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Donovan Wilson and Maurice Canady Expected Back Against WFT

The Dallas Cowboys relayed some much-needed good news on Christmas, announcing that reinforcements are on the way to help out in their depleted that has been impacted by this past week. 

The Cowboys activated Donovan Wilson and Maurice Canady and both practiced Saturday and are expected to play in Sunday’s tilt against the Washington Football Team. Their return will help ease the burden on rookie cornerbacks and , both of whom are expected to see bigger roles with and down this week. 

Wilson has gotten off to a slow start compared to his where he was arguably the most effective player on the defensive side of the ball. To date, he’s suited up in just six games and secured 18 total tackles. The Cowboys severely need him to step up and play more like the guy from last year that finished with a career-high 71 tackles and 3.5 to go with two interceptions. 

Maurice Canady was a guy that PFF’s advanced numbers liked before with Dallas, suggesting he could potentially be a guy that responded when handed a bigger role. That hasn’t been the case so far, as he has just three tackles this season after opting out of the 2020 campaign.

Canady is more likely to make his impact felt on than , as he’s lined up for 45% of the available Special Teams snaps in the six games he’s suited up for this season.

Dallas will likely also be missing two of their assistant coaches Sunday night, as Special Teams Assistant Matt Daniels and Aden Durde both entered COVID-19 protocols over the weekend. If they are unable to clear protocols by tomorrow night some combination of , Rob Davis, and will fill in for Daniels and Durde. 

There is a lot on the line tomorrow night as the Cowboys will look to clinch the title at home. They are very much in “Next Man Up” mode at the moment and a win here is needed if they want to remain in the hunt for the No. 1 seed in the after the Packers took care of the Browns on Saturday night to move to 12-3 on the season. 

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Cowboys fan

If you look at the end of the Browns and Packers game, you will see that they got cheated by the refs!! They should’ve won that game and if it wasn’t for the refs not calling a pass interference, or at least holding the Browns would have won that game!! If the refs would have called that penalty the Browns would have been in field goal position with plenty of time to get more yards and at the very least they could have kicked the field goal and won the game!! It was a clear penalty, even the commentators were talking about it, saying they can’t believe that penalty wasn’t called!! But they were playing in Green Bay, and Aaron Rodgers is the QB, so I guess we shouldn’t expect anything less than that from the refs!!

Cowboy Fan Ed

Exactly Cowboys fan! There has to be accountability especially when it comes to game winning drives! If that had been a Cowboy DB covering on that play there would have been every flag in the stadium laying on the field!

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