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Kellen Moore Returning to Cowboys as Dolphins Hire Mike McDaniel

doesn't appear to be getting a new job in 2022. After the chose Mike McDaniel over him in their head search, Moore is now expected to return as the ' .

Like , Kellen was a hot name in coaching searches over the last two months. But while Moore did get a second with Miami as a finalist, the Dolphins ultimately went with McDaniel after his one season as the 49ers' offensive coordinator.

Quinn was once considered a favorite for the ' opening and interviewed with other teams, but earlier this week pulled his name from any other possibilities and declared he was returning to Dallas in 2022.

While there is a strong majority happy to see Quinn back next season, response to Moore's return will no doubt be more mixed among . While Dallas ranked first in total yards and scoring this year, and where near the top in many other offensive categories, lackluster performances against top competition and a first-round playoff loss remain hard to swallow.

Moore's return will give continuity to Dak Prescott, , , and other key players. But with several like , , , and plus potential cap casualties in and , there could still be plenty of change on .

Whatever comes on the roster, we now know that it will still be Kellen Moore's offense. Hopefully personnel changes and lessons learned from last year will help Moore and the Cowboys achieve more than just another division title in 2022.

Jess Haynie
Jess Haynie
Cowboys fan since 1992, blogger since 2011. Bringing you the objectivity of an outside perspective with the passion of a die-hard fan. I love to talk to my readers, so please comment on any article and I'll be sure to respond!

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Some people are ready to blame the coordinators if the success is not achieved but my opinion only my opinion. A coordinators success depends on how the players can execute the play successfully.. in practice that may have been achieved but in actual competition may not be executed S well. Again my opinion only.p


Kellen returning is a positive. He’s a very good OC, just needs to work on the Red Zone. Keeping McClay and Quinn too is a solid start.

Chuck Wright

Bummer. Hard to believe anyone thinks he’s a good OC. Quinn staying is a great start but this offense will not get better vs good D’s (break down the stats, Dallas was 6-9 outside the East) with Moore.

BTW, I measure a COs success on such things as gameplans which attack opponents weaknesses and good in game adjustments.


Folks raved about how good KM was first half of the year when the offense was humming. Now turned on him when the offense went sour. He was the same guy all year, but something must have happened. Oh yeah, DP DID NOT PLAY WELL. QB position is 80 per cent of the offense. Real simply and not that hard to figure out. He is Indecisive reading the defense, holds on to the ball too long, throws behind receivers, over throws (does that a lot with MG).

Sure one can bring up all the excuses; the coaches, the O line, the run game, the owner, injuries, ETC, ETC, ETC. You name it, they use it.

IT HAPPENS EVERY YEAR WITH DP, FOR SIX YEARS NOW. Sadly it will happen again next year.


Bring back Romo and keep that same oline

Cowboys fan

The first half of the season we were winning cause we were playing bad teams!! We started losing in the 2nd half of the season cause we were playing good teams, and Kellen Moore can’t scheme against good teams!! He calls all kinds of dumb plays that don’t work!! Like in the 49ers game…. They had a terrible secondary, but he wouldn’t call plays too attack the secondary, he called every play in the book except plays that would attack the secondary!! You can blame it on Dak all you want, but Dak isn’t the problem, it’s the play calling!! Try watching the games and you’ll see!! Dak was running for his life most of the season too, cause the line was terrible and Moore couldn’t scheme up plays to get extra protection in the game to protect Dak!!

And you can talk about how Dak throws behind his receivers and holds on to the ball too long or any other crap you can think of, but the fact is that every QB in the NFL has bad throws every now and then, especially when they’re running for their lives every game!! Dak is our QB…. Get over it!!


Cowboys fan, so the Bucs, Rams and Pats are “bad teams”??? On what planet?

“DP isn’t the problem”, it’s the PLAY CALLING, and the O-Line? LMAO. It never ends. Every year, for six years now, it’s the same story, EXCUSES for an overrated, and now overpaid DP!

JJ got gouged and us fans won’t see a championship until this guy is gone.

BTW, he can change a play anytime he wants IF he could read a defense.



Moore shouldn’t be blamed for Dak’s screw ups or the fact Dak is overrated. I don’t know why most Dallas fans can’t stare a bad QB in the eye.
Regardless, Jones has finally figured out what Dak is really worth & is restructuring his contract to make room for the real talent on the team.


Correction, LA Chargers not LA Rams.

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