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Stephen Jones: “He’s Ahead Of Schedule And Rolling”

The Dallas Cowboys took an unexpected and ugly turn when Dak Prescott suffered a season-ending ankle in Week 5 against the . Although the team was struggling with a 2-3 record, Prescott was performing at an even higher level than he did in 2019 (his 1,856 passing yards led the NFL at the time).

Cowboys COO Stephen Jones made his weekly appearance on 105.3 The Fan on Friday. The GBag Nation took some time to check on the latest surrounding Prescott's recovery and Jones provided this update.

“I haven't run into Dak in the last couple of weeks,” Jones said. “What I do is get these amazing reports on how he's doing. It shouldn't come as any surprise. He does everything to the 9s and the 10s, he just does it the very best. He's been so diligent in his rehab, and that shouldn't surprise anybody. They said (the team's medical staff), if anything, he's ahead of schedule and rolling. We expect him to have a full recovery. He avoided any of the complications that come anytime you have a bone that breaks the skin. You worry about infections and he certainly avoided any of that. We're just fortunate to have a guy like Dak. It's been tough not having him out there because his is right at the top with his skill, and what he brings to the table as a quarterback in the NFL.”

The Cowboys has taken a significant dip in production in Prescott's absence. In the first five games, they averaged 488 yards and 32.6 points. That has gone down to 279 yards and 10.3 points per game with , , and under .

Prescott is expected to make a full recovery. Once he does return to the field the biggest elephant in the room will be his contract situation. If he receives a second , he'll make around $37.7 million ($31.4 million this season) in 2021.

When asked about Prescott's contract status during a midseason meeting while the Cowboys were on their , Jones had this to say.

“We really haven’t had any conversations with Dak since his injury other than talk about how he’s doing physically in terms of his injury and rehab,” Jones said. “We haven’t talked about in particular the future or anything to do with the contract at this point.”

The organization may not have spoken to Prescott about his contact since he went down, and probably won't for a while since he's early in his recovery, but his value has been on full display during the Cowboy's current four-game losing streak.

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Written by Matthew Lenix

I write dope stuff about the Dallas Cowboys and what not.

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  1. I’m not sure that the Cowboys are allowed to talk about his contract during the season. I may be wrong, and I’m sure someone will let me know if I am.

  2. It’s obvious how much the team miss his leadership along with his talent. He has provided all of his blood sweat and tears to the Cowboys organization since they drafted Dak! You have to pay him whatever he ask, he deserve a Big Pay Day for being % ALL IN‼️ Everyone knows he will play his heart out in each game, and do whatever it takes to win. Since his absence you have seen the decline on all three stages of the game; offense, defense and special teams. That comes from a lack of leadership. I don’t know the rules or regulations to him being on the sideline with the team right now but I am willing to bet, in fact I guarantee if they were to let him sit on the sideline and just speak his voice and lead as the Leader he is, the team will perform better. I was raised by a single parent. My Mother❗️Is my Hero❗️She worked a lot to provide for me and my two younger sisters so she couldn’t be at all my events.; which included baseball, basketball, football, I was also in the drama club; and I grew up in the 80’s so I was a Break Dancer who could Rap and Sing a little. The few events my Mother was there to see my performance I was the MVP/Most Outstanding! I won and came in first place at Talent shows knowing this is my opportunity to show my Mother I appreciate her Love and Leadership. My point is, if Dak can be present with his Brothers in that sideline pumping them up telling the QB what to look for and look the players in the eyes and fist pump the guys around him….. Man‼️ That will change and turn their whole season around and they will find a way to WIN!!!! Stay safe sanitize and keep GOD First❤️HOW BOUT DEM COWBOYS‼️

  3. Regardless of how much the offense has missed paying on player the kind of money that Dak will demand is only going to cripple this team’s efforts to improve in other critical areas. It is a very difficult catch 22 situation to be in. Even if one of the top two QB’s fell to them there is no way to know if they could lead this team better or close to the level that Dak can. It is not going to be an easy decision to make.

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