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Making the Case for Drafting Florida Tight End Kyle Pitts

The have arguably the best collection of talent in the NFL with , , and CeeDee Lamb. That was on display in the Cowboys big win over the last Sunday. With all three under contract for 2021, there is a lot of optimism about the prospects of this moving forward.

However, that doesn’t mean they shouldn’t consider adding more talent to an already talented group. A lot of things could change over the next week if the Dallas Cowboys are able to win the , but with where they’re currently sitting in the order, there’s a possibility for them to add another elite offensive weapon; .

Kyle Pitts from the University of Florida is the latest big time pass catcher to be worthy of being selected in the top half of the . With as many as four quarterbacks going in the top ten picks, there’s a possibility Pitts falls outside of the top ten and the Cowboys could be the beneficiary.

But with so much talent catching passes — including Blake Jarwin returning from next season and the emergence — why would anyone consider taking a tight end in the top half of the draft when the Cowboys need ?

Because he’s another game changing player for Dak Prescott and the offense to work with.

Kyle Pitts put on an incredible performance in 2020 catching 43 passes for 770 yards and 12 touchdowns. He averaged an incredible 17.9 yards per reception. Eight of those touchdowns came when Florida was in the and five from inside the ten yard line.

He was an excellent red zone weapon for Kyle Trask and the . Standing 6-6 and weighing 246 pounds, the Philadelphia native has a ton of athleticism and upside.

With as good as Blake Jarwin and Dalton Schultz have been, Kyle Pitts has the ability to be one of the best tight ends in the NFL. And while the Cowboys need to find some answers for their defense heading into the , adding another game changing weapon in the like they did in 2020 with CeeDee Lamb will pay huge dividends for DakPrescott and the Dallas Cowboys.

When you’re selecting in the top 10-15 picks in the draft, you can’t afford to miss. The player you pick there has to be able to come in and be a game changing player. With the weapons around him, Pitts would have a lot of room to run as teams focus their attention on the Cowboys’ wide receiver trio.

John Williams
John Williams
Dallas Cowboys optimist bringing factual, reasonable takes to Cowboys Nation and the NFL Community. I wasn't always a Cowboys fan, but I got here as quick as I could. Make sure you check out the Inside The Cowboys Podcast featuring John Williams and other analysts following America's Team.

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First off WHAT ARE YOU THINKING !!! WE DO NOT NEED ANOTHER WEAPON FOR THIS OFFENSE PERIOD . The cowboys offense with a healthy Dak for the first 5 games averaged 32.6 points per game and yet we only won 2 of those games ,( Thank god the falcons botched the onside kick ) so i think it’s safe to say the offense doesn’t need another weapon oh yeah and Blake Jarwin will be back. WE NEED BETTER DEFENSIVE PLAYERS . The cowboys defense gave up in that same stretch 36 points per game , I’m no mathematician but i’m pretty sure 36 is more than 32 . I will say the defense has gotten better as of late with the last 3 games the cowboys defense has averaged 19 points per game and have gotten 10 takeaways in that stretch , but that was against the Bengals without Joe Burrow , the 49ers with injuries all over the place and the eagles with Doug Pederson for some reason stopped running the zone read with Hurts and Sanders . The point is we need help on the defensive side BY FAR than we do on offense .



Also even if your in that situation where none of the top defensive prospects are there , then you can easily trade the pick for players and picks later down the line. If Kyle Pitts is as great as you think he’ll be then who wouldn’t want to trade for that pick ?


yeah no matter were we pick give me a bunch of defenders in this draft…Safety, DT, LB, CB


And don’t even mention, ” but the chiefs keep adding offensive players even though they don’t need them ” just watch the playoffs , the buffalo bills will beat the chiefs and you can take that to the BANK, because of there lack of D and where as the bills are good at the two things YOU DO NEED IN THE PLAYOFFS which is a RUN GAME and a DEFENSE and the cowboys can do neither of those things consistently as is the same with the Chiefs


