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Odds Continue to Grow for Julio Jones to Land With the Cowboys

As of just a few days ago, the Cowboys sat third in the week one team according to are first at +325, then the Colts at +350 followed by the Cowboys at +550, so right around a 15% chance of it happening.

It does make sense. , the for the Cowboys, was once Jones's in Atlanta. In 2019, after the Falcons started 1-and-6, Jones spoke out for Quinn, “This man has done everything for us… it's on us… it's not on Q,” Jones said.

Although Quinn would not be Jones directly as he did for many years, if they still have a solid relationship, it might be worth Dallas just looking to explore.

Jones, now 33, has battled the past several years and was limited to just ten games for the Titans last season, regardless of that, Jones is still one of the best the game has ever seen at the position.

Bringing Jones in if the price is right and would be willing would be something I would not mind (this is what I would be worried about with Dallas). No matter the injuries he has battled or not when Jones takes the field teams pay attention.

We know has taken over the top spot in the WR room for the Cowboys, followed by once he recovers from his ACL tear. and will round out the main guys we should see every week.

I understand that this won't happen, but if somehow it does, I will not be against it at all. Even if it's for one year, the reward is MUCH greater than the risk.

I will be honest, I know it will not happen, but I would enjoy the Cowboys taking a chance to see if it pans out.

Shane Taylor
Shane Taylor
Cowboys fan from the Midwest. Writing is fun, Staff writer for Inside The Star. Follow me on twitter @ShaneTaylor43

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Danon Walker

The problem with my team is they don’t give players a chance,the move on and become good players no jones give these young receivers a chance

Danon Walker

No defense no defense

Cowboy Fan Ed

If the price is right I wouldn’t mind to see him wearing the star this year but I wouldn’t spend a lot to get him!



Pete Panagiotopoulos

Will Fuller would be a better addition for what we need. He’s younger and no more injured than Julio has been the last few years. Fuller provides a deep threat burner type that fits in better with the snaps we have available. It would be a whole lot cheaper too!

Juan Hermosillo

There’s a reason why he’s still available. He’d take snaps away from Tolbert, No on Julio Jones.


Shane Taylor is just taking up writing space cause he got nuttin else.


I Would Love To See Julio Wit The Cowboys, His Skill And ExperienCe Would be A Great Asset EspeCially With The Rookies Coming In, He Could be The Vet To Show The Youngins The Ropes Even If He Dnt Play MuCh Or ProduCe As MuCh As He’s Use To, He Can be Another True LoCker Room Leader And TeaCher.

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