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Jerry Jones Still Optimistic Despite Cowboys’ Recent Losses

The Dallas Cowboys have gone 1-3 in November, falling behind the leaders and now giving their division rivals some renewed hope. But despite the bad month, Owner and Jerry Jones says he still feels good about where the team is and where it's headed.

Yesterday's overtime loss to the wasn't nearly as ugly as the one-sided beatdowns from the and in previous weeks. But still, dropping that home game in front of the huge Day audience is a sour pill for anyone with a vested interest in the Cowboys swallow.

Nevertheless, Jerry's comments today sound far more optimistic than dejected in the face of recent disappointments.

There's no denying that having these star players back to work will make the Cowboys far more competitive. They likely win yesterday with at least one of Cooper or Lamb playing and perhaps even the prior week in Kansas City.

Heck, put on the field in Week One and Dallas probably starts the year 8-0.

It's been that kind of season, and thankfully the Cowboys have had enough to overcome absences and still be closer to the top of the conference with only six games left to play. It's logical for Jerry and anyone else to think that Dallas will be a legitimate contender in January even with this string of setbacks.

The remaining games, except against the , are all against teams with losing records. Four of those occur within the , where Dallas is already 2-0 in previous meetings with the Eagles and Giants.

Beating up on the Saints and their division rivals will help the W-L record but will still leave questions about who the Cowboys really are going into the tournament. That Arizona game could help, but any optimism right now is still mitigated by a long of disappointing postseason appearances.

These last few losses have dampened the enthusiasm around this being a special year for the Cowboys. Hopefully, getting back key players on both sides of the ball will get things back to the feelgood atmosphere of the first half of the season.

Jess Haynie

Written by Jess Haynie

Cowboys fan since 1992, blogger since 2011. Bringing you the objectivity of an outside perspective with the passion of a die-hard fan. I love to talk to my readers, so please comment on any article and I'll be sure to respond!

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Cowboys fan

If it wasn’t for the refs screwing us yesterday we would have won that game!! And they screwed us in the game against the buccaneers too!! And the game against KC should’ve been a lot closer if not another win for us if it wasn’t for the refs!! The refs have been trying to screw us a lot this season!! It seems like they don’t like to see us succeed and when we do they do what they can to screw us!! You can’t win games when you have to play the team and the refs!! It’s just impossible to win against the refs!!

Martell Lewis

Yes the Refs help those teams out that we lost to boy it’s alright we will come back real STRONG..

Ethan L Chazin

Captain obvious alert – PT Barnum Jones still optimistic in the Cowboys’ chances. Sorry, count me out. I felt the same way when the team was in the midst of its 6-game winning streak. There is a reason we long term fans are so sour on this team after #25ancounting. Basically, its show us a NFC title game an then we’ll be all rose colored glasses. Til then routing for this team is still a diversion from a global pandemic. And the last 4 games have been tough. Maybe if we ever see Tank, Gregory, Gallimore and Osi start on our D line at the same time…????


Bonehead Jones thinks that four players return is as he says “the cavalry is coming”. Well it’s not going to stop the fundamental problems of an inconsistent running game, poor tackling, poor clock management, and inconsistent and frequently inaccurate quarterback. A lot of this has to do with Jones’s constant tampering with the team, starting with hiring the wrong coaches and trying to micromanage the coach’s decisions.

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