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Monday morning general manager: Looking back at the Cowboys draft

Well, that was probably one of the more exciting Draft weekends I've ever seen. A record number of trades were finalized. A goodly amount of quarterbacks were drafted. And a nice feel-good story late on Saturday to top it off.

But now that enough time has passed since the Rams selected good old “What's-His-Name?” with the final pick, lets take a look back at how the Cowboys fared. I'm leaning toward an overall grade of B-. Mostly because I think they panicked in the second round.

Their UDFA signings immediately following their final pick though kept this grade from a C+. We'll take a look at those players as well. First, the Drafted Eight.

A Solid Start

The Cowboys' run was the fatal flaw in 2022. They addressed that in the by picking Michigan . This was a solid pick, despite the wailing and gnashing of teeth of not drafting at tight end after Dalton Kincaid was sniped the pick before.

Dallas did not need a tight end. They needed to address the lines on both sides of the ball and did so here. So far so good.

The Big Reach

If the just had to get a tight end, they could have waited. A total of six tight ends were selected after the fourth round. Taking , who is already three years older than an average rookie, seems like a reach the more I look at it.

Dallas dips back into the Wolverines' pool to take Schoonmaker
Luke Schoonmaker

It gets a little worse when you look at the next player selected, O'Cyrus Torrence. He would have filled another more pressing need.

In the they found in the and both and Jake Ferguson in the fourth. The last three tight ends they drafted in the second round? , Martellus Bennett and Anthony Fasano. I'm thinking Dallas eventually rues making this pick.

The Unknown Man

When the Cowboys selected DeMarvion Overshown I'm betting a lot of you went: “Who?”. I'm betting a lot of you didn't watch a lot of football either.

Overshown is going to be the steal of the draft. Just wait and see.

Off The Rails

The fourth round pick of is still a puzzle to me. Where's he going to find snaps to get in on Sundays? Unless they play on moving him to , I don't like this pick at all.

The pick of was the result of letting Torrence get away from them three rounds earlier. He might develop into a solid pick, but that won't be this year.

The picks of defensive back Eric Scott Jr. (6th) and wide receiver Jalen Brooks (7th) will also likely not pan out this year. But the pick sandwiched in between them stole the show on Saturday.

Bring Your Son To Work….For Days

By now we all know the story of Cowboys college scout Chris Vaughn and how the used a pick to draft his son, from . Even as a dad myself, I can't even begin to grasp how that must have felt.

Cowboys draft Kansas State RB Deuce Vaughn with 212th pick

And to be honest, of the five picks Dallas made on Saturday, this is the only one I really liked. Not because of the feel-good aspect of it either.

Yes, Deuce Vaughn is a small . But do you recall another player of similar stature named ? He drove defenses insane in his day. I get the feeling Deuce Vaughn is going to end up doing the same.

The League Of The Undrafted

While Dallas didn't hit a grand slam in the draft, they did improve the team in areas of greatest concern. They followed that up with some solid signings.

The top two that caught my eye were Florida A&M edge Isaiah Land and North Dakota State . I watch two teams' games every year — Texas and North Dakota State. For those worrying about how or Deuce Vaughn are going to get a yard on 3rd-and-1? Forget about it.

Hunter Luepke. Photo by Tim Sanger/NDSU Athletics

Luepke gains two yards on every play he touches the ball before the defense even touches him. He's your short-yardage brute and a great get by the Cowboys.

There are several other signees we'll keep an eye on. But, despite two questionable picks in the second and fourth rounds, and company did well this year.

Richard Paolinelli
Richard Paolinelli
Richard has covered sports at all levels - from local, prep, college, and professional - since 1984. He has been a fan of the Dallas Cowboys since 1969. Since retiring as a full-time sports writer in 2013, he has written and published several novels, two dozen short stories and two sports non-fiction books.

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