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Should the Dallas Cowboys Consider Trading QB Dak Prescott?

What kind of trade market would there be for QB Dak Prescott?

Under the franchise tag, the Dallas Cowboys have control of Dak Prescott’s rights for one more season. What happens beyond the 2020 season is anyone’s guess, but if the Cowboys are weighing other options it might not even get to that point. That’s because they could actually consider trading No. 4 before it ever gets that far.

Now, let me make this perfectly clear before we get started. I’m a fan of Dak Prescott and I think he will be a member of the organization until his career comes to an end. However, that doesn’t mean the Dallas Cowboys shouldn’t weigh all of their options right now and that includes possibly trading away their franchise QB this year.

Unless the Dallas Cowboys can convince Dak Prescott to sign a team friendly contract extension next year, they could find themselves facing some serious salary-cap problems. It’s unlikely Prescott is going to sign anything team friendly, otherwise that would have already happened. That puts the Cowboys in a tough situation, which makes a trade a very real possibility.

Dak Prescott
Dallas Cowboys QB Dak Prescott

If the Cowboys are going to trade Prescott away, now might be the best time to do so. Andy Dalton is more than capable of taking over as the starter, especially considering he’s surrounded by more talent than he’s ever had at any point in his career with the Cincinnati Bengals. It’s not ideal and there’s no denying there might be a dip in production at QB, but it might be in the best interest of the organization down the road.

Prescott should net the Cowboys at least a couple of first-round draft picks and possibly more if traded away. Add that to their 2021 draft picks – which includes the max number (4) of compensatory picks a team can receive – and they should be able to package a deal in order to move up in next year’s draft to select their targeted QB. It’s a gamble, but what isn’t in the NFL?

The Dallas Cowboys would then have their QB on a much more affordable rookie contract and could allocate the money saved to upgrade other positions. Any kind of concerns with the decreased 2021 salary-cap could be put to bed as well. It’s definitely a risky move, but the Cowboys have never been opposed to taking these kind of risks in the past.

This of course is all speculation on my part and will probably never even happen. However, it is an option the Dallas Cowboys probably at the very least need to investigate. With contract negotiations with Dak Prescott and his representatives likely not improving much next year, they need to keep an open mind as it pertains to the future of the organization.

Do you think the Dallas Cowboys should consider trading Dak Prescott?

What do you think?

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Brian Martin

Written by Brian Martin

Level C2/C3 quadriplegic. College graduate with a bachelors degree in sports and health sciences-concentration sports management. Sports enthusiast. Dallas Cowboys fanatic. Lover of life with a glass half-full point of view.


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  1. I have been screaming that for months. Jacksonville is the perfect situation and will give up first round picks and possibly their pro bowl DE!!!! LETS DO THIS NOW

    • I’d also see if we can get Minshew in the trade. He did solid for a rookie with 21 TDs to 6INTs. Dak for 2 1st rd picks, Minshew and Ngakoue and I would take that deal in a heart beat. Ngakoue would solidify our Defense further and feel like Minshew would do good in our offense with the skill players we have plus McCarthy would tailor the system to him.

  2. If goal is to play money ball and not chase Super Bowls, have at it!

    JJ is so distracted and obsessed with winning at the negotiating table, the franchise is condemning fans to another 10yrs of mediocrity.

    JJ had a chance to make Dak king for a day… and earn good favor for future negotiating… and completely missed!

    • It would be a hell of a deal. It would hurt us in the very near future. Say Bye and get the deal done. Personally
      I. don’t see him taking us to the SB any time in the future. He reminds me of D White and I hate to say T Romo, they could take you to the playoffs , but no further. So make the trade and get it over with.
      Good luck now and in the future.

  3. Yes yes yes. Trade him and see what Dalton does with a better team and a better line. He works out, sign him long term. He doesn’t, move up and draft Lawrence or Fields. Both of those guys can win with the talent on that offense. Then when it’s time to replace the current big contracts, you have the money for the QB.

    • I am all for trading Dak. When two sides cannot come to an agreement, then it’s time to part ways. I like Dak; however, Dak is not a top five QB. He generated plenty of stats with short passes and plenty of help. 2019 was the only year in which Dak threw more long passes than ever. One should never sacrifice the team integrity for the benefit of one player. Football is after all a”Team Sport.” Dak is not worthy of the kind of money he is asking. Just because the top 5 QBs are getting paid a certain amount of money does not mean that Dak deserves their average pay. Dak is not even close to a Russell Wilson and yet he is demanding that amount of pay. Bye Dak and good luck elsewhere. Trade Dak now!!!

      • Yes I agree with you,I say to do this asap get 2 first round draft picks,we are gonna play him this year by the looks of things,Dak thinks hes in control of this and he needs to be trade he is very greedy,I changed my way of looking at him,He is 0-9 in close games we needed to win games.Dak has not proved shit to me,He ain’t no championship QB We need to move on very true thank you

      • Hell no we shouldn’t trade him and Dak didn’t generate stats by throwing short passes our WR Corps in 2016-2017 was one of the worse in separation and he was still top 5 in yards per pass in the 2016 season and last season we was #1, with a new OC and we still lead the league in dropped passes smh but for 3 seasons he had horrible play calling plus we fail to see that our system under Jason garret and Scott Linehan was trash and he still was successful and managed to stay above 500, I think we have to see what he does behind McCarthy and another season with kellen Moore plus having one of the best WR corps from what we know. WE SHALL WAIT N SEE

        • Dak isint greedy, he’s smart. No incentive to sign deal. Let’s say you make minimum wage at around 10.00 hour. Minimum wage is going up to 16.00 within two years and your boss offers you a four year contract at 11.50 today, would you take it? Heck no!

        • I agree with a trade to get more 1st round and possibly get some players to help our D and our offense. We do have a backup QB that can get us where we want to go. So get the trade done and say Bye. I am sorry to say that Dark reminds me of D White and T Romo, they can get you to the playoffs , but no further. So say Bye and make it happen,, The Trade. Good Luck, Sincerely, A very long time Cowboys fan.

  4. I agree totally with trying to trade him while Dallas still holds some of the control. I actually wanted us to trade him to Miami this year before the draft. I do agree there might be some falloff in QB play but Dalton is more than qualified to lead a team at Qb. I would take all the picks and move up to get Trevor Lawrence! Dak has his chance and obviously he feels like it’s all him and not the team around him helping him look better than average. He isn’t that accurate of a passer and was asking for an extraordinary amount of money, I for one am glad they didn’t pay up!

  5. Ohhhh helllll Nooooo.

  6. Use the picks to trade up and get Trevor Lawrence! He’s a rare quarterback and could become better than machines!

  7. “YES”! To the jets for Darnold & Adams! Send J. Lewis in the package; & the jets will be young & potent in their division! While the Cowboys get their Super Bowl & Dynasty; & see our great full leader “Sir” Jerry go away with that cunning smile! “How bout Dem Cowboys”

    • No one will give up 2 1st round draft picks for a Qb that has a great amount of talent on his team but can’t win games against decent cow butte fans are so funny.JJ is the problem,not Garrett ,McCarthtey is going to be the same as everyone before him..He won 1 super bowl with fricking Aaron Rodgers as his Qb.JJ runs the show,you all know it,

    • Y’all all crazy (the ones saying trade) Dak is a quarter Back that has been improving over his 4 yr career he is better than most in his draft class Dallas has molded the team to him not Dolten whom in my opinion hasnt proven to me he could carry a team no where, speaking on his talent alone. So stop dogging Dak this affects another man’s money .

  8. If you remember a couple months back I stated : Just what if Jerry would trade Dak and use that money to bolster the offensive and defensive lines and sure up the team as a whole….. something along the lines of the Herschel Walker trade! NOW even I realize that NFL QB’s are few and far between and it’s hard to find that special guy that has all the intangibles it takes to take his team to the next level. I like Dak and I believe he is heading in that direction BUT the jury is still out on him and I’m not sold that he is worth his asking price! I realize the contract that PM just got was a great deal for him but watch what the Chiefs do in the next few years!! I would venture to say they will be an average team!

  9. Jerry isn’t upset at Dak as much as his agent! I believe Dak should fire Frank’s or Frank or whomever; & get Jerry to give him the deal he needs to prosper! Like I said once b4. The jets are waiting to depart with Adams, & Darnold is young enough to be better than Dak! Give them feisty Mr Lewis! And that will happen faster than a N.Y. min.!

  10. Um yes get rid of him u know how many people do not have money like what they offer and he’s so stupid I’m a packers fan I tell u what I would play for 3 mill gees he just got greedy cause now he didn’t get what he wanted he’s gonna play like crap and throw it down the tube get rid of him now just like zeke if u don’t show up and be with the team cause u want 90 million give me a break I would be like goodbye cowboys are too much drama.

