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It’s Time for Cowboys to Make Statements, Not Excuses

The Cowboys have been making a lot of excuses lately after going 2-3 in their last five games. But today's matchup against the Washington Football Team, with major implications on the line, is a time when Dallas needs to come out and make a clear, emphatic statement about who they really are with the now on the horizon.

Going all the way back to Week One and their near upset of Tampa Bay, Dallas has had a ready excuse for when things haven't gone their way. That week it was the absence of due to and a strong possibility that his presence, especially against the Bucs' great defensive tackles, would've been the difference maker.

Then the Cowboys got hot and won six in a row. We were all riding the feelgood train at that point, and especially when Dallas went on the road to Minnesota and beat the Vikings with at . This now felt like a different squad from the past; capable of overcoming obstacles and winning despite its circumstances.

But then the beatdown from the Broncos came, and soon after two-straight losses to the Chiefs and Raiders. Now came the excuses about some players being missing and others being out of rhythm. We found ourselves focusing the returns of , , , and others as the remedy.

Well today, all those guys are back on the field together for the first time since Week One. And another exciting prospect, DT , will make his 2021 debut after a elbow .

Bottom line; this is as loaded on talent as the Cowboys have been all season. If they lay an egg today in Washington, they've run out of excuses.

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Washington QB Taylor Heinicke

The Football Team are the ones who have valid reasons for failure. They've been playing with their backup QB since Week One and lost their top defensive player, DE Chase Young, in Week 10. Today they'll also be without their other starting pass rusher, Montez Sweat (COVID), and a key offensive player in TE Logan Thomas (IR).

Yes, the game is in D.C., but the Cowboys have rarely allowed location to dictate the outcome. Their four losses in 2021 have been split 2-2 between home and away games. And historically, Dallas has been fairly even in its W-L records when at home or on the road.

What's more, Dallas is coming into this game with 10 days rest after a Thursday night game in Week 13. Washington last played in a late Sunday afternoon kickoff in Las Vegas.

If the are who they think they are this season, capable of big things in January, then this is a day that they have to prove it. If they can't handle business against D.C. Anonymous then they have little hope when they finally go up against the elite.

One way or another, the Cowboys will make a statement today. Hopefully it's one that inspires confidence about what lies ahead the rest of the season.

Jess Haynie
Jess Haynie
Cowboys fan since 1992, blogger since 2011. Bringing you the objectivity of an outside perspective with the passion of a die-hard fan. I love to talk to my readers, so please comment on any article and I'll be sure to respond!

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Ethan L Chazin

Jess- I don’t like this biased post for many reasons, most of which is…I have not read/seen/heard any excuses from the players or staff. Maybe the FO and local media types. Not the team. It might be your opinion/contention…so then back up your claim with actual quotes from players / staff that are in fact “EXCUSES”!


100 percent agree with you Jess, to add to the pressure, MMC guaranteed a win so if we fall short, i don’t wanna hear more excuses, nor do i wanna hear ppl blaming MMC, it’ll be on Dak and on our team for losing this game, NO EXCUSES

Cowboy Fan Ed

If we loose this game it will be solely on the coaches!! We have the talent so if our coaches know how to scheme and put our guys in the right places…shouldn’t even be a contest! Time to put up or shut up!!

Cowboys fan

I have to disagree with the part where you said they have been having excuses for every loss…. They did have excuses, but I haven’t heard them say anything, except for after the raiders game!! And that’s when Mike Mccarthy went to the league office to complain about the refs screwing us in that game, and I don’t blame him for that either, cause if it wasn’t for the refs, we would have won that game!! And to be honest, I think the refs screwed us out of a win against the buccaneers too, and the refs even admitted to missing penalties that should’ve been called that could’ve changed the outcome of the game!! And there was another penalty they didn’t call at the end of the game when they kicked the last second field goal to win…. It was an offensive pass interference on Chris Godwin…. He pushed Anthony Brown to the ground right before catching the ball and running out of bounds to seal the game with the field goal!! So they’ve got excuses for why they’ve been losing certain games, but I haven’t heard them!! But then again, blaming the refs will only make it worse, so I guess I wouldn’t say anything either!! So I guess that’s why we never heard anything about what was said in the league office when Mike Mccarthy went to talk with them!! So if we didn’t get screwed out of those games we would be the number one seed right now or at least the number 2 seed depending on what happens in the cardinals and rams game, but instead we’re stuck in the number 4 seed with a game behind the buccaneers and the packers!! But losses like that is what makes me think that football is rigged these days!!

Anyways…. The rest of our games are against divisional rivals, except the game against the cardinals, so we shouldn’t lose anymore…. The only one that should be tough for us is the cardinals game, even though divisional games are usually tough games, I think we should win those ones and hopefully we can get a win against the cardinals and that could possibly take us up in the seedings!! Idc if we get the number one seed or not, I just don’t want the number 4 seed cause if the playoffs started today we would have to face the rams in the 1st round and that’s not a team I want to go up against in the 1st round!! But we still have a few weeks to go to see how things go, so who knows…. Anything can happen from now till the end of the regular season!!

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