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Stephen Jones: We Want to Surround Dak Prescott with Great Players

There’s nothing like scrolling through the reactions of other fanbases to see the frustrations they’re feeling with their team’s haul. Whether it’s the Philadelphia Eagles or the , there are a lot of frustrated who don’t understand why their teams aren’t interested in surrounding their franchise with as much talent as possible.

Yes, the Philadelphia Eagles added Jalen Reagor in the first round and Marquise Goodwin in a with the . However, they’re still seen as an organization that has struggled to surround Quarterback with adequate weapons. Remember, they opted to use their second-round pick on Quarterback Jalen Hurts and then traded their fourth-round pick to the Dallas , who eventually selected Wisconsin Tyler Biadsz.

The Green Bay Packers ignored wide receiver and in their draft and traded up to draft a quarterback in the first round.

The Dallas Cowboys, on the other hand, continue to stockpile weapons for their franchise quarterback. Speaking to Scott Van Pelt on the Scott Van Pelt show on ESPN last night, Stephen Jones reiterated that Dak Prescott is the guy that the and the believe can lead them to a . They’re confident they’ll get a deal done that’s “good for Dak Prescott, good for the Cowboys, and good for this team.”

The other thing he mentioned is the importance of supporting their franchise quarterback.

By drafting CeeDee Lamb and Tyler Biadsz, the Dallas Cowboys continue to invest in their from a draft perspective. That’s something that started during the era and is now continuing under Mike McCarthy.

During Jason Garrett’s tenure as , the Dallas Cowboys spent five of their first-round picks on offensive players. Tyron Smith, , Zack Martin, and were all drafted with the hopes of extending ’s prime and playing career. The offensive linemen helped create one of the best offenses in the NFL in 2014.

In 2018, the Dallas Cowboys used their first-round pick in a trade with the Raiders to acquire .

That’s more than half of the Dallas Cowboys’ first-round picks in nine seasons being allocated to the offensive side of the football. Compare that to Mike McCarthy’s tenure with the Green Bay Packers, who only used three first-round picks in 13 seasons on the offensive side of the ball.

The Dallas Cowboys front office believes in getting quality players around their quarterback with the hopes that it maximizes their ability. We saw last year with Dak Prescott how having three legit receivers to throw to can help a quarterback. Amari Cooper, Michael Gallup, and each averaged more than 15 yards per receptions as Dak Prescott nearly threw for 5,000 yards.

People will argue that Dak Prescott isn’t a good quarterback, and that’s why the Dallas Cowboys had to surround him with all this talent. I firmly disagree. When you have a good player at the most important position in the NFL, you want to surround them with good players so that you can maximize the talent that they have. It’s the same reason the Dallas Cowboys drafted in the first, signed as a , and attempted to trade for wide receivers for both Tony Romo and .

Quarterbacks can’t win games on their own. They need help. It doesn’t matter if you’re or or Aaron Rodgers or . The team around you matters just as much to the success of a franchise as the play of the quarterback.

The Dallas Cowboys have done a great job building a team that is ready to contend in 2020 and beyond. They need to do it on the field, but they’ve done everything they can to sustain the offensive explosion we saw from the in 2019.

Dak Prescott is a good quarterback, and the Dallas Cowboys have good weapons for him to utilize in the offense. Both things can be true, and neither has to be a slight to the other. Now all the Dallas Cowboys and Dak Prescott need to do is have that contract finalized so that their franchise quarterback can put their offensive investments to work.

The Dallas Cowboys are going to be one of the most fun teams to watch in the , when it happens, because of all the investments they’ve made to surround their franchise quarterback with a substantial amount of weapons.

After just having a career year, Dak Prescott is set up to do it again in 2020. This year though, everything will come together, and it will translate to wins.

What do you think?


Written by John Williams

Dallas Cowboys optimist bringing factual, reasonable takes to Cowboys Nation and the NFL Community. I wasn't always a Cowboys fan, but I got here as quick as I could.

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  1. Dak Prescott is not a top 30 quarterback.. When Tony Romo went down he took over the best offensive line in NFl and has had that luxury for 4 years now and has only 1 playoff victory .. Dallas had best offense in the league last year and finished 8 wins 8 losses..that’s pathetic for America’s team and there star quarterback? What a joke put Dak on any other team and he won’t last a year before he is put on waivers.. How many open receivers he missed last year with no pressure? Alot.. Dalton leads Dallas to victory this year ..Not Dak and his greedy ambitions and mediocre play at best

  2. You have zero right. And go back to your nachos. The truth stings when it’s in front of you. I, nor do any of these folks that come on here and post tell you have much money your worth. Your market determines your value to your job. Dak just happens to be in a very different market then the rest of us. He’s gonna get paid no matter how you or I think. Stop whining.