    • Sean, you are so emotional! You would play for 3 mil. I see all the NFL GM’s lined up outside your house now. Now go signed that contract, I’ll wait. Oh, there’s nobody out there. Thought so. Anyway, Dak played 4 years on a 4th round draft pick rookie deal. It netted him only 2 million last year. Anyone with eyes has to concede he way over perform his contract! Jerry has about two years to get this done. He let other qb’s get signed ahead oh him, setting the market. He resigned multiple players on our team. No deal for Dak. Jerry let this get personal and his pride got in the way of business. If Jerry would have offer 4 yrs at 25-30 million 2 years ago. I’m pretty sure Dak would have taken that. This whole thing is so jacked up because I think he is a good player and seems to be a good dude too.

      • I went to every game they’re first 26 years. Nobodys a bigger fan. and I think they should trade him. but nobody’s going to want to give up draft picks or players for a guy that’s only after money and does care about the team. The Cowboy most likely won’t be able to tag him next year at 37 mil. Because they only have 11 million under the cap now and haven’t signed or paid any of they’re draft picks. Which is going to take around 7 million. They won’t have enough for that tag next year. Even Mahomes realized the team needs money to keep good players around him.

  11. Has he gotten us any rings? He a fluke Romo. We need to cut Dak. He is top pay and his manager is giving him bad advise. Cowboy fans are loosing faith in him. Dak needs to go bye bye!!!!

  12. EGO has been Jerry down fall!!! Jimmy Johnson should have been left alone. Jerry EGO, is why their has been no progress on all these years. The Business of Dak is Business., Just like the Business of Jerry is Business. No one had a problem Romo lack of production in the playoff, and monster contract in his era, now you CB fans have a issue with Dak production in the playoffs. Dak has Business choice was wise. It’s not about how good he his,, it’s about what he has done. Market conditions for his position say he gets paid. Dallas should have signed him before his rookie contract was up. Jerry fault. Dak didn’t complain, not one word. Best move for Dak is to play out franchise tag 120 over 3yrs. Verses 100 over 5yrs. The Business of Dak is Business!!!!

    • Dak has top talent around him. Romo never did. So do not compare the two. Romo also signed his contract and never held the team hostage.

      • Trade Dak Asap. Dallas cant afford to sign the guy so max his value to the team with a trade. Or, they could put the Nonexclusive franchise tag on Dak next year and either find out what his true market value is, and choose to either match any offers from other teams, or decline and receive two first round draft picks. If no offers come in for Dak, then the tag price drops noticeably. Win, win, win.

        • I agree with a trade to get more 1st round and possibly get some players to help our D and our offense. We do have a backup QB that can get us where we want to go. So get the trade done and say Bye. I am sorry to say that Dark reminds me of D White and T Romo, they can get you to the playoffs , but no further. So say Bye and make it happen,, The Trade. Good Luck, Sincerely, A very long time Cowboys fan.

  13. If you look at the rules of Trades under franchise tags, you will see that teams have to have free cap space of the Franchise Tag for the player you are trading for. So a team would needs a cap space of at least 31.4 million this year or 37.8 million next tag. I hope they trade Dak to Philly so he can come back and beat the hell out of Dallas idiots as Dallas drafts a lame quarterbacks like most Drafted QBs are. Dallas will be getting a lot of real good draft picks for the next 5 years if they are stupid enough to let a top 10 quarterback go. So go Jerry! Destroy your teams! YEAH!

    • That’s pretty hateful Rocky! I understand yours and everyone’s frustration. But the last time we won a Super Bowl was with a qb who was the #1 pick in the draft. The great Troy Aikman! We haven’t drafted a qb that high since. I say we try and go that route again. Get what we can for Dak and roll the dice with the #1 qb from next year. I mean we’ve waited a quarter of a century now for our next Super Bowl. What’s a few more years of letting the top rookie develop.

  14. Yeah I think we should trade him asap Avs this is my reasoning…he was good his first year with Tony romo in his ear if im not mistaken and average if not below average for two years then pretty Dam good last year only because of jon kitna spitting in his ear and becuse of trash time play . I think we should move on from this buffoon before we get stuck eith somebody we would have to cut eventually and turn to dalton I’ll take 2 firsts and a 2 and that’s more than we used on him and use all those to get a better qb than him. Let him go to jags or some dookie team that he will pay state taxes in and not have the shine like you do in Dallas which gets you mega deals like chunky and nike,etc. Its just bullschnikes that he thinks we didn’t have a QB so he could charge us whatever he wanted and thunk we would do but when we got dalton that changed and he should of been like dam they could trade me I better not sign for cheap but sign something that’s deserved of me. Which isn’t really much to me he had really once winning season and he fudged that up.. ok ok im going on a rant and I could still keep going but that’s my 1 cent cause I could of kept going…later !!!

  15. I believe that Dak will be asking for to much next season and if we want to chase KC and other teams that have QB’s that are willing to take less overall per year we must do the same. We need to spread out the money for future contracts for several players over the next few years. I think finding a QB in the next few drafts in combination with a cheap veteran will still keep us in the hunt while also allowing to maybe keep 2 or 3 pieces next year that are on 1 year deals.

    • Mahomes didn’t take less overall per year. He will average 45-50 million a season, depending if he hits the escalators, over the life of his contract. Those numbers don’t sound like a discount to me.

  16. Dak is not the answer for us. I agree we could get more in the near future for him. The organization needs to think this way. We have given Dak plenty of time to win and that he has not done!!

    • How about the horrible coaching! Suspension for Zeke, Travis Fredrick missed a year and when came back was not the same. Most of y’all on here have some kind of memory disorder.

  17. what are you smoking? why would any team give up 2 first round draft picks for a guy on a franchise tag? he can literally become a free agent on them one year later and they now have nothing but one season and 31 million dollars less.

  18. Dak will play with Dallas this year, then they will tag him again next year, but not use the exclusive tag, so another team can sign him, and the Pokes get 2 first rounders. Then they use those plus their own picks to trade up in 2021. Trevor Lawrence, here we come!

  19. I’ve had this thought in mind since the signing of Dalton. Prescott doesn’t take chances. Even when they are down by 2 scores late in the 4th, he is still the low risk, check down passer we have all come to know. The red rifle is a gunslinger who will take chances and win some comebacks in doing so. It’s a great business decision especially given the financial losses Jerry is about to see with the virus impact.

  20. This is absolutely foolishness! The team hasn’t been in contention for 2 decades and that we have a decent team and quarterback trade him? U all sound brilliant!
    Lets so the bs and pay the man period.

    Dak has been exceptional on and off the field now it’s time to pay him. I hope this foolishness is not racially motivated!

    • Here we go…let’s involve race and politics into professional sports even more. Smh. To counter the meat and potatoes of your comment, Dak has won one playoff game in 4 years. His medium-long accuracy is mediocre. He’s simply a piece of the puzzle looking to be paid as the box holding the puzzle together. Most importantly, they tried to “pay the man” already at the price of 5yr/175mil. The foolishness was on him for turning that down and now risking injury playing on his tag.

  21. Yes trade him, Dak is not worth the 31.4 million now and showed that he’s not a team player so trade him. Dak said it was not about the money but he showed that it was for not signing a long term contract. He needs to go.

  22. This is absolutely foolishness! The team hasn’t been in contention for 2 decades and that we have a decent team and quarterback trade him? U all sound brilliant!
    Lets so the bs and pay the man period.

    Dak has been exceptional on and off the field now it’s time to pay him. I hope this foolishness is not racially motivated!

  23. Darnold and Adams for Dak and Jordain Lewis? Pull that trigger, JJ. I like Dak but don’t want them saddled with a burdensome contract going into a post pandemic salary capped year.

  24. Darnold and Adams for Dak and Jordain Lewis? Pull that trigger, JJ. I like Dak but don’t want them saddled with a burdensome contract going into a post pandemic salary capped year.

  25. Dak doesnt have the arm strength to play in McCarthy`s offense. Unless they plan on throwing check downs all season AGAIN. The only reason it seemed like he had a good season last year is cuz the majority of his passes were 5 yards or less to the RB.

    • You apparently didn’t watch the cowboys play did you?? Dak was NOT throwing check downs all season…. I’m not gonna get into the stats and all that, all I’m gonna say is that you need to start paying more attention and/or learn more about football!! Saying Dak threw check downs to RBs all season just shows people how ignorant you are!! Try doing some research before you make stupid comments like that!!

