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Despite Rush’s 4-0 record, Dak Prescott has to return as Cowboys starter

When left the game late against the Buccaneers in Week 1, many thought the Cowboys' season was done and dusted. It thrust into the spotlight, something he had done once last season. To say that Rush has played superbly well would be an understatement. However, it is more so staying in his lane and managing the team.

He hasn't been asked to throw 35 times like Prescott last year; instead, has whipped up a that has been tailored with Rush in at . The has been a superb sidekick for Rush, and the , well, they have just been lights out, haven't they?

So that brings us to the big thought of the day, which is primarily pointed at Jerry.
If it isn't broke, Jerry might not try and fix, or will he? I am talking about the time to reinstate Dak Prescott into the driver's seat.

We all know Jones' comments that he would welcome a quarterback controversy, but the fact is, Rush has done what every franchise owner wants from their . Win games until the starter returns.

It should be a smooth transition from Rush back to Dak, but we know that Jerry doesn't exactly do the easy thing.

It is undeniable that Dak Prescott is the team's starter when fit, and it begs the question, when will Dak be fit? The consensus is that he would be ready for the Eagles game. While still only midweek, at the time of writing, it is unknown whether he will be penciled in or not.

With Dallas sitting at 4-1, that has bought Prescott time to heal his injured hand. Had Dallas been 2-3 or 1-4, the urgency to rush him back would be huge. Thankfully, due to Rush's ability to manage games and not being forced to throw Dallas to a win, the Cowboys have reeled off four consecutive victories.

For most of us, there is no quarterback controversy. When Dak is healthy, he's in. No question. But this situation is eerily similar to 2016 with Dak and , and we all know how that turned out.

The starting quarterback position for Dallas is for one player and one player only, Dak Prescott, so it shouldn't be a hard decision to make, should it?

We know Jerry's love for having his team plastered across every news outlet, every paper, and every online blog. One can only imagine the media coverage naming Rush as the starter would get the .

This is a slam dunk, no-brainer decision. But as we know, Jerry likes to be different, and who would put it past him making one more decision that makes us raise our collective eyebrows?

Adam Schultz
Adam Schultz
Hi my name is Adam. I am a freelance sports journalist and an avid Cowboys fan. I cover the league for Sportskeeda as an analyst and love to talk all things football here at Inside The Star. Follow me on Twitter @aschultz_15.

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