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Interesting Hobbies NFL Players Pursue in Their Spare Time

Between control games, small-sided games, cup matches, final matches, individual training, and group training, lots of dedication, time, and effort go into investing in the NFL journey.

But between that busy life and hard training, players also invest just as much in participating in hobbies and activities serving different purposes. Whether it's taking time to give back through community work or it's about exercising some vocals through regular opera singing, you'll be surprised to know the interesting hobbies NFL players pursue in their spare time.

Five Interesting Hobbies


is an all-time favorite enjoyed by all kinds of people, from your stay-at-home grannies and granddads to successful businessmen. Whether it's done at a traditional land-based casino or on an NFL betting site in Pennsylvania, players can socialize over a game, and is a modern phenomenon that is enjoyed by many.


Art is another hobby that many NFL players like Redskins player Vernon Davis are interested in. It allows for personal time to enjoy therapeutic benefits like improving communication, helping to reduce feelings associated with isolation, and increasing concentration.

Though some players may enjoy this at home in a special room with a beautiful view over a breathtaking mountain, some players take it to the extent of opening an art gallery to showcase their skills. Others like Vernon Davis have invested in an art business to fulfill his sentimental interest in art.


Some NFL players find comfort and relaxation in refining personal gifts like singing. Justin Tucker is an excellent example of this. Despite his professional profile being grounded in sports, he also happens to be a trained and professional singer in the genre of opera.

And don't assume that these players don't take their singing hobby as a lighthearted interest either. Some go to the extent of performing at high-end functions and festivals. Either way, it's time out taken to relax and appreciate some intimate time with friends, family, and supporters.


With the success and money generated through NFL gaming, many players have established businesses, brands, and companies to build a legacy and have something to live by once hits.

Matt Elam is one NFL player that's done things less conventionally by getting himself a job at a shoe-selling store in a shopping mall to build a solid foundation for a sports merchandising company that he intends on starting in the coming years.

Giving Back

Many NFL players hold giving back very close to their hearts. Giving back can be offered in different ways as some players also take heart in adoption as a way of giving back. Michael Oher, Kyle Van Noy, and are good examples of this.

Other players invest in community work through establishing initiatives to raise funds for foundations. Vernon Davis is a good example of this through his art gallery, where he raises funds to support the foundation, the Foundation for the Arts.

In Conclusion

What you deem to be something an experienced and successful player may ignore might just happen to be a hobby close to the heart of any NFL player.

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