  26. All yall sound crazy as hell first you can name only 1 qb with more wins than dak. He has been faithful to the organization and the Jerry Jones. Now let’s talk about Jerry you had four years of a discount and now you’re asking for five more years at a discount. I didn’t see no one talking about a trade when Tony romo was hurt with a 108 million dollar contract and out for the season.

  27. it seems that Dak is after the money and with that attitude will never have a team around him that will compete for a championship. best to trade him now, besides how many yards could a Cowboy QB have if they actually hit a receiver in stride? or on time? there are plenty of QB’s coming and maybe the Cowboys already have one under contract.

  28. Racially motivated ?!?!?!? Cmon man !!!! Se and there you go with that bullchit !!! That right there is why this country is the way it is !! Everything always has to do with cause hes black or white. Its becuse he’s dookie or he’s not (to some people) not becuse he happens to be black. SMDH !!!

  29. He struggles against top teams, the rest of the NFL, has seen him on film, In his Rookie season they had no film on him, that’s why he did real good , he can’t carry the team he doesn’t make complete reads down the field, other receivers are open, yet his close visions, makes him throw to others who aren’t open, Cowboys should have drafted Jalen Hurt when he was still available, cheaper option, but like always the Eagles got lucky drafting him first

  30. Smartest move would be to TRADE him now. The extra picks and CAP SPACE would allow other moves for this year…ADAMS and Draft a Quarterback next year. Besides no doubt Dalton is above average QB.

  31. Smartest move would be to TRADE him now. The extra picks and CAP SPACE would allow other moves for this year…ADAMS and Draft a Quarterback next year. Besides no doubt Dalton is above average QB.

  32. Trade Dak Asap. Dallas cant afford to sign the guy so max his value to the team with a trade. Or, they could put the Nonexclusive franchise tag on Dak next year and either find out what his true market value is, and choose to either match any offers from other teams, or decline and receive two first round draft picks. If no offers come in for Dak, then the tag price drops noticeably. Win, win, win.

  33. Pay the MAN point blank period… , JJ will not win until that ego is gets out of way. QBs supposed to be face of franchise, far less qbs been paid. You got him in 4th rd, gave yrself salary cap time, now time to payup. He proved you right by drafting him 4rd. Why does the man with the money need to get the break, DAK, get that $68M next 2yrs, then bounce. Lifetime c-boy fan.

  34. Post this sign Prescott and have Dalton for the backup Querterback let Dalton see how everything works out for this year and if Prescott sucks have Dalton come in and play Prescott did this to Romo

  35. Dak is slightly less version of Kordell Stewart when he was with Steelers, force him to stay in pocket and could not cut it! Dak will destroy salary cap if we keep him, trade his selfish overrated but while you can! Dalton is as good as Dak actually better passer but he is not a running back lining up at QB

  36. What are you people smoking? I cannot believe the stupidity being espoused by these hillbillies!
    If Dak stays he will break every Cowboys passing record within 4 years! It took Romo eleven years to throw for 34,183 yards. Dak is almost half way there after just 4 years. It took Troy Aikman 12 years to throw for 32,942. Staubach 12 years for 22700 yards. Danny White 11 years 21,259 passing yards. Don Meredith 9 years for 17,199 passing yards. Dak has thrown for fewer interceptions than any Cowboys QB in a four year period. Do you all remember Tony OH NO! He threw picks so regularly teams anticipated additional possessions in every game. Dak has a higher completion percentage than any Cowboys QB in the history of the franchise in his first four years. Dak has a higher passer rating than the beloved Staubach and it’s not even close. Grow up, shut up, and get a life.

    • All that is irrelevant. DINK & DONK DAK. He got that nick name for a reason. Dak ain’t better than none of those QBs i mean none. Dak threw for a lot of yards in 2019 from Dallas getting behind so they were playing from behind & teams were playing zone 8-8.I told my son that when Dak contract is up some of our COWBOY fans are gonna be messed up in the head thinking that Dak is the answer & he’s not. He’s borderline average at best. Dallas have done a dam good job of building talent around him, so that’s not Dak plays well & look good.did you see how bad Dak looked when Zeke missed 6 games & when Tyron Smith missed & b4 Ameri Cooper got to Dallas,so mane miss me with all those stats

  37. If their was a chance to get Trevor Lawrence id say go for it!! With him and his money gone we could get Jamal Adams as well…‍♂️

  38. They should trade..i don’t think one player unless you are Tom Brady is worth more than the team..he did a Romo last year against the eagles losing in week 15..I am a dak fan but to handcuff the team I just don’t see it..

    • Dak is a fair Quarterback ! But he doesn’t have a great arm or delivery! I would trade him for a first and second round pick ! Andy will be a fair Quarterback this year and the rookie you drafted might surprise some people ! And a good Quarterback might pop up next year ! Dak is not going to win you a superbowl and that’s a fact ! He does not have good scrambling ability and is not a big play guy !

  39. Yeah go ahead and read him dalton goes down and our season with him. I believe in Dak even though cowboy nation doesn’t . Dak has been as good or even better for us than Romo. Ball out this year Dak and screw the haters even our haters.#COWBOY4LIFE

  40. 1st of all nobody is addressing the REAL reason Y Dak is not who the Cowboys want as QB it’s obvious why that is . I mean Troy Aikman got his contract extension b4 his 2nd SB chip then got it again , even weak @ss Tony Romo who didn’t accomplish near the success as Dak yet still got paid a lot 4 being a trash QB but Dak is 2 Black even though he is only Half Black that’s 2 much 4 Jerry yes he has had a African American QB b4 in Quincy Carter but that didn’t last long. Jerry is from ArKKKlansas and he has a mentality of QBs should always be white if nothing else a leadership visual , this is Y he got Dumb Dalton as a back up he didn’t grab up Cam Newton nor would he 2 African American QBs would send JJ into cardiac arrest. I love my Cowboys just not a fan of the racist owner . It’s his team I get it so continue to have a lot of talent and no SB chips 2 show 4 it since 2pac was alive All Eyes On Me by 2pac was released and Hillbilly Kkklinton was President the last time Dallas Cowboys won a SB let that swarm around in a ya dome 4 a bit .

    • Do you realise how absurd you sound? Lol
      How can you pay a team primarily made up of African Americans but selectively racist at the QB position?
      Give the race card a rest… Thanks.

  41. How many times does a 4th round QB produce like Dak? People thinking we’ll get two 1st round picks for Dak is crazy. We’d be lucky to get one 1st round draft pick. I doubt a team is so desperate they’ll give up a 1st knowing Dak could just refuse to resign with them next year. Using the non-exclusive franchise tag (think that’s the one) is also a bad idea. Team’s will show they’d be willing to give Dak the contract they want and if/when the Cowboys don’t match, we’d probably get a 2nd round pick or lower.

    Jerry could’ve extended Dak a couple of year’s ago, end up not paying him as much as he is asking for now, and I’m sure Dak, at the time would’ve happily signed. That huge contract Mahomes got happened when he had 2yrs left on his rookie deal. The Chiefs gave him a new contract now because they: 1) knew he’d cost a hell of a lot more if they waited and 2) didn’t want to go through all this drama.

    Jerry messed up big time on this and now they’re backed into a corner. Y’all think Dalton is going to lead the Cowboys to someplace further than Dak did? “Oh just trade Dak and play Dalton this year then trade up to get Trevor Lawrence!” So y’all want to sacrifice this season? And hope to God a team will be willing to give up their first overall draft pick?? And didn’t I hear Trevor Lawrence say he’d never play for the Cowboys? So even IF we draft him… What’s to stop him for pulling an Eli Manning (when drafted by San Diego) and force a trade? Then what happens to the Cowboys?

    Don’t tell me Dak hasn’t produced. He’s proven he deserves a new contract. He had his best statistical season least year. “But they didn’t make it to the playoffs and lost to the Eagles late in the season!” So why was our best WR on then bench during a critical 4th down late in the game when the Eagles were playing 4th and 5th string at CB? Did y’all forget how Garrett and his coaching staff have had the inability to get us over the hump? Whatever happened to Garrett anyways?

    Watch what our Boys do with a Super Bowl winning head coach who helped develop Aaron Rodgers into one of the best QB’s in the game. Along with a revamped coaching staff that’ll get the absolute best out of our underperforming defense.

    • You have your facts wrong on the Nonexclusive tag. If another team signs Dak under the Nonexclusive, Dallas automatically receives two first round picks by nfl rule.

