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Randy Gregory Speaks on Potential New Contract for Next Season

It's been a long time coming for Randy Gregory. The talented got his opportunity this season to showcase what he could do playing a full schedule and he's taken advantage. Currently, Gregory leads the Dallas Cowboys with five and has two games in which he's brought down the twice. Also, he leads the team with 29 pressures and his 90.5 grade is third for all rushers according to Pro .

When the rolls around, Gregory will be looking for his long-term financial security. Earlier this week, he mentioned that he doesn't think about his potential new deal too much, but it does cross his mind from time to time.

“I’d be lying if I said I don’t (think about my next contract), but I don’t think too much into it, Gregory said. “I do better when I live in the present. In the past, it’s been hard for me to do that. It’s really crucial for me to do that right now so I can get the goals I want.”

Gregory is just one sack from tying his career-high for a single season (had six in 2018). That number will be a distant memory shortly especially with the return of which will allow Gregory more opportunities for one-on-one situations.

After several and battling personal demons off the field, Gregory is in the best place mentally since he entered the NFL in 2015. The Cowboys have provided an excellent support system for him and it's allowed him to be free as a player and show that he's one of the best edge rushers in the NFL.

Gregory's story started as a rocky one but he's been able to turn that around and turn his journey into one that should inspire others to never give up no matter what challenges they may face.

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Written by Matthew Lenix

I write dope stuff about the Dallas Cowboys and what not.

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  1. Re Dennis Fan, what does the physical ability of posters here “to make a professional team” have anything to do with their ability to give opinions on articles. Money contracts are talked about, ad nauseam, on every sport network on TV and radio and any other form of communication.

    These athletes are paid TREMENDOUS amounts of money to play a football game. Yes they do get injured, but more recently, there are many more rules that have been put in place to protect them from undue harm.

    Firefighters, police officers, our brave Military ETC, those folks REALLY “risk their health and their lives” and for MUCH MUCH MUCH LESS COMPENSATION.

    All that said, RG is having a very good year and I hope it continues. I wish him well.

  2. Gregory could very well be out of the league by now, had the cowboy not stuck by him and provided the ongoing support for the last several years. Jerry has a soft spot for his players (sometimes to our detriment) and Gregory was the beneficiary of that.

    But come contract time, it’s unlikely that any of that matters. He may give us a small discount, but i wouldn’t hold our breath.

  3. If ANY player were to owe their team a financial discount in signing a 2nd contract, it is truly Randy Gregory. This team showed so much faith and loyalty towards him. Yes he’s approaching 30 but with so much missed time, he’s more realistically a 24-year old in terms of games played. Whether the has the maturity or is truly appreciative towards his employer to give them a discount is to be determined.

  4. I find it very interesting how Cowboys fans feel so free to insert opinions about an athletes money… I wonder how many of us could even make a professional team let alone be good enough to have someone Believe in us for five years while we finish developing… Or in this case continue developing… Why don’t we just appreciate the show instead of acting like we have a vested interest in how much money the Dallas Cowboys pays a man for doing and performing feats that we can’t perform on our best day even in our dreams. .. I don’t believe Randy Gregory owes us as cowboy Nation anyting .. He was paid for his services every year and he gave his services every year… Jerry Jones is a businessman and as he demonstrated with jaylon Smith… As soon as an athlete is of no more use to him oh, he will cut him.
    And athletes the caliber of Randy Gregory and Demarcus Lawrence are just as good today as Charles Haley was in his day… There’s no way to compare because the game has changed so much regarding how to even touch a quarterback… We are such a privileged nation of people. We have forgotten I think the purpose of televised football games and those athletes which risk their health and their lives to entertain us. Let’s stop acting like we know what we’re talkin about… An offer humble perspectives such as mine…

  5. He’s also approaching 30 years old. For a position that relies on fast twitch and athleticism, how long does he have at this level? 2 years maybe?

    If you sign him, you’ll get ur money’s worth the first two years and will see diminishing returns from there. But with pass rushers in such high demand, someone will give him a big contract. How many other teams would have shown the patience with him that Jerry did? He likely owes us for the loyalty we showed him. But guys always chase the money on their 1st big contract, so theirs that.

  6. I’ll have to agree with you lonewolf he still needs to play under control and as good as the management (ole Jerry has been to him ) he should give us a deal and be a Cowboy for the rest of his career! I’m afraid that if he would have been on my team I would have sent him walking way before now! Maybe JJ is not quiet as out of touch as people might think!

  7. He still needs to grow a bit mentally. He still makes too many mental errors (football IQ) and plays too out of control (emotional maturity). Too many times, the officials and opposing team get inside his head to the detriment of the Cowboys.

    Granted, some of the flags thrown his way were ticky-tack or otherwise questionable. But, too often, he lets it take him out of his game and he either commits more penalties or plays even more out of control. He needs to get better at harnessing his tools and focusing his energy/anger.

    Anae had the same issues and now has been cut. If Gregory is to deserve the big bucks, he needs to keep working on his craft and minimizing the opportunities for the refs to flag him for playing out of control.

    That being said, I hope he and the team can come to terms on a reasonable deal. The team has had his back more times than most teams would bother with, even for a 2nd round pick. Heck, we’ve seen teams ditch 1st rounders for far less (C. J. Henderson?).

  8. I hope he is resigned, he is a good player. He had problems in the past but they seem to be behind him. At the same time i am also hoping he gives the cowboys a small discount, too many good players up for new deals.

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