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Report: Cowboys’ Randy Gregory to Apply for NFL Reinstatement

Sources tell Sports Day DFW Staff Writer David Moore that will apply for to the NFL in hopes of being available to start when the Dallas Cowboys begin practices on July 27th in California.

Gregory, who's was suspended indefinitely under the league's substance abuse policy has been unable to take part in or minicamp practices.

Per David Moore:

“No paperwork has been filed at this point. But the process is underway with the intent, sources said, of submitting the required documents so the league office will have time to review and potentially rule on the request before camp starts.”

David Moore – Sports Day DFW

It's been a long tumultuous road for Gregory since before coming into the league. Fighting mental health issues, Gregory has used since before the , where he tested positive for marijuana and saw his draft stock slide into the .

Since being in the NFL, he's been suspended four times, this most recent one for violating stipulations of his conditional reinstatement.

It was a banner season for Gregory in 2018 as he set a career high with six and became a disruptive force on the Dallas Cowboys . Things were looking up for him before being hit with this indefinite in late February.

Recently, it has appeared that the NFL is softening its stance on marijuana as an alternative therapy for pain relief and mental health treatment, lending hope to the idea that Randy Gregory could get reinstated for the . However, there's no telling how long it will take for the league to fully embrace marijuana use.

For Randy Gregory, being available for training camp would be a huge step toward following up his excellent . Gregory, the Dallas Cowboys, and their representatives will go into this application and any meetings that take place well prepared to fight for Gregory and his career. Over the last year, you've heard nothing but positive things about the steps that he's taken to get right with the league's policy, even avoiding position group dinners with the defensive line so he's not tempted to drink alcohol, which would be in violation with the terms of last year's reinstatement.

For Gregory's and the Dallas Cowboys' sakes, hopefully, Gregory will be out their terrorizing left tackles sooner rather than later.

John Williams
John Williams
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