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Report: Cowboys Remain World’s Most Valuable Sports Franchise

The had a rough on the field going 6-10. However, it hasn't stopped people from watching them or had any effect on their value.

Forbes magazine has put out its annual list of the world's most valuable franchises. Despite dealing with a global pandemic, the Cowboys hold the top spot at $5.7 billion which is an increase of $200 million from 2020.

There's plenty of factors that go into the Cowboys ranking as writer Mike Ozanian explains.

“Take Cowboys owner (net worth: $8.8 billion),” Forbes write. “He bought the franchise in 1989 for $150 million and has since added a number of big-ticket amenities, including a modern stadium stacked with luxury boxes, a new corporate headquarters and practice facility called , a merchandising business and licensing arrangement with the NFL, and an equity stake in the stadium management company Legends, as well as investments in esports and a platform built to support youth sports. The team delivered operating profits of $425 million on revenue of $980 million in the , record results for the franchise.”

No matter what the circumstances are the Cowboys keep raking in dollars. Now, they hope that their performance on the field can match that.

Matthew Lenix
Matthew Lenix
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