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Odell watch: Free agent WR plans to visit Cowboys, Giants after Thanksgiving

An update on the sweepstakes emerged on Sunday morning.

According to reporters Ian Rapoport and Tom Pelissero, Beckham Jr. has narrowed his list of teams to sign with, and he plans to visit the and after .

Rapoport added that Beckham Jr. could take other visits, but nothing has been reported.

The update on the wideout comes at an interesting time, as the Giants and Cowboys face off on Thanksgiving Day. You could argue that both teams “desperately” need him in their WR Room.

But the outcome of the clash could play a factor in his decision, so the Boys have to know a victory here could put them in the driver's seat. Despite that, each team has the resources to sell Beckham Jr. on signing with them.

Dallas Cowboys

For the Cowboys, who have had players recruiting him and personnel openly talking about their interest in adding him, you go an that's not only pass-friendly — but also there is less pressure on you to be “the guy.”

Add that the Cowboys can market Beckham Jr. to all ends of the world, and it's not cold (as he didn't want to play in a cold environment) — it makes sense for him to sign with the Boys.

UPDATE: I wanted to provide more recruiting from Cowboy players. Here is what Beckham Jr. said following the Cowboys dominating victory over the and some things players said to him on Twitter.

New York Giants

On the Giants' side, the homecoming factor is likely the biggest point they will present to him during his visit. While his early Giants career ended in a messy breakup, there are new faces inside the organization, and the idea of ending his career with his original team has to be big for him.

Also, add that the Giants are a playoff team right now (as he wants to play for a contending team), and he would be their number-one receiver again — I wouldn't overlook the of Beckham Jr. signing with them.


Expect things to heat up in Week 12 as Beckham Jr. did tell the media he hopes to sign by the end of November, and if he visits the organizations following that Thursday as reported, we could see a signing on the weekend.

If the Cowboys land him, the three games following their clash with the Giants could bode well for Beckham Jr. as the Boys play three teams who are in Top-20 for most yards allowed, and it can get him back in rhythm.

On the Giants' side, he may get thrown into the fire off the bat, as their leading wideout only has 327 yards on the season. To put that in perspective, WR has more yards as the Cowboys' WR2, and WR has more than double Slayton's yards.

Rocky Garza Jr
Rocky Garza Jr
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