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PFF Grades Dak Prescott As The 5th Best QB Against 2019 Playoff Teams

Dak Prescott has been the number one topic for all things football this Spring. Arguments over his contract, his play, his right to hold out – they are never ending and they are nauseating.

One of the main points detractors of Prescott like to bring up is that the performed poorly against playoff teams in 2019. Sure his numbers look good, but Prescott was a “stat padder” during blowout wins against bad teams.

Not only do the raw numbers show this isn’t true, but Pro dispute this point as well. PFF released their top five highest graded quarterbacks against playoff teams in 2019, with Prescott ranking fifth best in the league.

The only players above him were , , Ryan Tannehill, and . Outside of Tannehill, who became an advanced stats darling last season, these are some of the most consistently recognized top quarterbacks in the league. The exact kind of company Prescott has placed himself with year after year.Stephen Jones Says Contract Talks With Dak Prescott are 'fixing to heat up'

Prescott signed his exclusive tender with the Cowboys this week, putting him on the books for $31.4 million. Prescott is still hoping for a long term contract, however, and both sides have until July 15th to work something out. Otherwise, Prescott will have to play the under the franchise tag and we’ll have to re-do all of these awful debates for another offseason.

The final holdup on the deal remains the number of years in the contract. The two-time quarterback is hoping to sign a four year deal which would give him another crack at at 30 years old, whereas the organization wants to lock him down for five-plus seasons.

The Cowboys have preferred those longer deals in recent , giving them the flexibility to “kick the can” and open up immediate room when necessary. Prescott is looking to cash out twice in his career, though, and I can’t blame him for that at all.

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Written by Kevin Brady

Die-hard Cowboys fan from the Northeast, so you know I am here to defend the 'boys whenever necessary. Began writing for a WordPress Cowboys Blog, and have been with ITS since 2016.

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  1. But to be fair this is a TEAM that grossly underachieved last yr especially in key games) on many levels. From the coaching to the special teams and at times the QB and receivers. Ironically the defense unexpectedly did play well in many key game and put us in a position to win, but the offense didn’t do their part. Bottom line is and u cited this VAM had Dak accepted the more then generous offer from the Cowboys, we wouldn’t be having a lot of these conversations. Him holding out for every cent he can get just leaves a bitter taste in fans mouths and incites them to further illustrate why he isn’t worth what he is asking for. But unfortunately most athletes from every sport are looking for the biggest pay out possible, especially when it’s their first big contract. That’s the nature of the beast

  2. BTW, Garrett wasn’t the worst Head Coach in the league either. 85-67 record in the regular season. 2-3 in the postseason. 85 wins in 9 season, comes out to almost an average of 9 1/2 wins a season. He made the postseason more than 50% of the time. IMHO, he was somewhat of a sacrificial lamb.

  3. Kind of hard to argue with VAM logic. We did play in the weakest division in the NFL last far so absolutely no excuse for not winning our division last yr. I’ll give him a pass for the eagles game cuz he was legitimately injured. But agree u lose as a team and u could point the finger at many players who didn’t step up and make plays during key games last yr. not just Dak. However for most fans they look to the QB to be the difference maker and Dak is not a difference maker in the mold of a A Rodgers or R Wilson or P Mahomes. He’s a very good QB but he’s not in that top tier as much as we would like him to be. And I think the contract hold out further alienates fans against him and makes them judge him more harshly.

    • You’re damn right gary b, he is NOT top tier or a difference maker, yet he wants to be paid as if he is. He was given a generous offer at the beginning of LAST YEAR, and he TURNED IT DOWN. That is where HE started to alienate me and many other true Cowboy fans, and where I started to dig into his performance on the field, and judge it more harshly. Lets take for example the Pats game. A chance for Prescott to shine in a big game, against a real good team. Before this game he was being hyped as a MVP candidate. Well, he had ZERO TDs passes, while NOT BEING sacked even one time. 212 passing yards, and 59 of those yards came on ONE play to Cobb. So take away that one play, he had 153 yards passing the rest of the entire game. He led the team to 9 whole points. BTW, the defense did their job, giving up just 13 points.

      The QB is the key player on the team. They get most of the credit when the team wins. Conversely, they should get most of the blame when the team loses.

      Dropped passes, injured, bad coaching. STOP WITH THE EXCUSES ALREADY!!! Most players play with injures all the time. Cowboys DID NOT HAVE THE MOST DROPPED PASSES IN THE LEAGUE!! STOP REPEATING THAT LIE!!! Garrett was a scapegoat to some extent. He was a fall guy, and so was Dez. Remember how Dez all of a sudden couldn’t run routes good enough for Prescott anymore. Was Garrett a great Head Coach? No. But by the same token, he can’t play for the players either. You can’t fire the whole team, so usually the coach or manager is let go.


  4. Prescott against non playoff teams, you know those slug teams like Fins, Giants, Redskins;
    7-2, with 22 TDs/3 INTs.

    Against playoff teams;
    1-6, with 8 TDs/8 INTs

    8-8 record with that great RB, that great Oline, Cooper, Gallup, Cobb.

    Pretty much gaurenteed 5 to 6 wins from jump playing in a bad division, and produce a whopping 8 wins TOTAL. So 3 WHOLE WINS outside your slug division! Let’s not forget we lost to the JETS, 0 TD passes, and Jets just had a QB coming back after WEEKS being out from an illness. No more BS. Prescott is an above average QB. Please stop the constant ginning up of this guy. He is what he is. ONE WHOLE PLAYOFF WIN IN FOUR YEARS! Second Philly game, 9 points, ZERO TD passes, with the playoffs on the line. Enough.

  5. Bill parcels said, “you are what your record say you are”. Last year Dak was 8-8, 1-6 against playoff teams, and put up 9 points in a loss against a decimated Eagles team for the division title. Everything else is Fantasy Football Stats

    • Bill Parcels meant that as a TEAM!! Not just one player!! Just like the 8-8 you keep trying to put off on Dak, it was the team that had that record, not just Dak!! And it was the team that couldn’t beat the eagles for the division title, not just Dak!! Although if you would actually pay attention, Dak was playing that game hurt!! He messed up his shoulder in the game before the eagles game!! But he still went out and played the game, but the TEAM couldn’t get it done, so you people that keep saying Dak had an 8-8 record need to learn the game of football!! Your just showing people how stupid you are when you try putting a TEAM record off on one player of the TEAM!!

    • So you’re just going to single out one year, because all other stats combined go against your case? Weak and tired argument. Over the course of Dak’s career he has a winning record versus the NFC East, he has a winning record vs the NFC, and he has a playoff victory. Yup … he is who his record says he is!

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