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Michael Gallup Practices in Full Wednesday, Hopes to Return Sunday

All reports pointed to returning on Monday night; many thought he would, barring any setback.

Gallup said Wednesday he felt physically well enough to play in the Monday night win against the Giants, but that mentally he needs a few more padded practices before officially retaking the field. Gallup needs to trust his knee to be the wideout that the Cowboys invested money in this and the one we saw before he tore his ACL.

If holding off an extra week allows Gallup to return to form for the remainder of the season or once he gets settled, probably after he spends a few games on a snap count, I am all for it. showed up again, and recovered quickly after his drop Monday night.

“We've got a lot of games left to play, and I'm trying to be out there the whole time,” Gallup said on Wednesday. With a quick turnaround on the way after Monday night, it might have been the best option for him to wait and attempt to return after he got a few more practices under his belt.

After week one, many hoped he could go in week two or last week due to the no-show from the room against the Bucs. The emergence of Brown has given the Cowboys flexibility and wiggle room, and when it seems fit for Gallup to make his debut, he can give it a go.

finally suited up Monday night for the first time but could only catch one ball, gaining four yards. Off to a slow start, I was hoping for more out of him, as I thought he would make an impact early.

Gallup is a game changer down the field; he makes big-time catches, he can deliver explosive plays for Dallas, and according to he has made a view of those types of catches in practice already.

I want to see Gallup back just as much as the next guy, but I also don't want him to end up like Chris Godwin, who tried to push it in week one and injured his hamstring and has not suited up since. He was also recovering from a torn ACL from last year.

Gallup added that he wants to get on the field badly, but the Cowboys want to make sure he has a strong practice week and can “feel a couple more things” on the field before going into the game. Gallup was a full participant Wednesday.

Not much more I can touch on that everyone hasn't already heard. I have been reporting on Gallup and his possible return since week one. Now that he is ready to go physically, it is about when he will trust his knee/leg to be the player we all saw before he suffered his . I would not even be upset if he took his week off and got ready for the Rams and Eagles; that is when they may need him the most.

Shane Taylor
Shane Taylor
Cowboys fan from the Midwest. Writing is fun, Staff writer for Inside The Star. Follow me on twitter @ShaneTaylor43

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