in life and feel good about himself while destroying the Cowboys franchise.

I and many fans have much hate towards his opinions and I am hoping for many more Cowboy victories to shove in his face as the postseason approaches.

Tony Stahl
Tony Stahl
Hey there! My name is Tony Stahl. I have two passions, writing and football, when you put those two together you have where I am now, Inside the Star! I am 18 and live in Fort Worth and am a huge Cowboys fan. Football is my most favorite topic and I could talk your head off all day about it.

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Hello Tony. I think Stephen A. Smith is really a Cowboys fan deep down inside. He’s supposedly a New Yorker, but never comments on the New York based teams. The Jets, Giants, and Knicks are all pathetic woeful franchises. The Knicks haven’t win since the days of Walt Frazier and Willis Reed. The Jets have been Stinkers every since Joe Namath left town. The Giants last success was with Eli Manning playing quarterback. I never hear him talk about the Rangers or the Islanders! Guess he don’t know anything about hockey. He’s basically a clown and would be as you said irrelevant as a sports commentator if he didn’t have the MOST POPULAR TEAM IN THE SPORTS WORLD to talk about. The Cowboys don’t need Stephen A. Smith, he needs the Cowboys for his survival. He’s an IDIOT that should be ignored constantly.


Stephen A . makes it interesting for us Cowboy fans


Thanks Tony! Also man, thanks for what you do as far as allowing us to talk about the Cowboys. Happy Holidays to you and your family!

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