        • You’d be surprised…. Dak is good enough for a QB needy team to offer him a contract that Jerry wouldn’t be willing to match!! And so you know, Jerry couldn’t have extended Dak a couple of years ago, a player has to be in the NFL for at least 3 years before he can get an extension, and Jerry did try to extend Dak at the end of his 3rd year!! Dak chose to bet on himself and that’s why we’re at this point now cause Dak balled out this passed season!! After reading all of that long comment you posted above, it looks like you mite wanna pay more attention to the game of football cause a lot of what you said was wrong, inaccurate or just B.S!! The only thing you said that was true is that Dak had his best season last season and our best receiver was on the bench when we needed him the most!! Other than that, the comment is as I stated above…. Wrong, inaccurate or B.S !!

  42. The Cowboys and the Jones’ need to do what is in the best interest of THE DALLAS COWBOYS, PERIOD !! If its the money game, sell the team and Dak Prescott and get a management team in here that wants to win championships. I think that Dak has been given offers that are commensurate with what he has accomplished. To compare him to other QB’s that have won Super Bowls is ridiculous. And to compare him to other qb’s that their respective owners (Vikings Titans) have foolishly overpaid is also idiotic. Let’s face it, the Cowboys have paid players big time (Lawrence, Elliott) that have disappeared after getting the loot. If the Cowboys offer Dak 4 or 5 years at 30 million per year and he turns it down, trade him and move on.

  43. My favorite is the hillbilly and racial accusations in these comments against those who disagree with trading him. Not that it makes a difference to the ones making these comments because they are actually the racist ones, but have you noticed half of the comments agreeing to trade him also mention bringing in Jamal Adams…do you see all the “hillbilly’s and racists” whining that 75% of the league is black? No, we don’t because we trust that pure talent is the reason why rather then the skin color. Get over yourselves you conspiracy theorists.

  44. I’ve been a Cowboys fan since Staubach was their QB. Dak is a good QB but not sure he is worth the kind of money he wants. Dalton would be more than effective. I think they won’t be able to get a deal done next year either. Trade him and get something in exchange.

    • Yes totally agree he’s asking way to much he has earned it he’s miles from Roger Staubach and Aikman I would love to see him in Jacksonville get some draft picks and see how good he is there

  45. Absolutely. Even one first round pick would be worth it. If the Cowboys were going to get a deal done, it would have already happened. They now have no room to negotiate. If they are going to undertake the journey to find a new long term solution at quarterback, this is the time to start that journey: trade Dak for the best draft capital they can get; you have a capable replacement already on the roster; this year is likely going to be a lost season … or at least a very abbreviated one… for the entire league. It’s time to move on. Let’s get what we can, while we can.

  46. Dak is not worth what his agent thinks he’s worth. Take a page from the book of Tom Brady and for God sakes Dak remember your agent works for you! PS. Please tell your brother to shut the f@#k up.

  47. No then the Cowboys would have to start from scratch Andy Dalton didn’t do squat in Cincy it ain’t Dak it’s his Agent Agents arw greedy individuals!

  48. Let’s see Dak can see the open receivers, now that he knows he has to perform at a higher level to show JJ that he’s worth the big dollars. I don’t see him as an elite QB until he reaches and wins a Super Bowl or two. I’ve been a Cowboy fan all my life, and to me if Dak wants to earn those big dollars he needs to be better than my boy Troy, and I don’t see that happening. He is a good QB, just not good enough to beat great defensive teams. He has the talent around him, it’s up to him to be that QB we hope he can become, a Super Bowl winning QB.

  49. Why do people keep saying he played 4 years on a rookie deal and got paid cheap !?! That has nothing to do with anything he got drafted in the 4th for a reason obviously and 32 teams passed on him 3 times in the draft and the cowboys to a flyer on him so honestly he made what he made becuse he wasn’t that good in college. So stop saying that he deserves more. If it wasn’t for the cowboys he could of been undrafted somewhere else and possibly not have anything but a bench to ride while he backs somebody up !!! SO STOP SAYING THAT HE DESERVES MORE !!

  50. Dak should be traded to Jacksonville,He’s putting himself in a category that he has yet earned ,trade him for anything you can get and move on , I think Andy Dalton would be an improvement on Passing

  51. I am a huge Dak fan!!! He is a super talented QB. His team overplayed thier hand in the negotiations. JJ and the Cowboys didn’t mess this up. They wanted Dak long term. They offered him a very lucrative contract,(check the numbers), to lead this team.
    I am a firm believer in fair compensation. This young generation of athletes don’t understand the value of money. There is no plausible reason for Dak not accepting the offer of over $100 million fully guaranteed for 5 years, other than ego. Even the reports of $33-$35 million avg annual salary puts him in the top 5 QB salaries.
    I don’t want to see him traded. He needs to be realistic about the compensation he’s being offered. When he gets into these negotiations next year, don’t allow his agent to get him a one way ticket out of Dallas. I want him here, but this organization will continue to move forward if a deal can’t be resolved.
    People please stop trying to blame JJ and the Cowboys. The organization has long been criticized for hugely overpaying players. Now that they are trying to be fiscally responsible…people are saying they blew it. Offering more than $100 million fully guaranteed, is not blowing it.

  52. Def to jacksonville for minshew and de and 1st round pick and a 2nd and 4 next year that way if we do trade up we still have some picks left. . .jets ehh steelers for their back up and bud Dupree and 1st and 2nd and 4th be good as well or the redskins?

  53. Everyone saying trade him must not be very loyal to their trade and I wish your peers judge you as harshly as you are judging him. I wonder if you are half as good at your job as Dak is at his. Andy Dalton has plenty of talent around him in Cincy, he just couldn’t get it done. Trevor is Unproven talent as is Fields. Even if they have more talent than Dak who knows what kind of leaders they will be. Shut up and pay the man and stop with all this trade him bull.

  54. Trade him away, he’s not worth the money, he’s proven that since his rookie year, 13-3 the rookie year, after that nothing, what 1 play off win , if he wanted that big contract he should have performed this past season and gotten us to the Super Bowl, I mean the Jets of all teams was winless and they beat us, how can you let that happen, I’m disgusted with this contract negotiations, I would have jumped on the 5 year deal in a heartbeat, I sweat in a factory year round making barely $50,000 a yr but I don’t complain, he is selfish and not a team player so trade him away

  55. I’ve posted many times on this subject. This man is a problem who is hurting our team. Trading him during the draft would have made the most sense. With those extra picks, could have filled any gaps we still had, and possibly picked up a better QB prospect (to groom) than that seventh rounder (no disrespect to DiNucci). Should have made a serious run at Brady, as we would be talking SUPER BOWL now, instead of this problem. Don’t care about his age, as its a WIN NOW LEAGUE, and he still has the stuff to get a team there for at least a couple of years.

    I guess the Jones did not realize they are dealing with a person who has a ego that’s thru the roof. At least they have a back up plan with Dalton, but Brady would have put us in a much better position.

    • You do know that Dak has been better than Brady try last couple of years right!? Some people in these comments just aggravate the hell out of me!! You guys need to learn more about football before you come on here making these ignorant comments

  56. As long as Jerry is around the Cowboys can get Tom Brady n they will still suck hell they can even get Patrick Mahomes n still will never see the super bowl

  57. And Brady was a great value, costing the Bucs only $25 million a year. Apparently, Prescott wants north of $35 million, maybe $40 million a year. He truly is a greedy person. As it is, under the tag this year, he is at $31+ million/yr. Going up to $37 next year if we don’t somehow unload him.

  58. Please trade him he’s not Aaron Rodgers super bowl winner he’s not Russell Wilson super bowl winner he is not mr. Orleans saints super bowl winner the only quarterback who has multiple rings is you guessed it Tom Brady Prescott has shown nothing but failure trade him now

    He is not a leader, pressure player or a winner, stats mean nothing unless you can get the win under pressure, and he is not a pressure player! FACT!
    Been saying it sense I watched his first season

  60. It amazes me how fast think that you can plug and play guys at QB and think they will be successful. There’s no guarantee Dalton or one of these Rookies will be successful. Dalton lost his job twice to a Rookie and folks think he’s the guy….I think Dallas is better off without Prescott. So be careful what you ask for….

  61. Dak was ready to sign. He was guarantee 100 million plus it would be 31 million a season. Who would not want to take that. But his agent was greedy and wanted more so this is where we end up.

