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Charles Haley: Hall of Famer speaks on Mike McCarthy, Cowboys offensive line

/ was the first player in to win five Super Bowls (two with the , and three with the ).

He knows what championship teams look like and what players have to put in to reach that level.

Cowboys mentioned that the team looked “nervous” before taking on the 49ers in the wild-card round. It certainly seemed that way with the lackluster performance the Cowboys put forth.

Haley is a man that has never been at a loss for words.

Charles Haley was recently interviewed by ESPN's Ed Werder, and when asked about McCarthy's statement, he didn't pull any punches.

“Well, if the team was nervous, he didn't do his job during the week,” Haley said.

It's hard to argue with what Haley had to say here.

McCarthy has won 10 playoff games and a during his career. With that kind of , it's unacceptable to not be prepared when it matters the most.

“I know how to win playoff games. I know how to win a championship.”

That's what McCarthy said after the Cowboys' season came to an end.

Has he proven that?

Yes, but that's an even bigger indictment on him that a team that was No. 1 on in points and yards and No. 1 on in turnovers and stopping third-down conversions couldn't show up under his for a home playoff game.

The Cowboys was non-existent against the 49ers only producing 77 yards on 21 attempts.

Haley spoke about the lack of running success the Cowboys had and ripped the in the process.

“You can't have a running game when you ain't got offensive linemen to block for you, and they knew that going into the game. If they didn't know that left and suck, then they were blind.”


and won't like that statement.

The former was routinely penalized during the and was constantly beaten against the 49ers.

The latter showed improvement from his rookie campaign in 2020 but still has a ways to go to be what the Cowboys envisioned after the of .

Simply put, the Cowboys dropped the ball in the postseason and prolonged the misery that fans of the organization have experienced for the last 26 years.

Matthew Lenix
Matthew Lenix
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