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Stephen Jones on Dak Prescott: “If I was going to bet on anybody, it’s No. 4”

had a great start to the . In the first six games for the , Prescott had 16 touchdowns to just four interceptions which included five games with at least three touchdowns, and the Cowboys went 5-1 over that span.

Prescott suffered a setback against the when he strained his calf on the final play in overtime when he threw the game-winning touchdown pass to . After missing one game, Prescott returned against the , and he's thrown eight touchdowns to six interceptions over that span.

That prompted Cowboys owner to say that Prescott was in a slump. However, Executive Vice President says he would push all his chips to the middle of the table on Prescott.

“If I was going to bet on anybody, it's No. 4,” Jones told recently.

The Cowboys have played musical chairs at right with and . Wide receivers and Lamb have both missed time. Also, and are dealing with knee and foot issues which caused the latter to miss the Cowboys' big East road win last week against the Washington Football Team.

Jones believes all those factors have made it hard for Prescott and the to have a consistent rhythm.

“I think it’s about continuity,” Jones said. “If you know offensive football, it’s more than just one guy. The QB may look horrible throwing to a receiver, but did the receiver run the right route? Now, Dak is never going to say that, he’s not going to point fingers. That’s why everyone thinks so much of him. But it’s about getting together as an offensive unit.”

Prescott has missed easy throws and had some bad turnovers, and hasn't taken advantage of running opportunities when passing plays break down during this rough stretch. However, the Cowboys' has allowed 11 over the last four games and there have been several drops by Cowboys pass catchers.

It's been more than just Prescott as Jones explained.

“I think everyone wants to point at Dak,” Jones said. “But offense is 11 men, a team game. Obviously, he’s not going to point the finger at anyone. He’s the last one to point a finger at another person. That’s why he’s so well respected. But this is an offensive thing, not a Dak thing. This is an offense that’s going to get back and get continuity and get cadence and good things will happen.”

The Cowboys take on the on Sunday who has several out due to COVID protocols. It's the perfect opportunity for Prescott and the Cowboys' offense to get back to back on track and possibly lock up a playoff spot depending on what happens in other NFC games.

Matthew Lenix
Matthew Lenix
I write dope stuff about the Dallas Cowboys and what not.

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John Wade

What do you think he’s going to say? “Our QB is horrible.” Seriously find a real story to write.

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