  62. Prescott Is a QB and thanks he deserves what a Super Bowl winner gets. He is egeoltic and can’t be replaced. I do not believe he can ever take a team to a Super Bowl. He’s good but not that good. Dallas should be do more with a proven QB with experience like Andy Dalton. Trade Prescott quickly and get on track with Andy

  63. I think it’s too soon for that,let wait and see how he does under this new coaching staff,i like how he carried his self in the past when he knew he would have to step in for Romo he always said the right thing and always showed respect for the veteren,although i don’t agree with his demans now,but the Cowboys hold the cards to see how he does this year and if his play is not improved then yeah he won’t deserved what he looking for,and by then he would know this too, (fix your over throw)

  64. Trade him. 2 1’s, a 1 and a 2, or a 1 and 2 3’s.

    Do whatever you have to at this point as the alternatives are too costly long term for the team.

    Give Andy a bump and extend his contract to 2 or 3 years, instead of the current 1. That keeps us from being in a weak position in trying to move up.

    I also like the Minsew idea added with Dinucci gives you a good group with some potential should you decide you don’t want to move up.

  65. First things first this is a business so if they trade him they have that right and leverage. People say Dak is mediocre but check the stats he has been right there with brees, brady Rogers etc…so I dont buy that. He makes this team better…dalton does not…but maybe dalton could do something with a new coach. Bottom line if players like Wentz deserve to get paid then so does Dak. He has been better every year but no one says anything about that. Wentz led his team to the playoffs and the backup took them to a superbowl. Dak has led his team every year, taken the hits and made the most of a schizo back and o line on injury rotation. The man 41 – 26 and wentz is 32 – 25 and cant stay healthy but he deserves to get paid dak doesnt….please ell me why I’ll wait….

  66. A divorce is coming in two years anyway. Damn if you do, damn if you don’t. Jerry should of signed Dak 2 years ago. Jerry definitely baffled this one. Badly. But at the same time Dak is too blame too, we can’t afford him now what makes you think we can in 2 years. I love Dak, I think you can win a Super Bowl with him. But not a Patrick Mahomes price. I look at it like this and be realistic. I don’t think we winning a Bowl with him making 38 Ms. I think Jerry thinks that too. Me as a Black man, putting Race in it is foolish to me. Jerry seened 0 TDs vs Saints, Eagles, Pats. And if we lose Dak we back to looking for a QB. So I say play this year out, trade him in the off season if we don’t win. Ether way we messed up. But also, Daks gonna fail without us. He’s not as good as he think he is. He needs a line, RB and WR. His defenses are gonna be terrible. We kept supreme talent around him.

  67. Name me the last quarterback to make it to the Superbowl that was making top five type quarterback money. It doesn’t happen! It doesn’t mean that that quarterback doesn’t play at a high level. It’s just that he is taking so much of the salary cap that an entire team cannot be built around him anymore. As much as I love former Texas Tech Patrick mahomes, their days of super bowls are probably over. Tom Brady is the closest to top five quarterback salaries and winning super bowls

  68. I like Dak but is he worth 40 mil a year? Pay Dalton half of that and get rid of Dak. We can find our new QB of the future. Dak isn’t worth 40 mil a year and handcuffing the Cowboys salary cap for years to come. Time to use and abuse Dak for a year or two and get rid of him. Cowboy Nation stay strong and let’s play some ball!

  69. Dak is a good QB and works within the offense, however he and the Cowboys are one hit from looking for another QB. Dak is gambling with the money that’s on the table and any money he can make in the future. Do you think the Cowboys will offer him the same contract or more next year if he gets hurt. Or will it be a bargain base contract. Why did his agent wait until the last moment before trying to get a contract done. If I was him and I get hurt I would put foot up his agents you know what. Pay him this year and put the exclusive tag on him next year, match it or get draft picks. In the meantime try to trade for Adams unless the Jets wants the bank.

  70. I’ve said for years hes a good not great QB.. hes not going to lead any team to a super bowl.. he needs a defense like trent dilfer had.. Hes had Elliott and still not really made a deep run.. he will make a great play then a bonehead throw that makes you consider why pay him… I like the Jacksonville mention earlier, not even mineshaw just the De and picks… I’m not a cowboys fan but Dak isnt even a tony Romo or danny white…

  71. I think his brother has burned the bridge personally, comments like that can’t go unnoticed with Stephen and Jerruh!!!! Jacksonville would definitely dance with us for a chance to overpay for mediocrity!!!!

  72. It seems that Dallas wants to win but not willing to d what is necessary. If Dark want who they wanted they should have paid and traded for Tom Brady. Being cheap is not the Cowboy way. Tom Laundry wouldnt have done it that way but Jerry…

  73. Absolutely trade him for those two first rounders and potentially a good player on either side of the ball. Take those two picks and trade up to the first pick and take Trevor Lawrence. Do that, and you got your QB. You’re set at WR, RB, and your OL.
    Easy peasy.

  74. I’ve been saying this for years. He’s not what he thinks he is. Trade him to the Lions. Let him rot out his career in motown. Then you’ll see how good he really is.

  75. Dallas fans are so spoiled.
    Dak is the #5 QB in the NFL.
    Oh, yeah, all you have to do is go draft any old QB and he will be top 5 ? And the total idiocy that Dalton can play after Cincinnati just dumped him for nothing? Oh, but to the insane Cowboys Nation, signing in Dallas makes you instantly great. Of course, the fans expect the QB they replace Dak with will play for nothing . After all, just being the Cowboys QB is pay enough…right? It is sacrilegious for that player to be want money.
    Only the insanely spoiled Cowboys fans would say to just toss that aside and believe the football Gods would simply give them another top 5 QB.
    What is really insane is Jerry seems to be as insane as the fans. Which is why he fired Jimmy Johnson and the team has spent decades without even a NFC championship game.
    Bottom line: getting rid of Dak is the same as getting rid of Jimmy Johnson. Do it and spend another 20 years waiting for next year.

    • I would definitely investigate what Dallas would get in return for trading Dak. Any good front office should do that. If Dallas received 2 first round draft picks for Dak Prescott and they were high draft picks I would absolutely make that trade provided I was going to get the college QB that I wanted. It saves salary cap problems and provides dallas enough draft picks next year to complete the roster. I don’t know if any NFL team would give up 2 high first round draft picks for Dak. I thought the Cowboys last offer to Dak was more than generous and I think Prescott is being greedy. Time to start looking at all options. You mention Jimmy Johnson. Jimmy won 2 super bowls and completely rebuilt the entire roster not to mention brought in a completely new attitude and work ethic to Dallas. Please tell me what has Dak done again that even comes close to any of what Jimmy did ??? Nothing. Don’t ever compare a hall of famer to Dak Prescott. Ever !!! Nobody wanted Jerry to get rid of Jimmy. We as fans did not want that. That was Jerry Jones ego. This is not ego with Dak. This is simply Dak being too damn greedy.

  76. Trade him away, if you can get 2 first round picks and a corner or de awesome go all in for Trevor lawerence that dude is gonna be the future of the nfl right there with Mahomes, he is a proven talent and winner he can play, but it is gonna be hard to get that #1 spot I think whoever has it wants Lawrence so they would have to give up like 3 first round picks to just move up and get him or if dalton works out even better sign him to deal like 3 years so you can get someone in the near future

  77. I am all for trading Dak. When two sides cannot come to an agreement, then it’s time to part ways. I like Dak; however, Dak is not a top five QB. He generated plenty of stats with short passes and plenty of help. 2019 was the only year in which Dak threw more long passes than ever. One should never sacrifice the team integrity for the benefit of one player. Football is after all a”Team Sport.” Dak is not worthy of the kind of money he is asking. Just because the top 5 QBs are getting paid a certain amount of money does not mean that Dak deserves their average pay. Dak is not even close to a Russell Wilson and yet he is demanding that amount of pay. Bye Dak and good luck elsewhere. Trade Dak now!!!

  78. Surprised this hasn’t happened already. He’s good but not as good as he seems to think he is, certainly not good enough to command what he’s demanding. Time for both sides to move on, the Cowboys will be just fine.

  79. I would trade Dak in a heartbeat. Why hamstring the team with a huge contract when he’s proven that he can’t take us to the next level?

  80. I’m all in on trading Dak for anything! He is gonna bring us down. Can’t beat a 500 team, with all this talent. Hey show him his money though. I remember him saying that its not about the money, when he took over as starter. It was about being a Cowboy, lmao

  81. Trade him, he will cost way to much… much more than what he’s worth. We’ve seen enough to know a mediocre QB when we see one and if you give him that money he will cripple the team in two ways.

  82. To start I like Dak, but if we have to have 5 year of cap hell to sign him then trade him. Anyone ranking QBs would tell you Dak is somewhere between 6-10 on there list. So if you can get a 1st and 3rd round or 1st and a position player and Dak wont sign a deal that wont put the Cowboys behind the 8 ball. Make the trade and we have Dalton to start. Don’t forget next year will be the first time the cap is probably going down due to revenue losses. Also the cowboys have done well in selecting qb in the past (Aikman, Romo, Dak, etc..)

