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Stephen Jones: Cowboys to make ‘compelling case’ to lure Odell Beckham Jr. to Dallas

As of late, there seems to be a constant stream of new developments related to the Cowboys' pursuit of This past week, a different member of the Cowboys organization spoke up each day about how excited they would be to have OBJ join the team. The latest among those is Director of Player Personnel, .

In an appearance on Sirius XM NFL Radio on Friday, Jones removed any doubt about the Cowboys intentions when it comes to bringing Beckham to Dallas.

“But, certainly, we're always open to making our team better,” Jones said, “To have a guy like Odell Beckham if he's recovered from his knee, which it sounds like he has, is a great way to make your team better. So it's natural that we would have interest in that. And certainly, like any free agent, he can go anywhere he wants in terms of all 32. But we want to make our compelling case. And certainly at the end of the day it's about business as well. So we'll just roll up our sleeves and see if there's an opportunity for us to put a star on Odell's helmet.”

Stephen Jones did not reveal many details about what types of offers would be included in a “compelling case” made to OBJ. Based on the receiver's most recent statements on the topic, an offer would definitely have to include a multi-year deal in a place that he could make his home.

The Competition for Odell Beckham Jr.

Recent statements made by stars of other teams might also shed light on what those who consider themselves close to Beckham believe it would take to lure him in. On Friday, Giants running back Saquon Barkley told reporters that he had spent time with the coveted receiver at Odell's 30th birthday party. When asked for details on what he might have said to OBJ about returning to the Giants, Barkley responded with a smile, “I saw Micah [Parsons] tweet something at him,” and later added, “I don't have to tweet at him.” Barkley went on to mention that an OBJ homecoming in New York would be a great story and that there are familiar faces in the locker room who would be excited for his return.

The presence of old teammates could certainly carry weight, but Beckham has connections in Texas, too. In response to a tweet from Cowboys , OBJ mentioned that he has family in Texas. In the past, he has also referred to former Cowboys star wide receiver and DeSoto, TX resident as “like a brother of mine.”

Two-time champion also made bold moves to bring OBJ onto the . In a recent appearance on The Pivot, the linebacker revealed that had arranged phone conversations between Beckham and Bills Brandon Beane. “I've had him on the phone with the general manager,” Miller said, “Beane sees it the same way that I see it.” Miller and Beckham were teammates last year, both making significant contributions to the ' Super Bowl victory. Miller described OBJ as a “brother” and detailed how they've grown closer since their friendship began at the 2014 NFL .

“I wouldn't try to get him to come here if we didn't have a chance,” said Miller. “I take a look at this team and I see a spot for OBJ. Not just on the field, but off the field. I see him having success, and not just team success … I've been recruiting him. I've [given] him the spiel. If he wants to come here, it's because he wants to come here. He's going to be happy because he made that choice for himself, and if he doesn't, it's all love.”

If it's success off the field as well as on it that Odell Beckham Jr. is looking for, there are plenty of examples of former Cowboys players who were able to leverage their association with America's Team to build flourishing careers in various industries even after they played their last snap and hung up their cleats.

While it's normal for to deliver headline-worthy soundbites, other personnel going public with their intentions is a sign that competition for OBJ is getting aggressive. However, as updates continue to make their way to the public one tweet at a time, the most important update has been somewhat delayed. Earlier this month, it was estimated that Odell Beckham Jr. would get medical clearance by Friday. That medical clearance has yet to be announced. As a matter of fact, there have been no related status updates at all. If the current interest in these on-goings are any indication, once that update is released, regardless of what his status is, the news is certain to make waves.

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