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Former Cowboys WR Dez Bryant Eager for a Return to Dallas

Ever since April of 2018, there’s been a large part of the Dallas Cowboys fan base that has wanted to see the franchises all-time leader in touchdown receptions, Dez Bryant, make his return to Big D. Even two years removed from his last NFL game, the buzz or possibility of Bryant coming back to Dallas is at an all-time high.

That idea got another huge wave of momentum this past Sunday during the conference championship games. Bryant sent out a tweet lobbying for a return to Dallas, however, this time in a slightly different role.

Dez Bryant on Twitter

Give me the role they gave witten.. no shot at witten ..let me play with zeke pollard Gallup cooper Cobb jarwin…… think about it.. in the mean time I’m working

Now, wouldn’t this be an interesting concept? A once-dominant wide receiver switching to tight end? Bryant sure does think so and he could very well be right when you look at it from a few angles.

For one, the future of Jason Witten is uncertain at this point. The sure-fire Hall of Famer isn’t sure whether a return to the field or a new journey on the sidelines will be his next move. Also, there’s been rumors swirling around that he may want to follow former Cowboys coach Jason Garrett to the big apple in 2020 as he has come aboard to be the new offensive coordinator for the New York Giants. If this were to come about, that leaves a possible role for Bryant at tight end.

The progression of Blake Jarwin as the heir apparent to Witten could also be a reason for the Cowboys to move on from the legend. It was clear that when he was on the field in 2019 that he made the Cowboys offense much more explosive than the Witten did. If the Cowboys put him at the forefront of the tight end depth chart, that gives Bryant a chance once again to contribute, much in the fashion fans wanted Witten to this season, in a limited capacity.

Dez Bryant on Twitter

I’m so serious

Lastly, I feel Bryant could easily, even two years removed from football as mentioned earlier, replace Witten’s production from this season. Witten finished with 63 receptions for 529 yards. To put that in perspective, that’s only about four receptions for 33 yards a game. I have all the confidence Bryant could achieve those numbers even at 31 years of age, especially if he’s utilized in the red zone.

There are a few potential roadblocks, though, when you lay out all the possibilities. One, of course, is can Bryant’s body hold up to a 16-game season worth of hits. The last time Bryant was on an NFL field he tore his Achilles before he could even play a single snap for the New Orleans Saints. The other would be Executive Vice President Stephen Jones. Although team Owner Jerry Jones still has a personal relationship with Bryant, the younger Jones might not be so eager to reunite, considering how messy the first divorce was.

The idea of this has the anticipation for 2020 running wild already in Dallas. Of course, nothing is promised, but Bryant has been making it abundantly clear lately that he wants to be back with the Cowboys. This would be better than a Hollywood ending if it came to pass, but for the meantime, we’ll wait to see what gets shot on film so to speak.

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Matthew Lenix

Written by Matthew Lenix

I write dope stuff about the Dallas Cowboys and what not.


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  1. He doesn’t like to block! Even Witten with his size, didn’t sometimes hold his blocks long enough where his man made the initial hits and tackles.

  2. He doesn’t mean to come back as tight end how stupid are y’all he means coming back in a veteran leadership role, saying he doesn’t expect or have to be the main man. Come on now

  3. I’ll be totally honest, why NOT!! Hes been working hard and I think the way things went down he has been humbled. Give this man a chance 1 year deal and if it plans out Jerry looks like a genius.

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