  83. Trade him give Jerry the 100 million and put a another 500 cowboys team on the field. The fans and players deserve it.

    • Y’all all crazy (the ones saying trade) Dak is a quarter Back that has been improving over his 4 yr career he is better than most in his draft class Dallas has molded the team to him not Dolten whom in my opinion hasnt proven to me he could carry a team no where, speaking on his talent alone. So stop dogging Dak this affects another man’s money .

  84. Absolutely Trade Him! Him or his agent is not bright! You just folded down the stretch of a season where you had Superbowl aspirations! This guy cannot read coverage! He overthrows Michael Gallup EVERYTIME!!! HE Underthrows or misses everybody else on crucial 3rd downs! He threw for those yards largely in part to us being down 2-3 possessions against the good teams we played. Use Green Bay as an example ! He IS NOT worth it! This guy had Mississippi State #1 in the country and FOLDED! Just like he does now! He can pick up the first down on his legs sometimes no doubt!!! When he throws a pick or stalls in the red zone he walks off and sits down and puts his head down! Doesn’t watch tape like the greats! He doesn’t fire his offense up on the sideline! He just sits there emotionless!! He knows he’s not a Franchise QB… he’s trying to make as much as he can because he knows what he’s gonna do under pressure!!! I HOPE TO GOD HE PROVES ME WRONG!!! Because I’m a MF COWBOY!!! But Trade that man!!! Get Draft picks!! Go with Andy!!! Andy has never had this type of offense!!! Come week 8 when we are 4-4 Andy is gonna trot his Red headed ass on the field and I will be ecstatic!!! DC4L

  85. Anyone that repeatedly has to tell you they’re a fan of the player is lying. You are the one always writing “Dak Hate” articles. What is wrong with you?! Tired of all these ungrateful “fans” and Dallas Cowboys Writers. Andy Dalton is over the hill and done. The guy couldn’t score a TD in any of his Playoff games, just INTs! He’s a statue. He’s a backup now. Dak is gonna make you guys look stupid this season. Play around and you will get your next Connor Cook or Paxton Lynch or Manziel. Keep complaining and the QB Hell/Purgatory will happen and you have Washington’s record or New York’s. Think of that. Brian, just admit you are a hater and own it. You’ll feel better. At least you’ll be real in that instance.
    PS.- Read Danny Phantom’s 20 Reasons Dallas Made A Mistake With Dak Prescott article. That’s how a real fan writes!

  86. I agree ir hurts but Dak doesnt worth all this money, se need team players and it’s all about salary cap.

    Money players doesnt fit!!

    Giveba shot to Andy and get some draft picks for a young cheap and tallented qb and reforce our def

  87. A trade sounds great in make believe land! Why would JAX pass on drafting Lawrence, still have another 1st plus another high pick when Ngakoue is traded.

  88. Dak told his Mom that one day he was gonna be the Quaterback of the Dallas Cowboys, he also said that money was never why he played football but it turns out he decided to chase the mighty dollar rather than to be satisfied with the many millions he was gonna get. Do the right thing next year or go worship mammon!

  89. I would definitely investigate what Dallas would get in return for trading Dak. Any good front office should do that. If Dallas received 2 first round draft picks for Dak Prescott and they were high draft picks I would absolutely make that trade provided I was going to get the college QB that I wanted. It saves salary cap problems and provides dallas enough draft picks next year to complete the roster. I don’t know if any NFL team would give up 2 high first round draft picks for Dak. I thought the Cowboys last offer to Dak was more than generous and I think Prescott is being greedy. Time to start looking at all options.

  90. I would be fone with trading Dak but tgen you have to rely on an older version of Andy Dalton who hasnt proven anyrhing in what 10 yeats and never has won a playoff game . Sure we didnt win many winnable games last season but it wasn’t all on Dak . It was mainly tge defense and our coaching efforts . Dak is only 26 years old and still learning and under MvCarthy will get better and better. The faults that he has can easily be corrected like holding on to tge ball too long and accuracy comes with working with receivers and timing and footwork .Dak can be a championship QUATERBACK he is young durable having never missed a game and dependable and a great teammate. If you can get first and or second round picks and or a great defensive player then yes trade hom but anything else wpuld be suicide . Should have signed him last year for Jared Goff and Carson Wentz money and guarantees

  91. Dak is not worth over 35 million a year. I would trade him and get some good picks. Then they get their QB in next years draft. Andy Dalton can be their QB until the new QB is ready to start.

  92. Trade, trade, trade!!! It couldn’t come fast enough. The problem is I think the whole league thinks hes just an average player. Because that’s exactly what he is. Not even a top 10 qb.

  93. They should’ve put the exclusive tag this year and let the market determine his worth. Someone willing to pay more than Dallas offered, then let him go and take the draft picks.

  94. That’s why Dak needs to go to a team and fanbase that he will be appreciated. If I am Dak,ask to be traded to New Orleans or Indianapolis. Dak need to screwed Dallas and hit free agency in 2021 and go home and sign with the Saints. Fuck Dallas,coming from a Cowboys fan. Let them have Dalton and find their other franchise quarterback in 10 years.Fuckin Dak.

    • Dak is average at best and cannot carry a team on his shoulders. Before Amari, he couldn’t even pass for over 200 yards a game. I understand JJ is a shrewd negotiator and probably takes stuff too personal but I just cant bring myself to respect Dak. They offered the money he wanted but it was all about the years, Dallas wanted 5, he wanted 4 (in order to market himself again). This is not a franchise qb who thinks of creating something special just a another sad sack who got knocked out in a parking lot in college, looking for a payday. Its a business yes, but there is also a love for being great, creating something great, which clearly he doesn’t have. Eat shit dak. Hope I’m proved wrong but likely not..

    • SCREW Dak with him being borderline at best, yea your right tho, let him go to another franchise in mess them up

  95. Dak was given a fair offer and his refusal has cost the Cowboys too much.
    It’s time to get the most possible for this primadonna and he can talk about chicken nuggets in someone else’s huddle.

  96. Trade him if you can get 2 #1 picks, get your new Qb next year in the draft. Dalton will be fine for a few years with all of the offensive talent and staff. Dak you over estimated your value, you forgot there’s no I in team, especially not in Dallas! Bye, bye lucrative endorsement deals!

  97. People, you’re crying about Dak getting paid when you have half ass quarterbacks like Goff or Rothelsburger making that money and they play like shit. So he should suffer when his time has come around. Get a grip. The man wins and will continually get better and win even with a dumbass up front like JJ!

    • That’s our argument, you don’t over pay QBs that not worth it. If its a lie you told it Roethisberger & Joff

  98. Dak has forgotten where he came from, he’s an average qb with no deep ball! I just dislike the fact that he thinks he’s irreplaceable. This has all gotten to his head!

    Trade Him.

  99. Eagles won super bowl with Nick Foles. It’s a team sport, everyone needs to quit thinking it takes a superstar QB: Pay no more than 10% of your cap to a qb.

  100. The majority of you Dak haters have a low football IQ
    You would rather trade Dak and spend another 4 to 5 years at the 8-8, 9-7 level. Dalton is a BACKUP and as a starter mediocre at best. Prescott has better stats in his first 4 years than Aikman and Romo in their first 4 years.
    I know it’s hard for you to believe but football is entertainment and the performers should get paid accordingly to their performance and Dak HAS PERFORMED WELL.
    JJ got a bargain with Prescott with his rookie deal and SHOULD HAVE gave him a healthy extension in his third year but choose to wait and see and now he has to pay the the man.

  101. A new coach needs a new quarterback!! Time to trade Prescott! He has not lead the Cowboys to a Division Championship or Super Bowl!! Romo had less weapons!! He made things happen!!

    • Prescott has two division titles in 4 years. If wanna hate, hate with factual data please. And would you like me to run the list of QB’s who haven’t brought Super Bowl championships in their first 4 years? I’ll need a few reams of paper to get that started … it starts with names like Peyton Manning, Dan Marino, and goes on and on …

  102. At the end of the day football is a business. You wouldn’t go to McDonald’s and pay $1,000 for Big Mac because that doesn’t make sense. I am a Cowboys fan and I know they will not win if they overpay Dak Prescott, it doesn’t happen in the NFL today. I don’t care what you think you’re owed it’s what you deserve. Prescott didn’t even make the top 100 list that was voted on by all of his peers . Also everyone seems to be leaving out the amount of money that the face of the Dallas Cowboys makes in endorsement deals.

  103. There’s no way anyone gonna give up a first round pick for a slightly above average qb that’s demanding top dollar. That’s a Cowboys fan pipe dream.

