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Should the Cowboys Take the Risk on Michigan’s David Ojabo?

While you never want to hear the idea of your team potentially drafting an injured player in the , I decided to reverse the trend and talk about the potentially drafting Michigan .

Ojabo, who was being rated as a Top-15 player before he tore his Achilles at his , had all of the hype surrounding him heading into this year's draft, and some analysts went as far to say he had the second-highest ceiling behind Oregon .

Once he got hurt, it was obvious that his stock would likely plummet because of the concern, but experts surprisingly were still projecting him to go selected first to the because of his freakish athletic traits and production.

As I never want to wish an injury upon anyone, I feel like this could be a blessing in disguise for the Cowboys because they could land a top talent potentially in a -down situation or on Day Two, and also snag a cornerstone for their future.

The Cowboys can land a Randy Gregory replacement and snag one of the most gifted pass-rushers in this year's class.

In an NFL Draft Profile breakdown by NFL Analyst Lance Zuerlein, Zuerlein depicted Ojabo as an “emerging edge defender who should see a substantial leap in-play consistency with more time to work on his technique and learn the game.”

He added that despite Ojabo's injury he will be someone that teams will not pass on beyond the second round because of his upside, and quoted an scout saying: “I'm not saying he's going to be a better overall player, but I think Ojabo will be a more productive rusher than (Michigan teammate) .”

With the Cowboys in need of pass-rushing help, I feel like the pick of Ojabo would be someone that can solidify them long-term, and he could have the same freakish impact that brought the team in his rookie year.

If that doesn't move the needle for you enough, Ojabo is being described as a player who is just scratching the surface of his potential since he's only been playing football for five years, and with the right amount of development he could pay off big-time.

I understand there may be more talented EDGE options in people's eyes, but the only way you're going to land those guys is if you trade up for them. Ojabo could allow you to potentially capitalize on adding draft capital if you traded down for him in the , but also provide you with great value if you can snag him on Day Two.

Either way, it's a win for the franchise.


Rocky Garza Jr
Rocky Garza Jr
Rolling with the Boyz since 96'. Chop up sports with me on Twitter @rockssjr.

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This guy is one dimensional and has zero interest in stopping the RUN. How the hell is he rated this high? Yes, a gifted pass rusher but he just tore his Achilles! I ruptured my Achilles in 2014 and it has never been the same. I’m not an NFL DE but I can tell you that this is the most horrendous injury anyone can have. And this writer wants to take a flyer on this soft ass injured player? Please.

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