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Quit Overthinking, Cooper and Prescott Are Sticking Around

Who knows when the NFL's new league year will begin? But in the meantime, it's scheduled to begin this upcoming week. However, the league will likely evaluate options due to the pandemic. When does begin though, all eyes will be on the . You know, the team with three of the best in the league. We've talked so much about it by now, that we might've lost focus on something that should be relatively simple.

As we've heard over the last few weeks, the Cowboys are expected to let test free agency. Jones will likely attract some big-time offers from cornerback-needy teams around the league, which will make it hard for the to keep him in Dallas. Right now, it'd be a surprise if he's wearing next season.

However, I don't see how that could be the case with or . Both will demand expensive contracts as they've solidified themselves as two of the best young players at their respective positions, but it won't be impossible for the Cowboys to keep them around.

Keep in mind, the team is set to have plenty of cap space in the coming years. Per OverTheCap, the Cowboys will have over $74M in their .  Said cap space won't look the same after they're both extended but the point is as of right now, they have room to work with.

Let's start with Dak Prescott. You can argue whether or not he deserves to become the highest-paid QB in the NFL this . But the bottom line is that he's one of the game's best young quarterbacks and there's no way the Cowboys let a franchise quarterback leave the team. And since Dak would surely become the top paid QB in the league if he hit free agency, then expect Dallas to pay him as such.

They will likely him before extending him to a long-term deal, but don't think for a second he's not the signal-caller of the future for Dallas. Heck, he's one of the reasons picked the Cowboys as his next stop in an experienced career.

As for Amari Cooper, there's no denying his talent. Sure, his 2019 production might not convince some in , but pretending he wasn't seriously injured just isn't right. Cooper had to deal with some serious issues throughout the season and found himself out of the playing field in a few key moments.

Despite a disappointing 8-8 record, the Cowboys had one of the best offenses in the NFL. In fact, according to Offensive DVOA, they had the second-best unit in the NFL and the fifth-best passing . Why would you want to change that? How could you justify not keeping the quarterback and the WR1 that made you that kind of offense? With another , these are two key pieces on the team.

Regardless of their price tags, I don't see the Cowboys moving on from either. Prescott is a lock to stick around, but that doesn't seem to be the case for Cooper, especially if the proposed is approved and teams can't apply more than one tag per season.

Mauricio Rodriguez
Mauricio Rodriguez
I love to write, I love football and I love the Dallas Cowboys. I've been rooting for America's team all the way from Mexico ever since I can remember. If you want to talk football, I'm in... You'll find me at @MauNFL.

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They should sign Cooper and put the non exclusive tag on Dak. 26.9 Million on the non exclusive, let him negotiate with other teams. Match the offer if you like it, if not take the TWO first round picks.

This strategy gives you leverage to get a long term deal done with Dak, with 2 years on Non Exclusive and then Exclusive being around 30 Million a year, instead of $33’ish.

If it doesn’t work out, you now have the draft capital to enter the Trevor Lawrence Derby, on the cheap AND have plenty of CASH to go and sign oh lets say Bridgewater for 2 years @ $50 Million.

A no brainer in my opinion, YES PLEASE. Both of those players are as good a passer and Lawrence has significantly more upside as a passer IMO

tom matt

Ok with me .If jerry over-pays QB &WR after over -paying DE & RB then he is laying the ground work to be defined as an Outstanding Financial Manager but a poor General Manager . He will go to the Super Bowl for the next 3 years but he will have to buy his own ticket .!!>>



C.J. Henderson

, CB


Terrell Lewis



Adam Trautman

, TE


Brandon Jones

, S


Michael Pittman Jr.

, WR


Shaquille Quarterman

, LB


James Lynch




I think Dak is letting his agent make too many of the decisions. Dallas offered Dak a contract worth about roughly $35 million a year for 4 or 5 years I think, and him and his agent turned it down. What the hell? He is already making about $50 million off of endorsements so how much money does he need? His demands are making it difficult to resign Amari Cooper or anyone else for that matter.
I used to really like Dak, but with his constant refusal to sign a deal, I am of the opinion to tag him and then trade him to Miami for the 2 1st. rd. picks they have this year. I would then draft a young QB early in the 1st. and then get a safety and a defensive tackle with the other 2 1st. rd. picks. I would then sign Teddy Bridgewater or RGIII to come in and mentor the new rookie QB for a season or two.


