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Jerry Jones Doesn’t Want Cowboys to be Another Playoff Team Lacking “Variety”

Cowboys Owner and GM isn't one to back down from opportunity to be an optimist when it comes to his football team. This was certainly the case after the team's win at Washington, where the Cowboys once again struggled but the team added to their commanding lead nonetheless.

Head Coach Mike McCarthy is holding back talk of the playoffs until the Cowboys reach ten wins, which they can do at the Giants this Sunday. New York is a fitting opponent to frame Jones' point about variety in the playbook though, as he jumped straight to talk of how prepared this offense will be in the postseason.

In his weekly hit on 105.3 The Fan in Dallas, Jones admitted he's been a part of “teams that've been criticized for not having enough variety when you get to the ,” and for doing the “same-old same-old” when they get there.

The Giants moved on from OC mid-season, who previously coached Cowboys teams criticized for these same reasons. While the move has done little to spark an offense dealing with and lack of depth, the Cowboys have the personnel and a healthy QB to play much more efficiently on this side of the ball.

Jones said the Cowboys have practiced intensely how to put in new looks for later in the season. Starting this week, all but one of the Cowboys remaining opponents will be teams they're seeing for the second time as division games. It shouldn't take long to find out if Jones is giving too much credit here, or if the Dallas offense remains a point of concern through December.

The Cowboys 20-point win vs. the Giants in week five remains their best point output of the season. The team is hopeful they'll be closer to full strength on offense with the return of this week.

A win paired with a Washington loss to Philadelphia clinches the division, so long as the Cowboys hold the strength-of-victory tiebreaker over the Eagles. If both the Cowboys and WFT win on Sunday, the Cowboys can still secure a playoff spot if the 49ers, Saints, or all three of the Saints, Vikings, and Falcons lose.

This is a team that (not so quietly at times) has always believed they'd be playing postseason football, and know the timing and efficiency on offense must improve for these games to matter down the stretch. The above may seem convoluted when written out, but the idea that it's the only thing standing between Moore no longer holding his offense back isn't.

Sean Martin
Sean Martin
Born January 28th, 1996- Cowboys Super Bowl XXX. Point Boro Panther, Montclair State Red Hawk, and most importantly a proud member of Cowboys Nation! I host "Upon Further Review" on 90.3 WMSC FM and every Friday from 1-4 PM ET. Twitter: @SeanMartinNFL.

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Seems to me that the Cowboys have had trouble just executing period on offense. I don’t know that new looks is the answer. Being sharp with what you know is not a bad thing. The O just needs to get healthy and gain some consistency. Very hard to do when their are injuries/suspensions/covid outages across the unit from week to week.

Tommy Davis

Todd is right, injuries, suspensions, poor offensive line play and execution are the main reasons for the offense to not play as well as they did earlier, but you guys like to blame Dak Prescott for every dam thing. I don’t understand why there’s such hatred for that man, then perhaps I do, some things will never change and that’s sad and shameful.


@Tommy Davis, not blaming DP “for every dam thing”, just his part of the team, which is being the most important player on the field AS THE QB.

Excuses have been made for him every year, and this year is obviously no exemption. Long time fans have seen SUPER BOWL winning Cowboy teams throughout the years, WITH THE INJURES, AND SUSPENSIONS, AND THE DROPPED PASSES, AND THE BAD CALLS, AND WHATEVER OTHER EXCUSES CAN BE USED.

DP’s last game had a QBR rating of 9.9,and his QBR for the year is like 23rd in the league. But no one is allowed to be critical, WHY?

He got overpaid, time to deliver, if he can.

People can have opinions on whatever player they want, without the obvious, IN YOUR HEAD, inuendo.


I am super tired of people complaining about QB’s being “over paid”. The QB doesn’t doesn’t set the market!!!. In case folks haven’t been paying attention, franchise QB’s are scarce. Instead of complaining about his money, which btw, we aren’t paying, complain about the play. QB’s will always be paid much more, get over it. Route for your team and hope for the best. Life goes on.