I’d make the argument that you should trade one of these weapons such as Cooper to the pats for gillmore idk how exactly what would be needed in that trade but if you could do that , i would do it in a heart beat because like the old saying that ppl still manage to forget but it pretty much proves to be true every single time is DEFENSE WINS CHAMPIONSHIPS

Don Howard

Dallas doesn’t need a another offensive weapon they need to get in someone’s way that is running the ball last time I checked there is only one ball on the feild at a time I would much rather draft a defensive player or a QB to develop behind Dalton


@DonHoward and @myworldurjustlivinit THANK YOU i’m glad i’m the only one that thinks this is crazy to add another weapon over some defenders as i see 10 ppl have said they love this lol


“i’m not the only one” excuse me


Pitts will likely be the next Travis Kelce. I would love to see him running routes for the Cowboys, but the need is on the defensive side of the ball and at offensive tackle. The offense is good enough when healthy to beat almost anyone with an even modest defense. The Boys must find a run stuffer and some secondary help and possibly another LB. The draft room cannot get distracted by more toys for the offense.


Trade Jarwin for a pick and then take Pitts.

James Vargas

Defense, defense, defense. Nough said !!!!


Prescott has enough offense weapons already. If he can’t get it done with this trio plus two above average TEs, then let Dalton take over. He is doing a good job right now AND with a banged up O-line.

The kid appears to be good, but we need help on the other side of the line. DTs, LBs, SAF, CB should come first IMO.


you draft the best player available… you do reach on guys who are marginal at best ….. TACO CAHRLTON ANYONE! That what you get when you draft higher than you should just because you need to…. they could have drafted that jerkoff Charlton in the latter part of round 2…. end result you wasted a pick on guy who had no business going in the 1st round!

John Berry

I will take that bet about Buffalo beating the Chiefs, I remember the Chiefs destroying them earlier. And I do agree with defense though and if hes there then someone will trade some draft picks for him. DEFENSE, DEFENSE, DEFENSE

Cowboy Fan Ed

I say draft Pitts…………IF he has the hidden talents to play a three technique and can blow up the middle of the line of scrimmage to stop people from jamming the ball down our throat! Or if he can be a Mike LB that can run from sideline to sideline! Or if he can play free safety or be a shut down corner! If he can’t play on the defensive side of the ball we don’t need him! Not being disrespectful to him the dude is a great talent it’s that we just need to patch up a few places on our defense!

Martin MacCool

I will become an Eagles fan if the Cowboys draft a receiver of any kind in the first three rounds. Ridiculous article. Our defense was historically bad for the first 12 game of the season. Only improved because the teams we played we all beat up. CB, S, LB and DT.

James A. Howerton II

As much as I would LOVE to have Pitts, this isn’t Madden football and our D sucks. We need CB, DT, S and LB, with some OL depth that can be developed. I am seriously hoping the best CB, then S are available and, for a change, take them. Then I hope we find a DT who turns out to be a steal and is a beast in the NFL for years. Hey, a guy can dream, can’t he?


While I can understand the want for weapons for the offense this team needs too much on the defensive side of the ball. Making this pick would show once again that the front office has not learned! Jerry once said that his biggest mistake was not putting a good defense around Romo, so we are going to do it again with this pick?

To move forward as a franchise you have to make the moves needed and that is not always the “sexy pick” but rather the one that helps a glaring need! This secondary needs to be rebuilt and that needs to be done in this draft and during FA!

Rodney OHara

I’ve been saying this for the longest…Pitts will look good in big D.
We can pick up a good DB in the 2nd rnd or ever trade up to get back into the last part of the 1st rnd & draft a DB. He’s the type of TE that you can line up & hes’s to big for DBs or too good for LBs to cover him.


