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Don’t Rule Out a Midseason Trade for WR Michael Gallup in 2021

We've wondered throughout this 2021 if would be traded at some point by the . It hasn't happened yet, and probably won't anytime this summer, but could we see Gallup traded sometime during the upcoming season?

The conversation around trading Gallup is born out of his impending unrestricted in 2022. With already making big money and already getting more targets in the , Michael is now third fiddle in Dallas' but still a great talent and a walk-on starter for many other teams.

Rather than losing Gallup for nothing concrete in 2022 and relying on the compensatory pick formula, the Cowboys could secure a return for his departure with a now. As we just saw yesterday with Julio Jones getting traded to Tennessee, these moves could still happen in the months leading up to .

Dallas is wise to not ship Gallup out too quickly. All it takes is one to Cooper or Lamb for Michael to go from a luxury trade chip to a vital component of Dallas' offensive success. They may want to wait until the last minute before pulling that trigger, if it's something they're considering at all.

While the regular season will now be 17 games over 18 weeks, the annual should still land on the Tuesday after Week 8. That's nearly half the season passed; major potential shifts in needs and player values from the realities of Week 1.

Then again, waiting for a deadline deal is also Russian roulette for the team holding on the player. That's eight games, plus , camp, and all other practices where the potential asset could get injured and become untradeable.

Michael Gallup
Dallas Cowboys WR Michael Gallup

For a team like the Cowboys, already favored to win their their division and hoping to return to being a legitimate contender, keeping Michael Gallup has tremendous value for them in 2021. The security he provides at the WR position and the extra potency when all weapons are deployed can make this a championship-worthy offense.

If Dallas starts the season well, keeping Gallup becomes even more attractive as the become real. If the Cowboys struggle early and their postseason participation is looking dicey after Week 8, trading Michael would become a far more logical move.

Another factor in all of this is who moves up the should Gallup depart. While we've seen flashes from and are excited about 4th-round rookie , there's little-to-no evidence at this time that either could fill Gallup's shoes as the third receiver.

Of course, that too can change over the next few months. If one of those other receivers really shines in July and August then Dallas could feel better about letting Gallup go as soon as final cuts.

The Cowboys may not even be thinking this way. Gallup may be locked in for 2021 and they're willing to see what happens in free agency next year. Potentially getting a 3rd-round pick back for him as a compensatory, after using a 3rd on him in 2018, would be a fine outcome.

But given his production the last few years, Michael Gallup could demand more in the trade market. If a team dangles a 2nd-rounder in front of the Cowboys as part of a trade package, they'd have a hard time ignoring that offer.

Naturally it takes two to tango and another team has to be interested. But it's hard to imagine one out of 31 other NFL teams not being able to upgrade their WR2 spot, or perhaps even WR1, by adding Gallup.

Bottom line; Michael Gallup is still a Cowboy today but there's still plenty of opportunity for that to change before 2022. Just because he he hasn't traded yet doesn't mean it still can't happen between now and the midseason deadline. There are ample reasons, as we've outlined here, that could push Dallas to still make that move.

Jess Haynie
Jess Haynie
Cowboys fan since 1992, blogger since 2011. Bringing you the objectivity of an outside perspective with the passion of a die-hard fan. I love to talk to my readers, so please comment on any article and I'll be sure to respond!

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Don Howard

Trade Dak and his contract and keep Gallup and draft a good young QB

Robert Cook

Why in the hell would they do that, Gallup is the perfect fit for this offense. Why not try and sign him at this time for a cheaper rate, since his numbers last year don’t call for us to break the bank. Do you think a 2nd or 3rd round pick will be as good as Gallup, answer NO!!!

John D. Smith

There is no way he is being dealt. No one will dangle a 2nd round pick when he will be a free agent at seasons end. They will let him play out his contract and get the 3rd round compensatory pick. The Cowboys are near the top of the amount of picks they get out of this system every year.

Juan Hermosillo

Keep Dak, Keep Gallup and quit speculating!!! If this or any other trade happens. It happens, Enough!!!!

Stephen Jones

Why are you guys always trying to trade away gallup?? Can’t you think of something else to write about? You have beaten this to death. Stop it!!!

Buddy B. Duncan

It is truly hard to imagine da boys letting m.g. go when there sitting at 7n0 or 7n1. Let it ride with him all the way to the Lombardy. He deserves it……


Even though Amari Cooper is nice. I’d rather have Gallup & Lamb.


I would like them to keep Gallup as hes a a top tier #2 guy. I think that were gonna cut Cooper after this year as we didnt restructure him and he can be cut to save $16mil. Id like to resign Gallup since he can be had for probably half the cost of Cooper and let Lamb become our #1

David Jolly

Reality is we have to much of a good thing for the cap space. However, let’s remember Dak has a no trade clauses & is the future QB. Zeke is guaranteed money this your now and his contract is back loaded(big money coming). Gallup is a great team guy. Would love to keep him if cap space allows it. So let play the season before we start talking trades.

My thought is watch Zeke and if has a down year trade/cut him next year and sign Gallup & RB with Zekes money saved. Then restock the OL through future drafts. Plug wholes through free agency as always.

If Zeke blows up…awesome! Then we look at trading Gallup for pick(s) or maybe a D player needed and/or pick(s) combo. However we don’t lose out if we don’t trade him. We just break even draft wise and rented a real good receiver over the last few years.

Who knows what is happening. But unless someone makes Dallas a really good offer why trade. Try to resign or get comp pic.

I want Zeke to bounce back but another down year and we can afford Gallup and a new running back. Zeke has a moderate year and we might be talking trade Zeke.

Just my thoughts … any opinions on these scenarios?


I am tired of journalists stirring up crap. We ha e not even made it to camp yet and you guys are talking trades. How about focusing on this team coming together and putting together an amazing year of football than trying to project who they are going to ship off when it goes south.


I have to agree with the others…….your story is clicking and insulting to gallop


Click bait


Fan since 1968 Jess

Amber Orick

I would trade zeke regardless if he blows it up this year all it would is give us a higher draft pick out of it…regardless i think Gallup would sign for a hell of alot less than any other receiver we could replace him with, he wants to be a Cowboy and probably sign a team friendly deal…Trade zeke, his production can be replicated by a rb on a rookie salary, a rookie wr in the rounds we would be drafting in is not gonna be able replicate Galluos production…

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