Overpaying players is not how you get SBs, if you look at all the past SB winners, most of those teams had QBs on a rookie contract, so isn’t there correlation with how much a QB makes ? I ain’t saying you got to have one on a rookie contract, but you need a relatively cheap contract, or you need all sorts of different players who aren’t being paid what they should, ala Parsons, Diggs, Osa, Gallup, or Ceedee, but even then it’s difficult,

Now of course at this point Idk why i keep getting in these arguments cuz you ppl won’t even blink or even read my comment cuz you guys don’t want to hear the truth, YOU GUYS ARE JUST DAMN BLIND, SO BIASED THAT YOU HAVE TO BLAME EVERYONE BUT DAK,

Dak has a slightly better than average arm at best, nowhere near the level of arm of a Herbert, Mahomes, Allen, Rodgers, and back before his ankle and calf injuries, he was just a slightly better than average runner, not even close to Murray or Lamar, and now after his injuries, he isn’t a run threat at all, and now he’s struggling with accuracy, WHAT THE HELL DOES THE O LINE OR WRS HAVE TO DO WHEN DAK THROWS SUCH A CRAP FOOTBALL WITH NO ONE AROUND HIM ? Cuz that’s what he did with that throw last week where he threw it straight to Landon Collins for the easiest pick of his entire damn life.

So everything i just listed, does that even sound like a top 10 QB ? F*** NO, yet he’s paid like a top 3 QB, but i know this’ll only fall on deaf ears as you ppl don’t care, cuz you guys Probably honestly don’t even watch the games, y’all just like stirring stuff up.

Now if you actually read this comment and actually think for yourself and you actually watch the games, then you know at this point, we’re winning games INSPITE OF DAK, is that a elite QB?


And another thing that gets on my damn nerves is when ppl use the term “franchise QB” ok but at what spectrum are they ? Mahomes is a franchise QB, if you look at Baker and how they’ve been winning, then Baker is also a franchise QB, same with Cousins and Garoppolo, but they aren’t near the level of a Mahomes, that’s why don’t like that term being the end all be all measuring stick ppl use when arguing why one should be paid, i go off of what does the stats tell me, well when Dak has a run game, he can when games, but he can’t win with him being the one who leads it, (SOUNDS LIKE KIRK COUSINS OR JIMMY G) i also go off how he compares physically to other QBs, as i said in my other comment, he’s not that great stacking up against other QBs in the league.

Now I’m sure now I’ll have some dip come out and point out all these stats Dak’s gotten over the past 5 years as to why he should be paid, and i can’t argue that, but how many wins did those lead to ?

2-3 (should’ve been 1-4)
And just one playoff win,

But as to what you guys would say to that, AH NAH F*** THAT JUST PAY DAK WHATEVER HE WANTS


I think honestly these will be my last comments on this site, cuz i know I’m just wasting time when i could be doing something useful with my time, as you guys are just too ignorant to listen, you’re Probably the same damn ppl who believe Covid is fake, or that believe Trump won, and i know i can’t change you morons mind, when you won’t listen to government, or to doctors, but rather listen to YouTube XD XD XD

Anyways good bye and good riddance B******

Cowboy Fan Ed

Hey X88 I for one like your post along with Vam, gary b,Cowboy fan, and a few others! I think most of you guys know what your talking about! Now I can do without the cussing but for the most part your pretty sharp maybe not as sharp as me but pretty sharp! Ha Ha!! Oh one more thing I hate politics not a big fan of Trump but definitely not a fan of Uncle Joe ! But I think we all have to agree that under Trump we were living better! So X88 keep writing on these sights and don’t worry if you get anything wrong I’ll let you know! Ha!

Cowboys fan

Cowboys fan Ed…. Don’t encourage him!! He does have some good points every now and then, but those last comments are just too much!! Apparently he thinks the QB is the only player on the field for the offense…. He expects the QB to make perfect throws every time, but he don’t realize it’s not possible!! Even his so called top level QBs Herbert, Mahomes, Allen and Rodgers make poor throws!! Of course I’m not saying they’re not good QBs or franchise QBs, I’m saying every QB makes mistakes, it happens even to the best of them!! And it’s more likely to happen when they don’t have an offensive line to protect them long enough to find an open receiver!! Now that has been the biggest problem for Dak…. Our offensive line has been terrible…. Especially since we took Connor Williams out and put in Connor McGovern!! If I’m not mistaken, I think our offensive line is ranked 23rd right now, but in spite of that, Dak is still making great plays and finding ways to keep the play alive…. Even though he’s running for his life more than half of the time!! It takes 11 players every play, not just 1!!

