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JAX 40, DAL 34: Cowboys lose momentum, fall to Jaguars in overtime

An invigorated Jaguars showed up in the second half to beat the Cowboys in overtime. A tipped pass was intercepted and run back for a touchdown. The Jaguars won 40 – 34.

3rd Quarter

The accepted a touchback and started the 3rd quarter on their own 5-yard line. After 10 plays for 61 yards, they ended the drive with a 33-yard field goal by Riley Patterson. DAL 21 – JAX 10.

Dallas also started their first drive of the half on their own 25. Two big plays by brought the Cowboys from their 27 to the Jacksonsville 12-yard line. After 2 runs and an incomplete pass, Dallas answered with a field goal of their own, a 24-yarder by . DAL 24 – JAX 10.

Jacksonville took the ball back at their own 25 after another touchback. They only had the ball for 1:09 before Cowboys intercepted a pass that intended for . Bland returned the interception 15 yards to the Jacksonville 42-yard line.

On the third play after reclaiming possession, an incomplete pass on 3rd down brought up 4th & 3 for the Cowboys. They elected to kick a field goal and increased their lead with a 53-yard field goal by Brett Maher. DAL 27 – JAX 10. 

The Jaguars made quick work of their next possession. On their third play of the drive, Trevor Lawrence completed a 59-yard pass to Zay Jones to put up their second touchdown of the day. The extra point was good. DAL 27 – JAX 17.

On the following kickoff, KeVontae Turpin returned the ball from the Dallas 1-yard line but ran into a teammate and was stopped at the 16. was sacked on 1st down for an 8-yard loss. The following play resulted in an interception, and the Jags took over on the Dallas 39-yard line. 90 seconds and 4 plays later, the Jacksonville Jaguars scored a touchdown to cut the deficit to the lowest of the day. DAL 27 – JAX 24. 

4th Quarter

The Cowboys ended their next drive with a punt which was fair caught at Jacksonville 25-yard line by Jaguars receiver Jamal Agnew. Trevor Lawrence was back on the field with 13:46 remaining in the 4th quarter. Jacksonville used 8 plays to move 75 yards and take the lead for the first time during this game. A touchdown and extra point put them up by 4 points. DAL 27 – JAX 31. 

A kick into the end zone put the Cowboys on their own 25-yard line to start their next drive. They took 7:01 off the clock with 13 plays that brought them 75 yards down the field and into the end zone. A pass from Dak Prescott to in the end zone game them the lead back, and Brett Maher's extra point was good. DAL 34 – JAX 31.

Trevor Lawrence started the Jaguars' next drive from the Jacksonville 25 with 3:02 left in the 4th quarter. On the 6th play of that drive, forced a fumble that was recovered by . Dallas took over on their own 38, but a three-and-out gave Jacksonville the ball back with 1:01 left in the 4th quarter. After 6 plays for 41 yards, Jacksonville made it to the Dallas 30-yard line. A 48-yard field goal by Riley Patterson with 5 seconds left sent the game into overtime. DAL 34 – JAX 34.


Jacksonville won the overtime coin toss and got the ball first in overtime. They were on the field for 1:12 before the Cowboys forced them to punt.

The Cowboys took over on offense at their own 20-yard line. On the 4th play of that drive, a pass intended for Noah Brown bounced off of the receiver and landed in the hands of Jaguars Rayshawn Jenkins. Jenkins ran the ball 51 yards the other way for a touchdown. That score ended the game and gave Jacksonville the win. JAX 40 – DAL 34.

Final Thoughts

, the Cowboys most impactful players showed up and played well. The Jacksonville Jaguars had been on an upward trend in terms of performance leading into this game, and it showed on the field. Many referred to this as a potential trap game for the Cowboys and expected the defense to make the biggest difference in the outcome. The difference here was just a couple of mistakes and failures to convert that translated to a lack of much needed points on the scoreboard for Dallas.

Also of note is that Dallas lost two defensive starters during this game. Leighton Vander-Esch (neck) was ruled out early in the second half and defensive (knee) left the game in the third quarter.

The Cowboys' next game will be at home against the . It is scheduled for December 24th, 3:25pm CST.

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Hello Jazz! I think that Jerry and Stephen Jones should address the team in a PLAYERS ONLY meeting and let them know that McCarthy and Moore WILL NOT BE BACK next season and to please continue to play hard for the remainder of the season. Also the team should just CUT KELVIN JOSEPH and wash their hands with him. He’s DUMB,AND OFFERS NOTHING TO THE DEFENSE except penalties and getting his ass torched again and again. Get on with his so-called Rap career!