I would give Dak the non-exclusive tag. Let him negotiate with other teams. IF someone offers Dak money he will accept, match it if you like, or let him walk for the 2 first round picks.

This is the ONLY way to bring Dak to the table. This strategy saves you approximately 7 million this year and I believe 6 million next, if Tagged again. Now 33 million a year looks alot better to Dak. He will have literally pissed away 31 million in 2019 and another 13 million over 2019 and 2020.

I think Dak is expecting Dallas to make up HIM not getting something done in 2019. That 31 million is on Dak and his reps. Probably hard feelings have already developed I would guess.

This strategy now puts you in the Trevor Lawrence derby, who in my opinion has much greater upside than Dak, and is CHEAP FOR 5 YEARS.

In the meantime you can find MANY replacements to play with that line and those skill players, who will be much more cost effective. I would have ZERO issues signing- Teddy Bridgewater (20 Mil per year), Fitzpatrick (10-15 Mil per year), or even Matt Moore (10-15 Mil per year) as bridge players.
You pocket alot of coin doing this strategy, allowing you to keep MORE young talent in the coming years.

Dallas giving Dak the exclusive tag has me thinking that maybe that don’t know what they are doing.

Cowboys fan



Can’t afford Dak


Don’t draft any players that have Dak’s agent.

Lester Daniels

Why not pay Dak? Romo got paid for nothing. His endorsements has nothing to do with his contract. I am a Dallas fan. He needs to get paid, Jerry did not want him. He gave them a discount as the 4th round draft pick.

Frank Orick

Dak is looking more and more like a greedy bastard,sign him to lesser tag,if he gets offered more take the 2 1st round picks,and If no other team offers more than Dallas it bring Dak back to earth…


Dak gave you 4 years of good NFL Quarterbacking at a basement price now he want to get paid. The problem I have is with these Dak hating fans,here’s the bottom line to this whole situation, if the Cowboys had signed him last year instead of being cheap you could’ve gave him Goff’s contract. Instead they let him play the year out & he put up a all time great year for a Cowboys Qb one yard shy of the club record 30 Tds vs 11 ints. Jerry made the mess now y’all blaming Dak


Sorry for double posting above, my bad.
Paying Dak because you paid Romo omo is not the reason to pay Dak.

Secondly there is no comparison between those two guys, mentally or as passers.

Romo made stars out of guys like Laurent Robinson and Miles Austin and through great ball placement to Dez Bryant. Dez never could consistently separate.

With Dak we had to trade a first for Amari Cooper and Dez ends up out of football because Dak cannot consistently throw guys open. Dez couldn’t separate and Dak can’t place.

Sorry I want a guy who is a technician as a passer if I am paying that kind of money. Dak did improve kast year mentally for sure, but still not close yet there either.

Football is a team game. I don’t hold Dak or Romo solely responsible for team results, but I do know one thing for certain. When Dallas was down 2 scores with Romo early in the fourth quarter you still had a GOOD chance to win. I do not feel the same way about Dak. As a matter of fact we didn’t win ONE game last year when trailing at halftime. NOT ONE!!! 35 mil?, you pay em’.


As far as Cooper goes, I like him. Don’t think I would want to pay more than 14 mil base salary plus incentives. You produce you get paid. Maybe something creative like escalators for big games and de-escalators for games when he disappears.

If you lose him, you gave up a first round pick for 1.5 seasons and pick up a 3 rd comp pick if you don’t go big in free agency.

Not perfect but not tragic either. You also get a chance to see Dak again without Cooper if Dak comes back. If he isn’t great, he costs himself a lot of money. Non exclusive him again and move on.

O. Swan

It’s Time to Pay Both Players!


You love the Cowboys??? That’s good enough for me! Clearly you have sense!

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