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Despite Noise, Don’t Expect Much From Dak Prescott Negotiations Until July

Dak Prescott was trending on social media on Wednesday. The reason? Chris Simms was on 105.3 The Fan talking about the Dallas Cowboys Quarterback contract situation. In the show, Simms mentioned the same contract offer that has been reported by multiple sources for about a month.

The Cowboys have offered Dak a five-year deal that would pay him an annual average salary of $35M. As we know, Prescott’s camp hasn’t accepted that deal mainly because they’re looking for a four-year deal instead.

But Simms spiced things up by saying that the 26-year old quarterback is asking for “north of $45M” in the fifth year to sign the contract. This sent the entire NFL world into a frenzy, putting Dak Prescott at the top of tons of headlines. However, it turns out Simms’ comments weren’t true at all.

In fact, Ian Rappoport went as far as reporting from sources from both the team and Prescott’s camp that the comments made by Simms were not accurate.

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Despite all the noise that Dak Prescott’s contract negotiations caused on Thursday, the truth is everything is the same as it has been for weeks. A contract offer is still on the table but Prescott aims to get one for a shorter term.

If the Cowboys want to convince him of signing for the fifth year, then a big payday on the final year of the contract might just convince him. Keep in mind, by 2024 the QB market will look drastically different. Right now, though, Simms’ report was false.

In the meantime, Prescott has leverage. Remember he can sign the franchise tag for $31M guaranteed in 2020, watch his franchise tag value soar to $37M in 2021 and then get ready to a) sign a $54M tag in 2022 or b) hit free agency.

With Dak sitting on these options and the front office wanting to fight the quarterback’s leverage by playing the waiting game, don’t expect much to happen until July. The 15th is the deadline for both parties to reach a long-term agreement and it’ll likely come down to the last few days.

As author Rick Riordan said, “Deadlines just aren’t real to me until I’m staring one in the face.”

Soon, the Cowboys will be staring at their last chance to extend their quarterback of the future.

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Mauricio Rodriguez

Written by Mauricio Rodriguez

I love to write, I love football and I love the Dallas Cowboys. I've been rooting for America's team all the way from Mexico ever since I can remember. If you want to talk football, I'm in... You'll find me at @MauNFL.


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  1. I think what the cowboys are offering is more than fair and actually wouldn’t have a problem if he didn’t show. He’s being unreasonable.

  2. In 2019, Prescott was 1-6 against PLAYOFF TEAMS, with an 8-8 TD to INT ratio.

    He was 7-2 against NON-PLAYOFF TEAMS, with a 22-3 TD to INT ratio.

    If Prescott played for a team like the Bengals and not the COWBOYS, he would not be hyped and overrated like this. Think Pro Bowls, which are voted by FANS. He is an above average QB right now, nothing more. His accuracy is just not very good and I’m not sure if that will ever improve. There is a reason why he was a fourth round pick. He is still living off his fluke rookie year, and has never had as good a year since. Dalton can do at least as well as an 8-8 record.

    This distraction will DEFINITELY hurt the TEAM. Wonder what his team mates REALLY think about this contract deadlock, as vast majority of them make a small fraction of what he is TURNING DOWN. While other teams are starting their workouts, we have an absentee “starting” QB.

    Right now, Dalton is our starting QB, and I wish that would continue for the year. Don’t want a greedy, me first, team second, player leading our team.

  3. I saw where Prescott is working out with Dez AGAIN. When did Dez become part of the team? How about working out with the WRs on the team!

  4. Well done VMA very telling stats on dak lack of success against quality teams. The fluke yr the stars aligned with best oline in league and stud yr by Elliot before he became the drama king. I say roll with underrated Dalton and use money for other needs though doubtful cowboys would do that. Agree dak does not throw a catchable ball and his poor pocket presence and tendency to run into sacks is maddening. But just illustrates how precious a commodity quarterbacks are in the league when mediocrity is rewarded to that degree.

  5. and why is dez Bryant name even on peoples lips, he was washed up several yrs ago when the cowboys finally cut him loose..He’s like a bad rash u cant get rid of. enuf already dez ur done.

  6. and why is dez Bryant name even on peoples lips, he was washed up several yrs ago when the cowboys finally cut him loose..He’s like a bad rash u cant get rid of. enuf already dez ur done. sorry meant VAM not VMA

  7. I’m a Cowboys fan since 1965. There is no bigger fan than myself. I’m also a Dak fan, but I am sick of this kind of garbage. Players, get the most dollars that you can from the owners, but there is a point where what you call negotiations becomes plain and simple greed. Yes, I know the owners are getting the big new tv revenues, the players career window is open only a short time and could slam shut on any single day, and you should get as much as you can because it helps the next player get paid. Bullshit…..You do it because it gets more for you. In Dak’s case let’s say he’s been offered 34million per year. To turn that down is ridiculous and irresponsible. If Dak is a Cowboy this year I’ll root for him on the field, but as a human being he wallows down in the trough like the rest of these all-important, selfish, self centered pro athletes.

  8. Dak is great between the 20s with short, easy passes. Get inside the 20 and his inaccuracy results in field goals time and again. Cut him, no one else will pay him close to what he’s demanding. Give Dalton a shot.

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