Is the Cowboys’ offense good enough?

    Everything feels normal in , as returned to the field and the Dallas helped tame the Lions with a 24-6 victory.

    The Cowboys sit at 5-2 and now we have to begin to wonder – is this as good as it is going to be?

    Since week one of the , the Cowboys have ranked in the bottom of the league as far as total offense goes. When Dak Prescott got injured and was replaced by for five games, the Cowboys’ offense still struggled, which was to be expected with a .

    After the Cowboys defeated the Lions this past Sunday, the Cowboys now rank 29th overall in total offense – which is not good. To be fair, this was Dak Prescott’s first game back since recovering from his broken thumb , and I don’t believe anybody expected Prescott to come out slinging the football all over the field.

    In fact, Prescott had a pretty solid day in his return as the starting completing 19 of his 25 passing attempts, throwing for 207 yards, one touchdown, and a quarterback rating of 113.2%. Prescott also showed his playmaking ability early on in the game, threading the needle with two passes in-between Detroit defenders to and , and extending plays with his legs when the play began to break down.

    The Cowboys are going to need to consistently score more points on offense when facing tougher teams down the stretch who have the ability to score points. Yes, the Cowboys have a recipe for success already by running the ball with and , and leaning heavily on their lockdown defense to control the game. But how far can that recipe for success take them?

    Last year, the Dallas Cowboys had the #1 scoring offense in the NFL. The Cowboys also had as their leading receiver during that time, and after trading Cooper to the in the , the Cowboys haven’t done much to replace that void in the lineup. CeeDee Lamb is without a doubt a star in the making, but Lamb still shows inconsistency by failing to create separation from defenders and struggling with drops.

    Against the Lions, only saw two targets the entire game. Prescott was able to connect with on a shot down the field that ultimately ended up being a fumble by Brown. Needless to say – the Cowboys need another playmaker on offense. Not only that, but the offense needs to find its rhythm.

    It is fair to begin to question , and the way he is calling games for this offense. At times, Moore looks like a genius. Other times, Moore can have us all scratching our heads wondering what just happened. Kellen Moore needs to find a recipe that works for him and his offense, and build off that. If you watch the and how their prepares their offense, each week a different player on the Chiefs offense is having a career day. The Chiefs ways to create opportunities for new receivers each week and get them the ball.

    Why can’t the Cowboys do this?

    The Cowboys have great talent at receiver with CeeDee Lamb, Michael Gallup, an emerging Noah Brown, and will soon be adding former , to the line-up.

    I would like to see Kellen Moore get a bit more creative with the way he calls games for his offense, and scheme ways to get different players the ball as the season continues. If CeeDee Lamb is struggling to get open against defenders, find ways to get Michael Gallup those targets. Utilize the new tight-end duo of and , who seem to be finding their place in this offense.

    As the NFL approaches on November 1st, I would like to hope that the Cowboys are doing their homework on any wide receiver that is available. Although the Cowboys have typically not made any splashy plays in the scene since Amari Cooper, the front office should be aware that this offense needs another piece.

    Even if the Cowboys do not make a move to add another receiver to this offense, the Cowboys still have the ability to reclaim their spot from last year as the #1 offense in the league. The only question is — can they do it?

    Christian Cline
    Christian Cline
    Cowboys advocate since '96 / WKU Alumni / Former TV Villain / Follow me on Twitter @ChristianCline


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    Kellen Moore may look like a genius at times, but don’t you believe it. Moore is exactly what he is. A dumb asshole that’s in over his head or he’s pulling the same stunt Jason Garrett used on then Head Coach Wade Phillips. Sabotaging the offense in order to get McCarthy fired so that Jerry and Stephen Jones can and most likely will hire him. If I’m McCarthy, I ‘d keep Moore’s ass on a VERY SHORT LEASH!!! If you’re going to get fired, then at least let it be for your own screwups and not those of others.


    Use all 3 TE’s at once. Go with the talents that are right in front of you.


    Look, KC Chiefs have debatably a top two QB. Cowboys have, as one TV commentator and HOF player quips, “middle of the pack Dak”. Criticizing Moore is not going change that fact. And Moore seemed to do well last year, as the offense was number one in the league

    IMO, they have enough firepower at WR, and it will only get better when Washington come on board. And what happened to J Tolbert, BTW. In Lions game, DP had 19 completions on 25 attempts which is a very good percentage. But one strange stat was that Gallup got 0 receptions on 0 attempts. DP has to be able to spread the ball around better. He has a habit of checking down quite a bit to DS. But in the end, its a W.


    The offense will not be it’s best until Prescott can consistently hit a cross route in stride, not behind the player. …and can hit the deep ball over the top without the wr needing to always adjust for the “off the mark” pass.