    • I am as done with Dak as Dak was done with Romo in his text while still in college. Except Tony was trying to win games by trying to do too much for the team to win when they didnt have the supporting talent they do now. Dak’s demands are all well and good until it affects the TEAM overall. (See Brady, Mahomes, Titans running back Derrick Henry, and others that have structured contracts for the team best interest) Dak has not put the team on his back and lifted it better than the sum of its parts. Dak IS AN IMPORTANT PART, but just that a part of a team of very good players. A team that has underperformed habitually. The quarterback is supposed to be the one to lift a team on the field to be better than the sum of their parts. Yes he has put up numbers, WITH THE ASSISTANCE OF HIS TEAM MATES. He is a good player, but not the difference maker to demand he gets paid over the rest of the team it takes to support him. They dont need two #1’s, one would do the trick. I rather they didnt, but like he said when he was at Miss. State. I can’t make excuses for him anymore, I would bet that his mother if still here would be advising him differently. The money that was offered and the endorsements he gets here versus other places, plus the quality of supporting cast. He is being greedy, we have not seen that in his character before now. If he is changing off the field from what we have seen, how long before that changed perspective begins to affect his on field performances too?

      • Thanks for a relevant post Mason. Pretty spot on. I might disagree only in that I think you’re right about him not necessarily making other players better, but I do think that other players look to him for leadership and that he delivers in that regard, and that he can have those guys believing they can make that final drive or convert that particular play. But it’s fair to wonder if any other players might be changing their opinion based on how this is playing out (though I doubt it … the players generally have a strong brotherhood).

  104. Dak is not a championship caliber qb. I saw most of his games when he played for Mississippi State. 0-4 against Bama. When we lost to the 0-4 Jets, is when I pulled the plug on Dak. I knew he was not the one taking us to the promise land! Remember when Kurt Warner stepped in when the Rams lost there starting qb and win the Super Bowl!

  105. I am all for trading Prescott since he is all for himself and not the team. They have offered him plenty and let’s see what he can do with another team.

  106. He has not gotten better every year. Look at his numbers. What does your eye test tell you when you watch this guy against better competition? He is below .500 when playing good teams. His yardage totals come when they are playing catch up.
    I have been saying trade him ever since he signed his tag. I like him as a top 15 QB and that’s the top end of what he’s done so far. In fact, I was in w Dalton before Dak signed. I want a deep team not waste 20% of cap on one guy that is barely a Top 15 QB. If we can get a couple picks for Dak right now YOU DO IT! He will walk away next year or the year after anyway. IF…..we somehow can get a first round pick for next year and a couple of Third round picks or starting players YOU DO THIS NOW!
    Am I a fan of Dak’s toughness and good guy(ish) image… bet. BUT, this contract was very fair and Dak and his agent snubbed their nose at it. I’m all for players getting “theirs”, but this offer wasn’t a kick in the cherries. We can’t pay top dollar for a QB that hasn’t done much w as most say is one of the most talented roster in the league.
    Please trade him and get something for him while we can.

  107. This is a ridiculous post! Not because I don’t think trading Dak makes sense for Dallas but because NO team is going to give them 1 much less 2 1st round picks now because Dak cannot negotiate a new contract with any team until the beginning of the 2021 league year. If Dallas was going to trade Dak it would have happened before the deadline. What a dumb post!

  108. LOL!!!! Wow so it’s really that easy to get a NFL qb? Really mmmm … amazing …What if they miss on Lawrence ? Then what? Oh the team is so good just plug and play right? I mean seriously I know some of you guys can step right in and win 8 games …. Dak will be a Cowboy… Romo whispering in his ear….. now that one is killer

  109. So Dak gives us four good years for peanuts and now it’s time to pay him y’all want to trade him for Sam Darnold who hasn’t done anything yet. And Andy Dalton hasn’t won anything either. Why you idiots wasn’t complaining when Tony Romo was getting paid and he played in how many playoff games.

  110. This kind of question is purely idiotic. Trade Dak then Cowboys in the cellar for another 20 years.

  111. It seems prudent to stick with him this 5th year with the improved defense, more offensive weapons, and a proven coaching staff. The Cowboys should be poised to make a legitimate run at the SB this year.

    Do I think Prescott is worth $31.4 million this year. ABSOLUTELY NO! He’s won 1 playoff game in 4 years. They went 8-8 last year and didn’t make the playoffs. Tom Brady reportedly signed a 2-year deal for $50 million plus $9 million in incentives. So Prescott is making $6.4 million more in guaranteed money this year than Tom Brady. UNBELIEVABLE!

    I say give Prescott the helm this year if JJ and company are willing to pay that overrated salary. If they don’t win the SB this year then let him sign with another team next year, give Andy Dalton the helm, and draft you future QB.

  112. Trade Dak hell no, for what this man has proven himself over and over keep balling Dak Show them what you made of, this man will be on a mission. A person that have that type of demeanor and pause on and off the field dangerous man go get that mvp Dak and prove it why Jerry Jones and Stephen Jones should have paid you your money this Louisiana native have that chip on his shoulder go Dak.

    • Mane i dnt care what Dak do this year ,its the Cowboys supporting cast around him, He should play well & get us to the SB., & if im JJ i still won’t over pay him. I’ll replace him b4 i overpay him

  113. Let him go. Hasn’t done much other that rack up numbers, but numbers don’t win games…play offs superbowls. I am disappointed in his greedy nature which i didn’t think he had. But he is no different than players his age thinking they are undeserving.

  114. Most comments make sense. Dak thinks he’s Aaron Rodgers which he is not even top 10 in the nfl. Get real and realize the talent around you makes him the stat producer he is. His QB IQ is not there and his athletic ability only goes so far. Move on from someone who did what he could to get rich. Let some other sucker pay him. Trade while he has value. What did the panthers get for Cam?

  115. Jones & his dimwit son couldn’t put a Super Bowl Championship team together if their lives depended on it. Dak will walk & the Cowboys will still be third rate.

  116. Jerry Jones needs to see who will give him the best offer in exchange for Dak Prescott. Prescott will never be Accurate or Consistent. The Offense Receivers will continue to do juggling act to get to the ball. Prescott the majority of the time under throws or over throws or he’s intercepted. I read an article that there’s 5 teams that they are happy that the Cowboys and Prescott couldn’t come to an agreement. If it’s true that there’s 5 teams looking for Prescott then the time is perfect to trade Prescott in a Heart Beat. The Cowboys will still be in great shape with Andy Dalton and Ben DiNucci.

  117. Trade DAk now
    Trade him now and you can get back value
    If other teams know he’s gonna just be a FA soon they won’t compensate fully
    He’s gonna leave soon anyway
    And we’ll be left with nothing.
    He’s strapping our cap and we can’t sign anyone.
    Really bad situation right now

    • mane you right trade him now. I don’t think he’s better than Andy Dalton & if so he’s not that much better. I guarantee Andy will do better than 8-8, & then we will have draft picks for Dak & we wont be held hostage & we can go out & get a player like Jamal Adams & if Andy don’t play good enough get the best free agent out there withtout over paying him & draft one in the 1st round

  118. Yes trade him he is not worth the money he is asking for just let him go and wish him good luck somewhere else

  119. The Cowboys haven’t won since Aikman. Get rid of Dak as the same Romo couldn’t win either. Give Dalton a chance that he deserves and get rid of the greedy cry baby Dak.

  120. CLICKBAIT!!!
    I see what you’re trying to do Brian.
    NO team is going to trade without Prescott being under contract. And with Dak showing that he only cares about money and not the team why would anyone want him. Andy D has just as good of stats and did it with a poor team. Look at Jamal Adams on the last year of the contract and wants a ton of money. And the Jets wanting a first and a third he’s not worth it.
    No one has grabbed him up for that very reason.
    I have a feeling Prescott won’t be a Cowboy next year because they only have 11 million left under the cap. And haven’t even sigh they’re rookies and other players that’s going to take 7 million of the 11. So they won’t have the cap to pay the 37 million it will take to tag him again next year.

    • Yes they will DALLAS can do a sign & trade b4 the trading deadline .The problem with this is do any team thinks he worth what he’s asking

  121. Dalton didn’t win a dan thing in Cincinnati now
    He is better than Dak. Tony Romo got a boat load of money because he sucked up to Jerry. Dak got paid chump change for (3) years . The cowboys are not going to SB as long as jj is in charge with or without Dak. None of us know
    What was the reason the deal did not get done.
    I am a lifelong cowboy fan and until jj takes a dirt nap they are not going anywhere especially with the Wisconsin state trooper as head coach who also sucked up to jj. So many talented coaches available but none wants to suck up to jj. So let Dak go and be successful elsewhere and let the circus continue in Jerry world.

