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Monday Morning Mock Draft: Cowboys Address OL Early

The need help at a few key positions. Chief among them is their . If wants to make sure stays upright these coming years, investing top draft capital in the trenches will help ensure he does so.

Likewise, there's another conundrum facing the Cowboys, and that's their group. The team could certainly offer Jayron Kearse a new deal, but this , the Cowboys will be facing financial constraints with regard to both and their own roster. Knowing that they'll be limited in pursuing big-name , the draft will offer some intriguing solutions.

With that being said, let's take a look at one conceivable scenario that Dallas might encounter this April.

Who should the Cowboys target in the first two rounds?

Round 1, Pick 24 – Trevor Penning, OT, Northern Iowa

Dallas needs an upgrade over , more so due to his inability to stay healthy, and Northern Iowa's would provide exactly that. At six-foot-seven and 321 pounds, Penning possesses the physical tools and natural size to be an effective NFL . Unless falls to 24, no other pick makes sense here for Jones.

While he played in college, Penning offers upside on the left side due to his explosiveness and noteworthy movement, as his fluid hips allow him to match any incoming pass rushers off the . That is especially true when dealing with smaller or lighter defenders.

Not only will Penning be able to Prescott, but he'll also be an asset in the Cowboys' run game as well. He's a perfect blend of brute raw strength that allows him to floor defenders, but his speed and motor let him reach the 's second level as well on a consistent basis. The fact is, the Cowboys need someone with a violent mean streak to keep Prescott's pocket clean, and that's exactly what Penning will do.

Round 2, Pick 56 – Jalen Pitre, S, Baylor

The decision to go with a safety will largely hinge on what Jones does with Kearse and, by extension, whether he wants to go with a such as Marcus Maye. However, drafting Baylor's would be a long-term solution that would not cost the team money right away.

Pitre was a ballhawk in his last two years at Baylor, accumulating four interceptions and nine pass deflections. He was sixth in the Big 12 with the aforementioned pass deflections and was fifth in the conference with three forced fumbles. It's obvious that Pitre is always around the ball, and he's consistently looking to make a play on it.

While he won't be the hybrid that Kearse currently is, he could pack on some mass, and eventually that will help. Pitre's tenacity and fearlessness when going after bigger blockers while being fundamentally sound in maintaining his gap assignment is noteworthy. His physical style of play will translate into the NFL as well.

Quinn could also make use of Pitre's pass-rushing abilities. With eight career at Baylor, Pitre showed he could get past blockers to make his way to the . Overall, this would be an interesting prospect for the Cowboys if he falls to the 56th pick.

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gary b

The scouting report on Penning is mixed. Some love him and some project him as more of a 2nd rounder. His level of competition makes it more difficult to evaluate him. Plus he projects as more of a Tackle, and the Cowboys more immediate need is at Guard. Would be happy with G K Green or C Linderbaum at center, who would make whoever the guard is next to him look better.


I would love this draft. I’m not worried about Penning being able to step up in competition. He was a beast against Senior Bowl competition. Sure, there will be a steep learning curve moving up to NFL competition. There always is.

Worst case scenario, they use him at LG until Tyron inevitably gets hurt or flat out retires. Then, he can slide out to LT while McGovern comes in at LG. Then it’s on boy wonder to adjust the scheme to get the ball out of Dak’s hands quicker until they get acclimatized.

An in-between scenario? They move La’el to LG and put Penning at RT for a season. Less ideal having Steele as a swing tackle, but he may improve getting reps throughout the off season at both positions. Never know, Ball might step up as well.

Would rather have Brisker at safety, but Pitre is a very nice consolation prize if Brisker isn’t there.

gary b

My personal preference, I would rather have a pure Guard, which Penning is not. To roll with McGovern and Tyler B again will net the same results. Big DTs pushing both of them in Dak’s lap.

Give me Greene or Cross at Guard or T Linderbaum at center. Of course it all depends on what they do in free agency and how the draft falls leading up to their pick.

Also wouldn’t be opposed to DT Davis or one of the stud LBs Dean/Lloyd.

Cowboys fan

Your right about one thing, we do need help on the offensive line, but tackle isn’t really the help we need!! We need a left guard!! In case you haven’t noticed Connor Williams is a free agent and Connor McGovern was terrible at left guard, so we need to draft somebody that can play left guard and Trevor penning is not that guy!! Drafting penning does nothing to fix our offensive line problems!! If we’re gonna draft a player to fix the offensive line then Kenyon Green is the best way to go, and if he’s gone then the next best option is Zion Johnson!! Drafting a tackle that is projected to play tackle is stupid, we have tackles that are really good already in Collins Smith and Steele, plus Josh Ball mite be a good player too!! The only guard we have left on the team is Connor McGovern and as I said before, he was terrible at left guard!! So Trevor penning shouldn’t even be on our radar come draft time!!

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