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How and why the NFL and Dallas Cowboys are embracing sportsbook and online casino partnerships

With the NFL season in full swing, it is the perfect time to talk more about the famous collaboration between online casinos and successful American football teams. Whether you are an American football fan or not, you know different sponsorships and the amount of money thrown into this sport. It is unsurprising because the NFL has a huge following and support from fans. The same can be easily said about and online casinos in general.

If you combine these two successful industries, you have a perfect combination of profit, loyalty, fanbase, and other advantages. So let's look at how teams such as the are embracing the new opportunities with online casinos.

Profit from Online Gambling & Partnerships

One of the first reasons why so many teams like the Dallas Cowboys are collaborating with gambling websites is the profit associated with an for real money.

This industry has only reached more than $20 billion in the United States and is slowly growing. Soon, gambling fans will have thousands of games to play in 2022-2023. That is why it is a perfect time to see a fruitful collaboration between NFL and successful websites.

Both industries have a loyal fanbase and millions of dollars to spend. It's also obvious that the NFL only collaborates with licensed casinos and trusts SlotoTimes since this particular website is associated with the best online slots and offers. It also means that fans of the NFL are getting a source of proffered and another type of entertainment available for them.

If they get bored watching the game or placing their bets, they can switch to table games and slot machines.

Latest Changes to Consider

As we have mentioned, the industry of gambling is growing. The success can be easily traced to recent changes that we have been noticing in legal precautions. For example, sports betting was not legal in New York until this year.

Now, however, people are excited to play in 2022-2023 and legally enjoy the best online slots. That is why legalization is one of the primary reasons why the Dallas Cowboys are now actively embracing sports books. The best casino online, we will guarantee that the players can have fun for real money and always feel safe while gambling. It is also why licensing is a crucial point for the legalization of all the different online casinos.

Apart from these changes, more and more states have legalized different forms of gambling. They have also changed rules about logos and different advertisements. Even though they are rather strict, some changes indicate that more casinos will be able to advertise their product and sponsor their preferred teams.

Dallas Cowboys & Online Casinos

This successful team always knew collaborating with online gambling would be fruitful for and people who love placing bets. However, gambling in Texas was not always legal. Even now, gambling in Texas is questionable and yet to be truly legalized.

Even though the Dallas Cowboys openly expressed their desire to enter the gambling industry, they are yet to strike a deal because of the legalization of gambling.

What's Next

One thing is clear right now: these sponsorships, as well as advertisements of online gambling throughout the NFL, are profitable ventures. Many successful teams, like the Philadelphia Eagles, have struck insane deals with gambling giants. It's no surprise that the Dallas Cowboys wanted to do the same.

However, gambling is not yet legal in Texas.

This means that it exists more like a shadow market, questionable and unsafe for users. Therefore, even if the Dallas Cowboys want to proceed with their fascination with online casinos, they will have to sign all deals in other states. Texas is yet to speak out for or against gambling. They might legalize it in the future, but no plans are currently pending.

Bottom Line

Right now, around half of the states in the U.S. have successfully legalized online gambling. Sadly, Texas is not one of those states. This means that the Cowboys are yet to sign a successful deal and follow in the footsteps of other successful NFL ventures. However, they are rather outspoken in their desires.

Thus, we fully expect them to talk more about sponsorships or even influence the Texas government to reevaluate their point of view on different forms of gambling, including sports booking.

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