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Slater: Cowboys’ Dak Prescott Looking to Get Paid “Right Behind Patrick Mahomes”

It's the story that will continue to be a story until the and reach an agreement and no longer make their contract negotiations the talk of the town in the 2021 . However, until then, we'll continue to get nuggets and details of the negotiations played out through the media.

Jane Slater of the brought the latest on the Dak Prescott negotiations via the Dan Patrick Show.

On the show, Slater revealed that Prescott and his representatives are looking for Prescott's new long-term contract to come in right behind . Her source with the team indicated that Prescott and his representatives are looking for a “respectable offer.”

Now of course, what a respectable offer is certainly up for debate. The team has felt they've made good enough offers over the last couple of years and Prescott's side has disagreed. And while it would have been nice to get their franchise under contract for $30 million a year two years ago, with the way the quarterback market has exploded over the last year, from Prescott's perspective, it's hard to argue he and his representatives haven't made the right decision.

If Prescott is looking to come in right behind Mahomes, as the report suggests, that could mean one of two things.

In terms of average annual value, Mahomes current deal is good for $45 million a year. Second in the NFL in terms of average annual value is at $39 million a year. So his representatives could be asking for an average annual value greater than $40 million a year and inching closer to $44 million in average annual value.

However, “right behind” could also mean simply beating Watson's deal that he signed just before the .

Not even the biggest Dak Prescott fan could argue that Prescott is worth more than Patrick Mahomes and it seems his representatives are aware of that as well. But, you can't rule out Prescott getting more than Watson from the Cowboys based on the similarities of the two quarterback's resumes.

Per Game Table
Passing Rushing
Rk Player From To Cmp Att Yds TD Int Sk Yds Att Yds TD
1 Dak Prescott 2016 2020 21.9 33.2 255.6 1.5 0.6 2.1 12.9 3.8 19.0 0.3
2 Deshaun Watson 2017 2020 22.0 32.4 269.2 1.9 0.7 3.2 19.4 5.7 31.1 0.3
Provided by View Stathead Tool Used
Generated 3/1/2021.

Despite playing in 15 fewer games than Prescott, Watson has nearly as many interceptions and28 more than the Cowboys quarterback. Watson certainly has the in per game passing numbers, but the Cowboys have the edge on the Texans in winning percentage with their quarterbacks. The Cowboys have won 60% of their games with Dak Prescott at quarterback. The Texans have won just 52% of Deshaun Watson's starts.

Jane Slater's source also mentioned that “it's laughable” that the Cowboys would entertain a with the for Quarterback Russell Wilson. The Cowboys are “still trying to truly get this long-term deal done.”

There is still time for the two sides to come to an agreement on a long-term contract before the Cowboys have to use the on March 8th. The tag in 2021 will be $37.7 million and if in place by the time starts, will hinder the Cowboys' ability to get anything done in the early stages. This is why it's vital that the two sides locked in an agreement before they can begin negotiating with outside on March 15th.

John Williams
John Williams
Dallas Cowboys optimist bringing factual, reasonable takes to Cowboys Nation and the NFL Community. I wasn't always a Cowboys fan, but I got here as quick as I could. Make sure you check out the Inside The Cowboys Podcast featuring John Williams and other analysts following America's Team.

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Jefferson W

Trade Dak. He’s a cancer on this team.

Michael Lindsey

I dunno, the Deshaun Dak comparison not quite fair. As bad as the clapper was and I think Mccarthy is average Bill O’brien was horrendously worse and worse then The Jones’s as player personnel decisions. The Texans are a joke. I think Dak is very good but I just have serious doubt that he can come anywhere close to mahomes level but that’s what he is saying. I admire Daks belief in himself vs the Jones family but damn son your a 3rd draft pick so stop being self deluded and just get what you can. Full disclosure I’m a Eagles fan so it be best for us if Dak does get what he wants so cowboys are hamstrung cap wise.

Don Howard

If Jerry pays Dak 40 mil or anything thing around that his family if they care for him at all need get him to a hospital and have him checked for a brain tumor or parasite or something because he has lost his mind


$40M/yr = you are either a COWBOY fan or Dak fan (pick one/can’t have both).

I pick the COWBOYS.


I get it. The years between Aikman and Room were awful so maybe Jerry has an affinity for Dak because of that. But also if our cap floor is $180 mil paying 1 player $40 mil does the whole team no good. Were in position to draft a QB being in the top 10 I’d say Trey Lance or Mac Jones should be there. I say draft a QB top 10 and resign Dalton or sign Alex Smith or Ryan Fitzpatrick to be bridge QBs until the #10 pick is ready.