Now to an even dumber comment….. “the way the Browns have been winning, Baker Mayfield is a franchise QB”….. Come on….. Seriously!? And this coming from a guy who THINKS stats is everything!! Try looking at the stats of his games just this year alone!! They’re not winning cause of Baker Mayfield, they’re winning cause of Nick Chubb, Kareem Hunt and their running backs, not because of Baker Mayfield!! And most teams need the running game to complement the pass and vice versa, just like us…. Dak is way better when we can get the running game going, but the Browns and Baker Mayfield only win games when their running backs are winning the games for them!! Again…. It’s not Baker Mayfield winning the games for them, it’s their running backs!! And it’s easy to get the running game going when you have an offensive line to block up front…. And here it goes again…. Our offensive line is terrible, we are at the bottom of the league when it comes to pass blocking and run blocking, so how can Dak do anything without the line blocking for him!? Like I said above, Dak is still making great plays in spite of our line not blocking for him, so that tells me that Dak is still a great QB, but he needs his line to block for him in order for our offense to go back to the way it was at the beginning of the season!! And that goes back to the comment above…. It takes 11 players every play, not just 1!!

Just one more thing before I go….. I personally don’t just watch the games, I pay attention to every play that happens…. How the offensive line holds up, the routes the receivers run the holes the line sets up for the running backs, and even the throws Dak makes….. I pay attention to all of it, not just Dak!! Try that for a once and maybe you’ll see things differently Mr x88!!


Uh ain’t that the only way Dak wins is with a run game ? Yet Dak’s a franchise QB but Baker isn’t, lololol XD what a joke


O line has to be perfect for Dak, he’s gotta have wrs, he’s gotta have a run game, and a solid D in order to win, so what exactly is the difference between him and Baker, Jimmy G, or Kirk Cousins?

I’ll wait for your answer


Btw when i said that y’all don’t watch the games, i wasn’t talking about you guys, (CF ED, VAM, Cowboys Fan, or Gary b) you guys actually seem very knowledgeable of the games and do pay attention to them, I’m just calling out these one off commenters who talk trash about a comment i make or someone else makes that’s pretty knowledgeable, yet i don’t ever see them again comment, or i haven’t seen them comment before in the past year or so, they just wanna get under ppls skin and stir things up, and those ppl are the ones i question whether they actually watch the games


I’ll admit CF he’s better than Baker, Jimmy G, and Cousins, but all I’m saying is it enough a difference for us to win in the playoffs with him, is he close enough to Mahomes, Rodgers, Brady ? Or is he closer to Baker, Cousins, and Jimmy G?

Which this shouldn’t even be a question when Dak is paid higher than 2 of those 3 guys i named off but sadly it is a question you gotta ask


Here’s something that Colin Cowherd said on his show the Herd about what it takes for team’s to be true contenders which is something i agree with, “In the NFL, you don’t have to be great at everything in order to win, you just need to not be terrible at anything, if you’re terrible at anything, other teams will see that weakness on game film and exploit that weakness.”

As much as ppl wanna ride our O Line for not being great like they used to, they’re still very much a good enough O Line to win with when healthy, our D has looked questionable at times this year but overall , they’re good enough to win with, when Zeke is healthy, even though ppl ride him and call him a bum (I’m guilty of that too) he’s good enough along with TP to win with, Ceedee has been a disappointment really so far this year, but he’s still good, as well as Coop when he plays, and Gallup, plus Schultz in the middle, they’re good enough WRs to win with,

It’s time to quit making excuses as to why Dak (40 mill QB) is bad in games and start putting blame on his lap


Oh and btw, I’ve seen a question on tv that was posed as to whether Carson Wentz is the franchise QB for the Colts, and those analysts said yes

So yeah the word franchise QB is thrown around way too much, my opinion on a franchise QB is one who can win games inspite of their environment, their team or lack there of a team, not somebody who’s just another guy who needs his environment to be great as well as his team to be great in order to win


I think it is fair to comment about the compensation of players, simply because it affects the ability of the front office to provide a solid team all around. So paying a player that is not living up to his compensation is something to be scrutinized IMO.

Does anyone really believe DP is the third best player in the entire NFL, because that is how he is being paid. I think Jerry Jones made a big mistake, if he really wants another SB ring, to have OVERPAID for this player. As far as this “market” sets the price, than if that’s really the case, Brady should be making MUCH MORE that $25 million/yr.

Jimmy Johnson, who knows a thing or two about football, recently commented about DP and his need to have great players around him, including a great defense and running game. I agree. DP is not in the same category as some other top QBs that can win without a great supporting cast. Example, ARod beat the Cards this year, without his top three receivers and two starting O linemen.

That doesn’t make DP a bad QB, but just one who cannot carry the team solely with arm or especially his legs now. I’ve noticed a fairly steep decline in his ability to run or just be mobile now.

These are my observations watching the games, especially the last five or so. Unless he is able to turn it around and play like he did in a few games earlier this year, don’t think they go far in the PS.

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