  122. Ben Miller is right we can’t even entertain trade offers till after next yr. For those saying that we couldn’t afford the 38 mi franchise tag next yr that’s not true. It would take restructuring some contracts, but could be done. It’s the 2022 54 mi tag we can’t afford. Lets objectively look at the options for the cowboys. We could approach this like a 2 yr contract pay the tag next yr as well and see what happens that gives us a 2 yr window with our talented roster, then we could draft the “best available” QB in next yrs draft and start him the following yr after Dak leaves. Or we could let Dak walk after this yr sign Dalton to a reasonable 2 yr contract and again develop the young drafted QB. (and Dalton who I think is at best above avg. will be another yr past his prime) but that might be enuf if the rest of the team is talented. Or we could attempt to sign Dak to a long term next yr (which apparently most guys in here oppose) but that would cost us ALOT of money. Personally I don’t think Dak is worth what he is asking for but I also think he is only 26 and has some room to grow and it’s not inconceivable that he gets to the next level. Disagree that a very good to a elite QB isn’t necessary for a team to get to the super bowl. Look at the past 15 SBs and see who the starting QBS were. Most teams had great QB play or elite defenses. Lastly we could explore trade options. after next yr. but that requires a team that can absorb the 38 mil cap hit, requires a team that wants or needs Dak and requires a team that Dak is willing to play for not to mention that team will more then likely need to agree to Dak asking price. That’s a lot of requirements so not so easy of an option. In closing see a lot of posts saying we can just move up and get the #1 pick and draft Lawrence oh really that easy huh. No team is gonna give up the chance to draft a franchise QB whether its Lawrence or Fields. The Cowboys will most likely not pick in the top 10 so that eliminates a franchise type QB (unless they can get a blockbuster deal for draft picks in a trade). though I do think the cowboys need to draft their QB of the future in the next few yrs So many scenarios at play here. Which one sounds best?

  123. I totally get those who think Dak is greedy and isn’t worth his asking price. But consider this how many 4TH ROUND ROOKIES have made the pro bowl while taking their team to the playoffs and while having a borderline MVP season ( 26 tds 4 int ). He’s a 2 time pro bowler who has been to the playoffs in 2 of his 4 yrs. (one win in 2019 where he played well). Most QBs take a large chunk of a teams cap space but as a 4th rounder for 4 yrs he has performed way beyond anyone’s expectations and as a 4th rounder played for peanuts (allowing the team to use that money in other areas) He is 26 yrs old and its entirely possible that he could continue to improve. Has he underperformed in some key game absolutely. Just don’t understand all the hate. He has represented the cowboys with pure class for 4 yrs (know that’s not important for some but it is to me). Just think a little gratitude is in order. Again this isn’t an endorsement for signing him, I do think like most pro athletes chasing their first big contract he is being greedy.

  124. I have been a fan all my life from age of 9 yrs old l am 58 now.l like dak. Yes we all can use some inprovement.but l believe dak is a cowboy. Lutz keep him in our with him and we will be alright. We have a good team now. Let’s not blow it.

  125. Dak is a mediocre QB at best, JJ is already overpaying as it is. I say trade him your bound to get 2 1st or a 1st n acouple of 2nd rounders.

  126. Prescott beat two teams with a winning record last year the Eagles and the Rams he isn’t that good he always shines against inferior competition like the Dolphins the Redskins the Giants but when he plays good teams they get their butts handed to them I’m a Cowboy fan get rid of him

  127. This is a perfect situation to get a team orientated QB.
    DAK is a good QB, but if you have to go through this childish” I’m the best QB in the NFL. It’s not worth the aggravation. Don’t get me started but Zeke is next on the list for me. Zeke balls for Zeke!! Not a team player.

  128. I have much more of a problem giving the immature Zeke a huge contract then I would Dak. The QB position is much more important then the RB position, and RBs start to decline in about the 5th yr( Zeke is in 5th yr) whereas QBs can and often do peak in their late 20s (Dak is only 26)

  129. I don’t understand why they haven’t paid Dak Prescott. But Dak, by not taking the contract offer last year, missed out on 30 million plus. no matter what kind of contract he is eventually does get that 30 million offer is gone and he will never make that up

  130. You guys are some jokes. You want to trade away the only consistent player on the team. Stay out of your racist feelings. We have a QB that’s capable of taking us to the top and you yoyo’s want to trade him. I would love to see what you numb nuts want to replace him with. I guess we will never get rid of Good ole boy network. Paid Tony a boatload of money for mediocrity for 9 years. Now we have a younger better version and you nuts want to trade him. Why not just trade Zeke , Amari , and a few more since we in to getting draft picks. Man we have some stupid ass fans.

  131. 100% trade this guy that would be a bum on a team without the line & weapons that we have.

    He padded his stats against losing teams got crushed against good teams & chokes in big games.

    Try to land some 1st rounders to get a shot at Trevor Lawrence which I thought they should have done last year to try & land Joe Burrow!

    If Dak was in Cincinnati like Dalton with the teams that Dalton had he would be horrific!
    Dalton would be a better fit in D than Dak!


  132. They should have traded him for picks, sign Cam, and drafted Jalen Hurts in second round before Philly. Dak is not worth 35 million and with his contract you bankrupt the salary cap. Remember with the season on the line he put up 9 points against a decimated Philly team. “You are what you record says you are”.—-Bill Parcels Cowboys with Dak 8-8. 1-6 against playoff teams

    • Totally out of context, but nice try! Parcels was talking about “team” not an individual because he understands it’s a team game.

      I also remember the time (also against the Eagles) with the season on the line that he won the game in overtime on a great individual effort.

      This is the classic attempt to skew statistics and/or quotes and their meaning. Why not cover Dak’s a entire career in your analysis/reasoning (cough!)? Where he is the 2nd winningest WB in the league? Where he owns a winning record against this division? Where he owns a winning record against his conference?

      So to follow your “logic”, he is what his record says he is … a winner!

      If you’re going to try to discredit him, you need to be a little sharper than that.

  133. Wow! U guys have short Memories. Romo was given 2 large contracts before accomplishing anything. This guy … Dak, gas paid his due by fulfilling his contractual obligation and betting on himself. He has earned every dollar coming to him … Romo had a chance to help this team resign RB Murray and chose not too. The Jones have backed themselves into a hole by not extending Dak prior to 2019. Now, they wanted him to give them a discount when they have benefited for 4 years … Getting top 10 QB play for a grand total of $4 million. Get your money Dak

  134. Why is it that a black man has to take less this is a bunch of opinions from racist white dudes what else could it be the only QB he hasn’t outplayed since he’s been in the league is Tom Brady that is a helluva accomplishment of course you’d say you’re not racist which is a bunch of bs, Dak has played his butt off he has put the Cowboys back in the SB conversation since his first season as the starter No you just can’t see a black man leading your precious America Team nonetheless you can hate all you like Dak isn’t going anywhere like it or not there will be a black man leading your precious America Team for years to come Dak didn’t take that bs contract that tells me not only is he black he’s also a smart black man and what I like about it the most is that it is killing some of you racist human being hip hip perray for Dak I’m loving this in closing your opinion don’t mean a damn thing because he’s going home with 31mills for one year hate on that

  135. Hell Yes trade Dak! He can’t make throws on 3rd and 4 or 4th and 4 with game on the line! We want Trey Lance! He is a baller! 28 touchdowns 0 picks! Randy Hedberg as QB coach, same one who trained Carson Wentz. He would be cheaper than Lawrence and better!

  136. As a long time Cowboys fan since 1963, it saddens me to see how people has thrown Dak Prescott under the bus. He has played for little of nothing for 4 years and has accomplished a lot to keep the team competitive. Should he continue to play quality football but receive cheap pay? DO UNTO DAK, AS YOU WANT DAK TO DO UNTO THE COWBOYS! I’m just saying!

  137. Cowboys will be back at the negotiation table this time next year. Dak will sign Tag again aka Kirk Cousins. Groundhog day.

  138. Well well well let me stir up the pot. I’ll try to trade him get what I can for him let Andy Dalton start this season. If Andy can get us to nfc championship game I’ll give him a long term contract. But if he dont. I’m getting in touch with green Bay for Aaron Rodgers before we pull the trigger I’m have convo with Aaron rodgers agents can play for McCarthy can we squash everything

  139. The Cowboys will not trade Dak. He too valuable to the franchise. Cowboys will sign Dak long term before they let him walk in free agency. Cowboys have no options.

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