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Joe Looney and Connor McGovern may Have Already Settled in as Starters

Don't look now, but the could very well have two new starters along the interior of their in 2020. is just getting underway, but it look as if and are already on the fast track to start when the season finally gets underway.

In a shortened it's not all that surprising to see Joe Looney and Connor McGovern getting work with the first-team offensive line as training camp gets underway. Looney is the most logical choice to replace like he did back in 2018 and McGovern is the next man up with Connor Williams still not ready to go after sustaining an ACL injury late in the . Interestingly enough, it's hard to see this changing before the season gets underway.

Joe Looney may be challenged in time for the starting job at center by , but the Dallas Cowboys simply don't have time to see how this might play out like they could in a normal offseason. They need to get their up to speed as quickly as possible, meaning the proven veteran likely wins out.

What would've been a position battle between Connor McGovern and Connor Williams could be squashed as well. Williams hasn't had time to work his way back from his ACL injury last year with the Cowboys training staff, which means McGovern is most likely the de facto starter at LG to start the season.

Sadly, the Dallas Cowboys have to get the offensive line and the rest of the offense up and running as quickly as possible. They don't have time to wait for Connor Williams to fully recuperate or for Tyler Biadasz to grasp how things are done in the NFL. That's why it wouldn't be all that surprising if Joe Looney and Connor McGovern remain with the Cowboys first-team OL unit.

Things of course could change as the season progresses, but for now the Cowboys have little time to let things sort themselves out. They need to go with who they believe is the best possible option right now in order to put the most competitive team on the field to start the . It may be a short-term solution, however, that's the way things stand due to the unprecedented interruption the / pandemic has had on the NFL.

Do you think Joe Looney and Connor McGovern remain the starters in 2020?

Brian Martin
Brian Martin
Level C2/C3 quadriplegic. College graduate with a bachelors degree in sports and health sciences-concentration sports management. Sports enthusiast. Dallas Cowboys fanatic. Lover of life with a glass half-full point of view.

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Victor Gardner

Biadasz replaces Looney mid season, McGovern keeps the starting LG spot

Gary b

Having McGovern (who has zero NFL experience) starting the season worries me a little. C Williams wasn’t a world beater, but he had shown improvement. He also had the added bonus of having played a yr with the rest of the line, so he had the all important continuity thing going. Which to me makes it even more unlikely that Biadasz starts anytime soon. That would be two starters on the OL with zero NFL experience…don’t like the sound of that.

Jose Mendez III

Looney did a solid job the year before. I think the LG position is up for grabs.

Cowboys fan

I think Joe Looney will be the starter to begin the season, but I believe Connor Williams still has the starting guard position!! This is really the first bit of work Connor McGovern has had with the 1st team since he’s been in the NFL, so I don’t think he’ll take the starting job from Williams that fast, unless he is just instantly that much better than Williams!! But I really don’t see that happening!! Connor Williams has been getting better and better every year so I think Williams will keep the job at least for the start of the season!!


This may be most impacted by what Erving actually brings to the table. If he proves himself during camp, will it be strictly as a swing Tackle? Are they considering him for an interior position? There is such an abundance of versatility on this unit that the options are nearly endless.

That said, I tend to agree with Cowboys Fan regarding how it will shape up. But I’m personally rooting for Biadasz to earn the starting job on day one. I’m not concerned about continuity unless there is more than just one new piece … the rest of this line will make it easier for a single new piece to fit.

All kinds of natural tendencies to compare Biadasz Fredericks, but I seem him more as a Stepnoski clone. If he shows to be intelligent enough in camp, I say give him the nod and let’s go!

Gary b

Ur could be onto ti something with the Erving thing, but think the others would really need to underwhelm for that to happen. As far as the continuity I am very concerned about potentially starting TWO players with zero NFL exp. I don’t see a team making a deep playoff run under that scenario. In fact this promising season could be derailed if our OL doesn’t perform well.


I think it will be Looney to start the season and the rookie takes over. McGovern will start season.

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