  3. First of all, let’s not get personal, Manuel. Have a little class.

    I and all other fans have the right to criticize any player for their performance or lack thereof, and FOR NOT BEING A TEAM PLAYER. These players would be average every day people, if not for the FANS that SUPPORT the sport. Support = MONEY. So don’t tell me I “have zero right…”. Like any other business, people can voice and/or review their opinion of the NFL for the product(s) they turn out.

    Prescott is NOT a team player. His contract holdout shines a big spotlight on him as being greedy, and self centered. I guess $34 MILLION a year (last offer) is not enough.

    NFL teams have something called a SALARY CAP. This represents the funds they can dole out to the players. When one player is asking and/or getting more money than his performance dictates, that means others will get less and/or depart from the team, example Byron Jones, etc. There is just so much money to go around. Prescott puts himself ahead of the team and that can hurt the TEAM.

    Tom Brady put the team first and you saw the results, multiple SUPER BOWL WINS!

    Prescott is NOT worth being payed as the best QB in the league, simply because he is NOT the best QB in the league. That is a real simple FACT.

    The thought that Prescott cannot be replaced is silly. No one is irreplaceable. Cowboys could have drafted one of the top college QBs last month and go 8-8 easily. In four years, Prescott has a single playoff win. Russell Wilson, on the other hand, won a playoff game, a Super Bowl, and Conference Championship in his first three years. No comparison! Time to wake up.

  4. Dak has the second most come from behind victories in the fourth quarter since he came into the league. Right after some guy named Brady. Winner winnnning winnning!

  5. Guys, settle downs. More then any sport this is a team game. 11 alpha’s on the field at one time and all those guys look to one dude to lead them. Take into consideration the amount of men that can actually start in the NFL and be a winner. The demand is high. Where are you gonna find a guy that can start in the NFL much less be a pro bowler. The guy wins and puts up pretty good numbers. This is what you pay for a QB in the league when demand is high period. We have zero right to tell a man how much he is worth. And please don’t tell me how you pay his salary by sitting on your couch eating Nachos. I

  6. I like your enthusiasm and hope you’re right about 2020 season. One thing I believe you’re overlooking is Dak’s stats do not win games!! An 8 & 8 2019 record shows me that Dak has not yet been a difference maker on the field. We were 1 & 6 in 2019 in games where final score was 7 points or less. Are you kidding me!!! If Dak was one of the NFL’s top 5 QBs he should have Influenced those games to at least win half of them which would have put us in the playoffs. I like Dak BUT HE HAS TO PROVE HIMSELF … on the field (vs off the field). As a fan a 1 year old from the beginning in 1960, I truly hope he can.

    • Thumps up! A fan since 1966. We saw the truly greats thru out the years. Bob Lilly, Bob Hayes (Olympic Gold Medalist), Roger Staubach, Mel Renfro, Drew Pearson, Randy White, Tony Dorsett, Ed Jones, Larry Allen, Troy Aikman, Michael Irvin, Emmitt Smith, Darren Woodson, Jason Witten, Zeke, Dez, Ware, ETC.

      Prescott is no Staubach, Staubach was CLUTCH. Prescott is the antithesis of clutch, so far. Heisman Trophy Winner at Naval Academy, honorable served his Country in Vietnam for four years, started out as a 27 year old rookie, and still won two Super Bowls. TEAM PLAYER!

  7. Dak does not have to win the games, He only has to MANAGE the games for the win. Similar to Aikman. Just like Troy, he is surrounded with talent at all of the skill positions and a strong o line.

  8. And don’t ever use russell Wilson in the same category as Tom Brady… Or Aaron rogers… Them 2 ain’t even close to Brady!!! Rodgers ain’t won nuthing neither has Wilson and yessss Wilson has had a tonnnnn of playmakerssss defense and offense so u can’t use that as an excuse and Rodgers has had some pretty elite wideouts too and now has a good running back letsssss see what they doooo!!!!! Yeaaaa didn’t think so bruh

  9. Matt is just a hater guys!!!! All it boils down to and doesn’t know much about football much less the qb position!!! Dak is up there with the best in almost every category, the whole team wins games and looses as well!!! The stats speak for themself and most of all go back n watch highlights dude is a beast and took over multiple gamesssss by hisself!!! So before you speak know wut ur talking about first!!! You couldn’t come close to Dak so until then………….

  10. Have you listened to the bumble nut sports analysts’
    comments on Dak Prescott’s contract negotiations?
    I actually heard Gregg Jennings say that it was Dak
    Prescott’s obligation to push the QB pay scale
    higher. That it was Prescott’s duty to garner the
    largest salary of any QB in the NFL. Do you know
    of any other industry in the world that works that
    way? Any idea what would happen to a plumber
    who demanded to get paid more than any
    other plumber in the country? He’d get laughed
    off the job, and probably never get offered another
    one. Can you imagine a dock worker demanding
    to be paid ten percent more than any other dock
    worker? Because no other dock worker can lift a
    box better than he can? Is Jennings a certified
    moron or is he just paid to talk like one? And,
    AND two other sports analysts Agreed with him.

