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JerryWorld Set for $295M in Upgrades

The are reportedly planning extensive upgrades to that are estimated to come with a nine-figure price tag: $295 million. According to sources, these would be the most substantial renovations to the facility since it opened in 2009.

The timing is not entirely surprising. Dallas is listed as one of the host cities of what is predicted to be “the most ground-breaking FIFA World Cup™” yet. AT&T Stadium is one of the venues that will host some of the world's best in just a few short years, in 2026.

When it opened, AT&T Stadium was called the “Taj Mahal of Football” (also lovingly dubbed the “Jones Mahal” or the “Y'all Mahal” by some). Since then, stadium practices have evolved rapidly and in very noticeable ways. AT&T Stadium is still considered one the NFL's leading venues, but it's the Raiders facility that has most recently been called the “Taj Mahal of Football,” and current rankings of NFL Stadiums place AT&T Stadium at #7 with SoFi Stadium, home of the Rams and Chargers, topping the list.

It was always the vision for JerryWorld to be named among the best facilities. When it opened, it claimed the superlatives of:

  • Largest NFL stadium ever build
  • Largest domed building in the U.S.
  • World's longest single-span roof structure
  • World's largest air conditioned room

It even boasted a world class art collection to boot. No one should be surprised that Cowboys owner Jerry Jones wants to make improvements to AT&T Stadium while it's still in the top 10 among other NFL venues. Additionally, the mogul definitely wants to remain competitive for major events such as Super Bowls, college sporting events, WrestleMania, and the like. With the world watching in 2026, it makes sense to want the stadium to be at its best.

The planned renovations will mostly retain the current look and feel of the stadium. Enhancements will “refresh” premium spaces ahead of key lease renewals, upgrade technology, and improve back-of-the-house services.

Covering the Cost

To help pay for the project, the Cowboys will employ a method commonly used to pay for stadium upgrades – asking the rest of the league to withhold their contributions to shared gate revenue. The team is also seeking a waiver to the NFL's $600 million debt limit. As the first and only professional sports franchise to reach a valuation of $8 billion, are in the Cowboys' favor that they will get approval when owners address both measures at next week's league meeting in Irving, Texas.


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Cowboy Fan Ed

As far as I’m concerned I wouldn’t care if the Cowboys played in a high school stadium just as long as they would beat the Commanders, EAGLES AND GIANTS and win a championship every now and then!!

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