Let’s see John: Our Cowboys can’t cover anybody, can’t tackle anybody, can’t pressure the quarterback without blitzes and red dogs and have had to use at least EIGHT different offensive line combos to atone for the losses of La’el Collins, Tyron Smith and his chronic bad back, Travis Fredericks who retired and Zack Martin with his pulled calf…But for some reason you seem to think it makes sense to draft another shiny toy for Dak at a position where we already have more than enough talent to threaten opponents with–particularly when Blake Jarwin returns…

Are you high?? If click bait was the real aim of your article you achieved your objective…

If not, it was just plain stupid…

Sta Monica


How many of those scouts @John Williams thought that tom brady would win 6 super bowls ? He was the 6 round pick 199th overall , if you wanna go more recent , how many of those scouts thought Johnny Manziel would flop as a 1st round pick , wanna keep going ? OK how bout how many of them saw Mahomes would throw for 50 tds in his 2nd season and be a regular season MVP and eventually super bowl MVP ? I know 9 NFL teams with all their scouts didn’t see that happening .How many of them saw Lamar Jackson going to be a MVP in his 2nd year of playing in the NFL ? I know 31 teams and their scouts didn’t . How many saw Josh Allen was gonna end up being better than Sam Darnold and Baker Mayfield and be in the MVP race with Aaron Rodgers and Patrick Mahomes ? I can keep going forever , it’d take a week to finish this comment if i go down the list of players scouts didn’t see doing what they did. . And those are just the QBs that i named off that they missed on , the point being if you don’t take those defensive players to take the risk then you won’t have the chance of them exceeding what you thought they’d be at , you gotta roll the dice , if Dak and the cowboys offense can’t get it done putting up 36 points a game then we are in trouble , people with your thinking on selecting the best available “aka safe pick” even if he isn’t what you need is the type that never goes out there and win it all with that line of thought . PITTS MIGHT MAKE THE OFFENSE BETTER SOMEWHAT BUT HE DOES NOT MAKE THE COWBOYS SIGNIFICANTLY BETTER AS A TEAM AND THAT KIND OF PICK DOES NOT WIN YOU SUPER BOWLS which i think we can agree is the goal is to win the super bowl right ?


Also what is so special about the info you got on Kyle Pitts that every team in the NFL doesn’t have ? If he’s GURANTEED TO BE A TOP TE LIKE KELCE , KITTLE AND WALLER THAN WHO WOULDN’T WANT HIM ? hmmmmm OTHER THAN THE TEAMS WHO HAVE THOSE TES I JUST NAMED I DON’T THINK THERE IS A TEAM OUT THERE WHO WOULDN’T BE INTERESTED. So explain how he gonna fall to the 20s in the first round ? because that’s where we are gonna be picking in all likelihood as it looks like we’re gonna make the playoffs






This isn’t MADDEN John it’s the NFL


In actuality as I think about adding kyle pitts im not sure that he is even a safe pick , because for kyle pitts to make any sort of difference on the offense , he would have to be at least a kelce or kittle type of level which is a lot to ask and let’s be honest , offensive players that come from college there stats are always inflated thats why you see more college games that have 70 to 63 final score than you do 13 to 10 final scores where as defensive players that come from college are just so raw unless they played for Ohio state , Alabama, or Clemson so you don’t see defensive players that are rated high on draft boards unless they from those schools or they just that gifted so just cause their isn’t very high defensive players on the board doesn’t mean there isn’t any that they could pick


Welp I jinxed the cowboys XD at least we getting the 10th pick instead of the 19th pick like WFT let’s be honest , we weren’t gonna beat tampa we would’ve been 1 and done , the only thing i would add on offense still would be either a RB , OL , or QB if you’re not confident you can keep Dak

Daniel Brinkley

If Farley isn’t a shutdown corner, or off the board I would definitely take Pitts! He is a game changer. I would them trade Gallup ( great play maker) for a second Rd pick… Move lamb outside and get more production fr him…. You can run 12 personel and 11
Personel with Pitts on the line and off… Nightmare for the defense! Not to mention 6-6 redzome target outside if you want. I would also take tutu… The speedster in the 5th Rd…. Kansas City is about to win the Superbowl with an explosive offense and two good edge rushers. Facts

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