Well well well , EXACTLY what I’ve said he was wanting before this report even came out , what a joke

2nd highest paid QB and yet Imo, he’s just 10th on my list of QBs rn , and I could argue Tannehill is better as he had the 2nd highest QBR last year only behind the MVP Aaron Rodgers ,

He’s not the 2nd best QB and you can throw out the D Watson stats all you want , you can’t deny that Dak for at least his first 2 years had a BY FAR better team than Watson , Dak Rookie year , best O-Line in NFL , best RB in NFL not even close , and a decent D and pretty good receivers , STOP THE COMP OF THEM 2

The thing is Dak is playing his cards , he knows hey , I was on track for 7000 passing yards “wasn’t gonna get that ” and on pace for 40+ TDs this year “not likely gonna get it ” so why not strike while the iron’s hot ?

And as far as this report goes , stuff like this doesn’t get REPORTED OUT OF THE BLUE this was purposefully done , the only ppl who would know details on this contract is Dak , his agent , and Jerry and Stephen , we know Dak and his agent wouldn’t do this as that could alienate us fans , SO THE PPL WHO LEAKED THIS HAD TO BE JERRY AND STEPHEN either that , or this report was made up , do you think Jane Slater would make this up ?

So why would Jerry and Stephen do this ? To expose Dak and his agent as the greedy SOBs they are , by doing this , they hope they can get fans on their side , and it’s working for me

If they sign Dak not only to this making him 2nd highest paid QB which at this point I doubt will happen , but also get him on this deal with only 4 years on deal , I am going to DISOWN the Cowboys till Dak is gone

Now why do I doubt a deal will be done ?

Cuz Dak and his agent knows that the only ppl who could leak this is Jerry and Stephen , which means once again , as I’ve said before , BAD BLOOD is brewing between the 2 to the point Imo of no return , I think Dak will be tagged I think this puts a END TO ANY LONG TERM CONTRACT COMING TOGETHER AT THIS POINT , and you know what ?


Peter Heath

Dak before injured – 9 Tds 4 Int 3 fumbles lost. Prorate 16 games 36 TDs 16 INT`s 12 Fumbles. 40 mil a year guy???. Dak has slightly better numbers than Goff expect for playoffs (Goff 3-3 Dak 1-2). Goff is getting killed in media for making 30 plus.
Pay him and gut your team.

Jack Kennedy

kick him to curb ……….. broken leg may never be good to go at even 80%, ever again

and he is not a leader …………

James Vargas

I insist Dak and his agent are a pair of selfish guys. DP makes around 50 m a year in endorsements as he is the Dallas QB. I am really tired of him. So i’m ok to let him go….

Bob Johnson

Not getting too personal like some of these comments, Dak’s a decent QB but so far he hasn’t been able to bring it home like a Rogers or Brady can. He’s overall better than Romo bc of his youth and running abilities but what holds him back is his inaccuracies (throwing behind the receivers) and pocket awareness (fumbles since his rookie year). The Cowboys can win with Dak but the defense will have to play like they did under Jimmy Johnson area or The Pittsburgh Steelers of the 70s. I just don’t understand why the media is not talking about Matt Jones of Alabama. I think he’s a sleeper QB. His numbers were excellent especially in the championship game and he’s predicted to go late 1st or early 2nd. I say if we can’t get Justin Fields at 10th then maybe trade back for 2 1st rounds, take M. Jones and that much needed tackle to replace Tyron Smith.

Stephen Shore

Dak has never been able to push the ball down the field. His accuracy on any throw beyond 20 yards is not too 10 level.

The Cowboys know this and I don’t think that they will allow themselves to get suckered into a bad deal with Dak


Hit the road jack! All you are is a stat machine. You have never lifted this team in times when it was not at full strength and have regularly failed to do anything special against decent teams. Dallas does not need you to succeed and sinking money into your black hole of greed and self aggrandizement is only going to cripple this team for years to come. Get out!

Don Howard

You read all the comments on these websites and I would say the fans are 75-25 let Dak go but if you read and listen to the talking heads you would think all the fans want Dak but I don’t think that’s true


0 QBs have won a SB while eating up 15% of the teams cap or more … time to let this dude walk


Plan at qb is to draft one, Mac Jones will be there and is a better option than paying Dak Prescott …



Then last year , the Texans made a DUMB ASS trade of D-Hop for a injury prone RB and a IRRELEVANT pick , gonna lose Fuller to FA , and they still trash IN EVERY POSITION besides QB



Actually , I was wrong about Watson in AFC championship game , he faced Mahomes in divisional round , still were up 28 though


Dak is young for the quarterback position and will get better.. a Watson deal they should make it all day everyday the QB market is dumb but to think it’s gonna get lower is crazy.. Good young smart QB with a lot of motivation to prove all these non believers wrong .. I believe he has the tools to be great I mean really great

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