    You go to get a job, you’re told what they will pay,
    you take it or leave it. If you can find more money
    down the road, walk your candy a$$ down there
    and get it, otherwise you go sit your but at home
    until you come to your senses or starve. Andy
    Dalton, Cam Newton, Josh Rosen, XFL, CFL,
    any number of qualified QBs are out there ready
    and willing to do the job if Dak’s too candy to do
    it. Some not as well, maybe even a few who
    could do it better for a hell of a lot less. It’s not
    like the Cowboys ask Prescott to complete
    a Hail Mary every week, they just need a game
    manager who won’t lose the game and
    there are plenty of those QBs out there. Here’s
    the number of years, this is the salary,
    take it or move on.

    Oh but the owners make so much more money
    than the players. Tell that to a janitor and watch
    him laugh at your stupid A. People lining up for
    food and these fools too candy to throw a
    football. I think Jennings and every pro player
    should spend six months as a trucker before
    being allowed to take the field. A healthy dose
    of reality wouldn’t hurt these candy a$$es one

    • You can’t compare NFL players to normal working people. It just doesn’t work that way. If you don’t like what a plumber quotes you for a job, you can always go find another plumber. There are a lot of them. Of course the quality will vary.

      In the NFL, there aren’t enough franchise quarterbacks for the league as it is. Dak Prescott can demand to be one of the highest paid quarterbacks in the NFL because what would the Dallas Cowboys do otherwise. Greg Jennings is right. As a union member, each time a player gets paid a market-setting contract, it helps everyone else at that position.

      The reason that Dak Prescott can negotiate a salary is because he’s an in-demand player. The Dallas Cowboys don’t want to find out what life would be like with a lesser quarterback like Andy Dalton, Cam Newton, Josh Rosen, or an XFL or CFL quarterback.

      If you can’t tell the difference in talent between Dak Prescott and a CFL quarterback or even Andy Dalton or Cam Newton then I question what you’ve been watching the last four years.

      • John, you make it very hard NOT to respond to your comments about Prescott.

        Prescott is NOT a franchise QB. He may be in the future, but as of right NOW, he definitely is not. The word FRANCHISE has been watered down by people like you and others who apparently, for some reason, want to gin up these less than worthy players. Interesting how in your article, you say Prescott is a “GOOD” QB. But in this reply, you reference Prescott as “FRANCHISE”. These two descriptions DO NOT equate.

        Tom Brady is a F/QB. Joe Montana was a F/QB. Roger Staubach was a F/QB. Russell Wilson should be considered franchise. He won a wild-card game as a rookie, a SUPER BOWL in second year, and another NFC championship the third time around, seven PRO BOWLS, ETC ETC.

        Why in the world should Dak Prescott, WITH ONE WHOLE PLAYOFF WIN, be payed MORE THAN WILSON. And by giving a NON WORTHY Prescott a “market setting contract” to merely “help everyone else” DOES NOT MAKE ANY SENSE.

  11. Being a LONG time Cowboy fan, I want to see Dak do well, because if he does well, hopefully, the team will win. That is the bottom line. I’ve knock him about his contract, and wish that it would get done already, so it’s not a distraction. Let’s see if Dak can raise his play/win level, commensurate to his coming salary raise, and to go deep in the post season.

    The draft picks and undrafted FAs, along with the other FA signings appear to make us a much better team. There should be no excuses for this team now. Cowboy fans have been spoiled over the years, especially during the Landry and Jimmy Johnson years. Post season and/or championships almost every year.

    Dak and Co got more fire power AND a new head coach, Dez gone, Garret gone, should have no excuses left. Playoff win(s) at the very least.

  12. Winner? OU QB Jason White. Winner. Tim Tebow. Winner. Ken Dorsey. Winner. Matt Leinart. Winner. Vince Young. Winner. Colt McCoy. Winner.

    I don’t remember Tom Brady, Russel Wilson, Arron Rogers etc having to have PRO BOWL caliber Offensive linemen, Wide Receivers, and Running backs all on the field at the same time to win games.

    Dak threw the most “catchable balls” in NFL last year. However, “catchable” also includes passes thrown behind a player within reach. Dak cost the cowboys TD’s because of players having to slow down, stop, or adjust to badly thrown passes behind them. Passes which if thrown “in stride” would have been TD’s which would have equaled more games won.

    Dak is a tremendous leader. He has not been hurt which can not be overlooked.

  13. So, how do you explain Dak always winning? He won in college and he has continued it in the the NFL. I’ll take a winner and a leader who teammates will do anything to help him win. Unless you would rather have Carson Wentz who can’t stay on the field and his teammates can’t stand him and his entitled attitude. Winner Mat. Winner.

  14. Haha you’re gonna need to, Baby Jones. Remember how miserable he played without Tyron Smith and Zeke? He is mediocre at best when surrounded by talent and abysmal without it. So yeah, surround him with talent or get a different QB

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