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How to Select the Best and Most Trustworthy US Sportsbooks and Why It Matters

A lot of what we do over the internet can be considered potentially problematic when it comes to our personal information. This might be most commonly associated with actions we undertake when we buy products or services online, and we then reveal our valuable information, such as banking or personal details, that could lead to us being the victim of any number of scamming activities.

Finding a trustworthy and reliable sportsbook, or provider, is a similarly delicate task that you might find yourself having to be extra careful when it comes to completing any sign-up process.

As each US state legalizes sports betting, a raft of operators move into the relevant space and vie for your custom. Sure, some of these brands are household names, but others are not, and you have to be very cautious about any interaction you perform in relation to these services, a failure to do could cost you a large sum.

Here are some things to keep in mind before you select the sportsbook that fits your very specific needs.

Check Reviews

The best thing you can do before you select a sportsbook is to do the research. Go online and cast your net widely. See what others have to say about the brand, whether individuals had any negative experiences. There are services that collate reviews of all the major brands, and that's an excellent way to start.

For instance, you can check the trusted sports betting sites reviewed by as their reviews are very detailed and provide you with a wealth of knowledge about varying aspects of the service each website offers.

Check out the trustworthy nature of the brand, particularly any instances of fraud or lesser instances of reliability, such as the time it takes to get your payout or how slow or effective their site is.

For instance, you might be a bettor who enjoys live in-play betting, and then the worst thing you can encounter is an interface that is slow and glitchy that prevents you from placing your bets in a timely fashion.

If In Doubt, Log Out

If you choose your provider and anything seems untoward or suspicious, such as the absence of the padlock symbol on the URL bar – the site is in HTTP and not HTTPS – then leave immediately.

If you are being asked for information, such as passwords to your accounts, or other details that just don't seem right, again, you should leave. There are plenty of options out there, and there's no need to make an unwise decision.

Check the Payment Methods & Timings

Some are old school and only accept Wire/VISA or Mastercard as payment methods, but you might want to use an e-Wallet or even Bitcoin, then you should shop for a provider that suits your needs.

Plenty of sites now offer Paypal or other services, which you may prefer to use for your sportsbook , perhaps for , or you might not want particular activity showing up on your bank statements.

Size of Betting Market

The best sportsbooks offer comprehensive sports betting experiences. This can be in the form of very detailed betting markets within strong leagues like the NBA or NFL, where prop bets might be more significant, or could come from a provider that offers betting on all sorts of sports that are not as large as others.

Some sports bettors like to stick to one sport or league, but others chase the , so either way, you'll want a sportsbook that has a large variety of markets from which to choose.

Live Streaming & In-Play Betting

In-Play betting is very much the up-and-coming sports betting market, and some providers offer better services than the rest. This is fast-paced betting that makes the game you are watching even more exciting.

Picture it; you are backing your side to come back from a large deficit in a key game, then your team sinks a buzzer-beater, earning you a vast payout. Live betting is a great way to get into sports betting, but best to approach when you are an experienced bettor as you can lose or win large sums within seconds.

Therefore you want a provider that offers a fantastic live betting interface; some of the top sites offer great statistical information to give you essential info on the bet you are about to place, which is a nice addition. What is vital here is the speed and reliability of the service at those key times, so read reviews on your chosen site to see if they are up to scratch.

Don't Settle for Second Best

In the US, sports bettors are a prized asset. As a state's legislature makes the act of online sports betting legal, a number of providers are given the license to operate, and there is a mad frenzy as each attempt to secure the custom of the residents of the state.

That makes you a much-valued commodity, so don't just settle for the sportsbook that first attracts your attention; look for one that has an excellent welcome bonus and then try it out, and if it's not working for you (for whatever reason), then leave and find another. You are not beholden to anyone, so make your choice count.

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