Oh yeah, maybe get Rush ready to go on Christmas Eve. Can he really be any worse than Dak Prescott??? I THINK NOT!

Cowboys fan

Dude, you sound stupid!! Just stop…. Seriously!! There’s nothing wrong with the coaching staff, and Kelvin Joseph is still young, with very little experience, Ed everybody knew he was raw and was gonna need time to develop!! He only played a hand full of games in college, so he’s not gonna be a shut down corner in his first hand full of games in the NFL!! You have to give players like that time!! And the last thing…. Cooper Rush is no where near as good as Dak, we won’t have a chance against the eagles with Rush playing QB!! Dak is our only hope of winning that game!! We went from being bottom of the league in scoring offense with Cooper Rush at QB, but then went to being the number 3 in scoring offense with Dak playing!! We haven’t scored less than 28 points since Dak has been back, and the whole time Rush was playing he never got the team to score even 28 points in a game!! I think the closest he got was 25 points once, and every other game was less than that!! And you think he can do better than Dak against the eagles!? Smh!! I think you need to learn more about the game of football!! I could keep going on and on about the stuff you say, but I don’t think it’s worth anymore of my time!!


No, I don’t think Cooper Rush is or will play better than Prescott! Also, that’s NOT what I said. I asked if Rush could play any worse than Prescott right now? That interception in overtime was an absolute killer! No need to FORCE that pass at all! I think Dak is trying to do too much and trying to do things his arm talent won’t permit. I’m not down on him, just that the eyes don’t lie and he’s playing quite poorly at times. Some of it is him, but MOST OF IT in my opinion is Kellen Moore. Maybe you LIKE Moore and McCarthy, I DON’T!!! I think there’s better options than those two for this team that has enough talent to get to and WIN the Super Bowl. You can count on McCarthy to make a bad decision at the worse time during a game. You can count on Moore’s play calling to put the offense in bad situations consistently in crunch time. I still wish he’d accepted the Boise State job and you and I wouldn’t be having this conversation.


On the Kelvin Joseph issue, I think he’s a STINKER! It’s not his fault he was drafted high and CAN’T cover a 60 year old senior citizen. Jerry and Stephen Jones made that mistake, not Joseph. Just because he hasn’t played a lot of football isn’t an excuse to have him on the field opposite Diggs as a target for every team the Cowboys are going to face. Go ahead and sympathize with him if you like, as for me and my opinion, he shouldn’t be on the field trying to play Cornerback at the NFL level. Perhaps you didn’t watch the Jacksonville game or the Houston game! His future in the league is about as bright as yours and mine!!!! I assume you’re a loyal Cowboys fan, and if you are, how can you feel confident in what you’ve seen from Kelvin Joseph?????

Cowboys fan

Mccarthy and Moore are the only coaches to take our team to the playoffs in back to back seasons since 2005 or 2006….. How is that bad coaching?? You have to be good at your job to do that!! And that interception in overtime wasn’t Daks fault…. Watch the replay…. Dak threw a perfectly placed ball right into the hands of Noah Brown…. It was Noah Brown that couldn’t catch the ball, which caused the interception!! It has nothing to do with how Dak threw the ball!! And to say it again… Yes, Cooper Rush can do much worse than Dak!!


Those two have been the HC and OC during back to back playoff appearances for the Cowboys. Quite true! This season we’re backing into the playoffs rather than kicking the door in as we should with the talent on our roster. Sounds like you’re comfortable with Moore and McCarthy going forward! Well, I’m not! Can you sit there and say you’d rather have McCarthy as the HC instead of Sean Payton? If this team had Payton, it kills two birds with one shot. Payton calls his own plays, which would eliminate the need for Kellen Moore. A WIN WIN situation for the Cowboys I think. Hope Dan Quinn stays, hope McCarthy and Moore are shown the door after we make another one game appearance in the playoffs. As of today we’d play Tampa Bay at Tampa, and I don’t think we could beat them down there.


You can make excuses for “Boss Man Fats” all you want! The bottom line is he’s a stinker in the Taco Charlton arena. Drafted WAY TOO HIGH and probably doesn’t have much of a future in the National Football League. Would you trust Joseph to cover ANY starting receiver in the league with the game on the line? I wouldn’t, because what you’d get is his ass being lit up or a pass interference penalty! Nothing More!!! Dan Quinn and AL Harris had him on the field against Houston and Jacksonville getting torched, so it’s not his fault he’s out there starting! That said, HE’S NOT READY TO PLAY IN THE NFL YET! Maybe one day he will make us forget Deion Sanders or Richard Sherman, I JUST DOUBT IT!!!!

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