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Should the Cowboys Pursue a Robert Quinn Trade?

On Friday, Writer Jason La Canfora reported he has heard trade rumors surrounding DE , and he predicted the likely outcome of his situation is that he will be traded. While he didn't list a potential destination, once Cowboy fans saw the come out, some were banging for the to pursue Quinn.

Despite the team adding Sam “De” Williams and to help fill the void of DE , who the Cowboys failed to re-sign this , the idea of adding former Cowboys DE Robert Quinn could elevate their pass-rush room immensely.

To refresh fans' memories, in his one season with the Cowboys, Quinn had 11.5 , 34 tackles, 13 TFL (Tackles for Loss), 22 QB hits, and 2 FF (Forced Fumbles). Those stats led the team in almost every category that year (minus tackles as former LB led the team with 142), but it was head-scratching after they let Quinn walk. 

Fast-forward to two seasons later, Quinn remains at the top of his game, and bringing in the 18.5 sacks that he had this past season with the Bears would be terrifying for opposing offenses. Factor in LB Micah Parson's 13 sacks and DE , who doesn't always flash the prettiest stats, but is still an All-Pro player, we could be talking about the Cowboys having one of the league's best pass-rushing corps.

While some people would be quick to point out that bringing him on would limit the growth of DEs or Williams, Quinn solves their pass-rushing need, and DC wouldn't have to enter the season with having to rely on those two so quickly.

Additionally, I get that his price tag may be too “high” for some fans, but if you want to win in this league, you got to spend money on big players. And while people always post memes about Cowboys Vice President being called “Cap Boy”, adding Quinn would quickly diminish those memes and he could take this to another level.

Rocky Garza Jr
Rocky Garza Jr
Rolling with the Boyz since 96'. Chop up sports with me on Twitter @rockssjr.

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Forget it. No chance.


Yea Dallas never does anything. We r punting on this season. It’s a joke what this off season has been


Nah, been there, done that.


A 32-year-old DE on a $13M per year contract with $17M left in guaranteed money over the next 3 years? He had 18.5 sacks last season, but missed time and only had 2 sacks in 2020. He’s also not good against the run. He’d be another situational pass rusher on a team who already has a couple younger, cheaper situational pass rushers.

No, thanks.


Dallas will be fine


This is a bs article

Bronx cowboy

I would get Quinn put em right in rotation he was balling for us when 94 was getting bashed for smoking and what not


S Jones couldn’t care less about some silly name. Look, he tries to rein in some of the over the top contract money given to these players, partly because there is a CAP. JJ overpays and it HAS NOT PAID OFF, recently. For example, look at the contracts to EE, DP, DL etc. Have these players lived up to these contracts? IMO, NO.

As far as Quinn, depends on the price tag, of course. Very good production with the 18.5 sacks, more than DL AND RG combined. Wouldn’t mind.

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